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Cornwall IVs


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If you like the Klipsch Heritage sound..

If you have a decent sized room. 

WAF is not a problem for you. 

And if the price is right (not new, then i would listen to them first) 

And if you have a good amp, yes... 

I still own a pair of CW4, and although I listen to the AL-5 I don't think I will sell them. I just like them to much. 

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I bought them and never heard them. But I was familiar with earlier versions so I knew they would work in my room. I have since moved on to LaScalas, but the CW IV are fantastic speakers.


You need to add more context to your query. Have you owned horns before? Room size? Associated gear? Expectations?


All these things are important to determine if you should jump in with both feet without knowing what you are getting.

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