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Have I Done Stupid


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Hi everyone, rookie here and just after some advice.


Anyway, had a great night on the punt last week and figured what the hell, let's finally listen to all this vinyl(as opposed to the cd I'd buy at the same time) that I've collected over 20+ years. 95% of it fits into the punk rock genre, ie. Fatwreck, epitaph, lookout, dischord, nitro labels, etc etc.


Being that there's no nearby hifi store and being one that's not exactly reckless or risk avoidant, I dived into some online stores and then cross referenced things with google/YouTube reviews.


I ended up with:


Debut carbon Evo w/2m Red 


Rotel A11 Tribute integrated amp


Klipsch The Sixes Speakers


Now I'm positive there's no issue with the turntable and amp combination but having done further reading I'm now second guessing my choice of speakers.


Because the speakers have a built in amp and I don't intend to add a CD player at any time, should I have just purchased a phono pre-amp instead? I say that because I understand the inbuilt phono amp is rubbish. Is the amp basically useless now bar the phono? 


I spent $900 on the Rotel, $750 on the turntable and $1300 on the Klipsch sixes, this is all Australian dollerydoos.


Ive opened the Rotel but understand I can return the amp with no penalty. The speakers which arrive in a couple of days, not so much.


If you've made it this far down, I thank you and sorry for the long post. Yesterday I was confident but now having gone down the rabbit hole I'm second guessing myself or having a light bulb moment so before I stuff up monumentally I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions. 









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I liked my 6's for computer speakers at first, but they have a hiss that was too audible being that close!  (Plus the sub out has noise!)   I would suggest other speakers... if you're not opposed to buying a nice used set, you have a lot of great options in the $1,300 price range.

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You have picked good components.


Sixes are powered speakers, so obviously you have Rotel integrated amp as a surplus in this combo.

Marvel above has offered one way for you to solve your issue. Rotel is a good amp so you might consider his approach by returning the Sixes and buy a pair of non-powered speakers.

Other way to go is your own proposal: return the Rotel and get a phono pre-amp. I do not have the Sixes, but having in mind some reviews even here on this forum, buit-in phono might not be your best pick. I would still try it before buying a separate phono.

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Too many to list individually but many thanks for clearing this up for me and putting me on the right path, greatly appreciated.


As much as I love the look of the sixes I think I'll be keeping the amp and sending these back and spending the return on something else without the bells and whistles which I don't require.


Thanks again!

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