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the real Duke Spinner

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11 hours ago, Racer X said:

Very nice, I trust all this work will be worth it ?


Back when I thought I could play guitar ( never really progressed beyond crunching chords ) I tried to replace and modify the bridge saddle on my Hohner Acoustic to lower the action.  Kind of missed the mark on the E string, added a small piece of felt to bring it back up from buzzing.


Thanks for showing what's really involved in proper tuning.

Totally worth it to me.


I enjoy the fettling aspect of this sort of thing and I like the results I’m getting.

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On 8/13/2022 at 12:31 AM, Invidiosulus said:

Before and after showing how much bone was removed.



And all fitted in place.




So the nut slot doesn't have a flat bottom, but is curved like the fretboard radius?

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3 hours ago, Marvel said:

So the nut slot doesn't have a flat bottom, but is curved like the fretboard radius?


Although apparently some Fender style necks have a flat bottom for the nut slot.


oddly enough the radius on the bottom of the nut was around 12” so it wasn’t the same as the fretboard.

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On 8/24/2022 at 4:19 PM, the real Duke Spinner said:

Why, Mark

I never had a clue.  🙂

I have been at the six since 1969

Ha ha...

Well, I had guitars since I was 13, but usually just closet stuffers. I never gave it much time.

I first took uop the ukulele back in 2015 and ran a couple large Uke groups for geezers for a couple years. We moved, and I lost my Uke group, so that was that.


In 2019 I was laid up by a complicated knee replacement for months. Suddenly, I had the time, and felt the spirit move. So, I switched from ukes to guitar.  So, I've really only been playing guitar for a few years.


I play as an accompaniment, primarily. I don't pick & noodle. I also, invested quite heavily into vintage guitars as an inflation hedge and alternative to stocks.


I play every day for at least an hour, and more often two. It led me to another hobby - home recording - and that has become a complex beast with DAWs and 4-track tape decks, and all sorts of manly stuff!

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On 8/23/2022 at 8:14 PM, RealMarkDeneen said:

My vintage Martin collection plus an Acoustisonic and a Squire bass.

Oldest is a 1920, newest is a 1968.


I sold a Squire bass a few years ago as I stole a Gibson Recording Bass for $110.00. 😊

It was a Damm good player for the price

Children today have no idea of the crap I had to learn on

Norma, Hohner ..etc. 🤬

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Jeepers, RealMark, how many guitars can one play ?


Real Duke Spinner:  Really enjoyed my Hohner Martin copy, it was made in Japan and had a beautiful sunburst finish.  It played really well strung up with Martin strings.  Eventually realized I could not play guitar beyond crunching chords, so released it back into the wild.


Let's get real....

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Yes, well understood.  Believe my example was late 70's vintage, often found at the H&H Music store.  It was very solid, seemed well made (in Japan), and had sustain for days.


Later versions of course were not the same, but this could be said for just about any guitar maker.

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