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Klipsch Professional Cinema Speakers (KPT-904), A good fit for 2 channel setup primarily for music?

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6 hours ago, YK Thom said:

They don't seem very practical for a normal sized room. It wasn't their intended purpose.


Heck some people think a Heresy is to big…😆


Depends on what you mean by “practical” and “normal sized”  but don’t kid yourself they can sound awesome in what some would call a normal sized room.. 🙂


I’ve used (3) KPT-904 with K402/K510 cinema HF in a 2900 cubic foot room and it was pretty awesome IMHO.




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19 hours ago, John Chi-town said:

Curious to know if anyone has a pair or has heard a pair of KPT-904 in a 2-channel setup for music? 

My room is 28’x16’x12’. In the past I have had 3 Klipsch speaker setups. 
Klipsch KP 301

Klipsch KP 301ii & KP 115X

Klipsch KPT-456 with 2 Rel Stentor subs

Klipsch KPT-942 with 2 Rel Stentor subs

and currently a modified version of the 

KPT 535-4-T

My normal SPL is 85db however I have listened to some rock and symphony passages up to 95db. 
I find the sound quality in each setup to be quite good. With each step the biggest difference was the increased size & depth of the soundstage. 
Enjoy the Music 🎶 


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