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UPS Damage Claim Problems


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This is a reminder to DOUBLE BOX and FULLY INSURE (or OVER insure for market price) everything you ship :) 


Send a TEAC X-1000R Reel to Reel deck to @michaelwjoneson approx 8/6/2022. Was single boxed, but did meet UPS packing specs. Of course ( 🙂 ) UPS smashed it - think they dropped it from at least 8 feet, or forcefully threw it on the floor. Michael informed me and I filed a claim with UPS the same week. First it was "disapproved;" which seems to be standard operating procedure. More calls and now it was "approved." Got notices from UPS to file docs at several links. Of course the links did NOT work; even phone numbers given by them did NOT work. Horrible start :( 


Continued calling them once every 2 weeks and usually got the same BS like "we do not have all the information needed," even though I mailed it in and send it via email at least 4 times.  Finally, about Nov 1st, I was told "it is being processed and you should receive a check within 5-10 business days." Of course, NOTHING. Called mid November and was told the same thing. NOTHING :(  Called today (12/1) and again ... processing; check in 5-10 days. Keeping my fingers crossed :) We'll see.


FYI, there is a direct number for UPS Claims ... it is 800-430-2055. Haha; that is a UPS secret :) 


Anyone else with these problems?


Cheers, Emile 



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On 2/8/2023 at 10:26 AM, The Dude said:

FedEx wont typically cover it unless they pack it.  Now if I offer shipping and someone wants a quote, its FedEx and their packing service.  Unless its completely non replaceable, then maybe personal delivery is best. 


That is scary.  My packing is much better than their employee at a Fed Ex store.


Take lots of pictures when you pack. 

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7 minutes ago, JJkizak said:

You must pack stuff to survive a 20ft. fall. That's how high the plane cargo bay is when they throw it off into the truck carrier.


Thats one of fedex's stipulations and request that. 


1 hour ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:


That is scary.  My packing is much better than their employee at a Fed Ex store.


Take lots of pictures when you pack. 

I do as well, if it's a rare item, then I pack or find a better way to ship.  If it's something that can be replaceable, I let them handle it.  Some or hit or miss.  I let them wrap some Eliptrac horns from Dave Harris, they did a fantastic job, and everything arrived safely. 

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