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Pictures of Mr. Klipsch in the 70s

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I just discovered these pictures taken in the 70s when my wife and I lived in Hope, Ar.  I was the purchasing manager for a local manufacturer and my wife taught high school art.  I rented a space at the airport hangar (where Paul kept his Beech Baron) to restore an MG-TD.  He could usually be found there on sunny Saturday mornings, engaged in hangar-flying with the local aero-club (who had a beautifully restored Aeronca Champ). We of course all called him Mr. Klipsch and held him in a little awe.  

The first picture is taken just outside the airport, and the second one is taken inside, with Mr. Klipsch, myself, and a young architectural student, Tom Tolleson.  Tom was attending the Univ. of Ark studying with the famed architect Fay Jones, an acolyte of Frank Lloyd Wright.

My wife taught with Valerie Booles before she and Mr. Klipsch got married, so the third picture is at the end-of-school teacher’s cookout.  I think they were newly-weds. The last picture is Paul looking pensive, probably calculating a way to reduce distortion even more.

Mr Klipsch at Airport.jpg

Mr Klipsch MG-TD.jpg

End of School Teachers Cookout.jpg

Mr Klipsch Picnic.jpg

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On 7/10/2021 at 5:15 PM, Islander said:

Thanks for the pictures, and welcome to the Forum!


I see Mr. K. always has his rack of pens in his pocket.  I wonder what the circular device is?

Ha! Yes, a pocket protector...and I'll go with a pencil sharpener. 

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Maybe, but I've never seen a disc-shaped one like that.  Also, wouldn't PWK usually use a mechanical pencil?  Do those ever need to be sharpened?  I wonder what he'd think of this amateur detective speculation of ours?

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