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Meet Roy Delgado


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I'm sure Mr. Delgado chooses components for his work just like any other engineer.


The application dictates parts selection and the engineer puts the puzzle pieces together.


For example, reading through a datasheet for a specific 3 terminal LDO voltage regulator there will most likely be a graph somewhere that shows stability vs ESR for the output capacitor. The engineer will know that ESR is the main property that needs to be chosen carefully.


I think for capacitors in networks Mr. Delgado has said as long as the output of a filter meets his targeted transfer function then it's the correct capacitor. So in that particular application he is looking for a very specific transfer function from the filter and whatever parts get him where he needs to be then they are the correct ones for the application.


Of course I am paraphrasing what he said from memory but that's the gist.

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9 minutes ago, Edgar said:

Even if they were (which they aren't), misquoting is bad form. If I had meant "coloration", I'd have said "coloration".




If quoting someone but for whatever reason a word gets changed to another word that means the exact same thing then it's odd and inaccurate but at least conveys the original quotes intention/message.


I think Schu might be integrating his own thoughts into the quote, like the contour of the horn will most likely have an effect, distortion could be one effect and hence "color" the sound.

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2 hours ago, Edgar said:

The 2018 Bonehead class was about maintaining PWK's legacy. Perhaps the next could be a discussion and comparison of horn contours.

October, 2019, I know, it seems longer, but right before Covid (March of 2020).


Roy does take note of these things in here, and other places on the forum, and files them for future ideas for classes. 


He has about 10 days worth of class on the Jubilee. alone. 



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4 minutes ago, Travis In Austin said:


For innovation, the math can either lead the design, or the design can lead the math. In the former, one can look at all of the equations and notice that setting constraints and variable values in certain ways leads to interesting outcomes, some of which may be useful. In the latter, one has the idea for the interesting outcome first, and then tries to manipulate the math to achieve that outcome. I suspect that Roy's "modified tractrix" followed the latter procedure, and I would find it interesting to see how that happened.

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