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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Pics as of 9:00am 11/15/10


My custom designed and built audio pier, motivation was because the amp is fricken huge.



Yes it may be too early for a christmas tree, but in the defense of my gf and I, it has no ornaments yet. Im not in my apt for 3 weeks around christmas time so i gotta get my decorations in while i still can.

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This forum treats photos a little differently than any other I've been on. I use Google's Picassa to reduce the photos. You can choose any number of photo editing softwares (free) that will do the trick. If you're new to digital photos, Picassa is something you should at least investigate.

Reduce the image size down to something around 800x600 pixels and you should have better luck. I'm no expert, maybe someone has better instruction.

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this is hands down the best image resizer. It's similar to the powertoy from win XP but they now have one for windows 7 compatility. It is soooo simple to use. Just highlight all the pictures in the folder you wish to resize and right click on any of them and it opens your drop down menu, choose resize and it opens your options. It makes copies of the pictures it just changed and renames them or you can resize the original. I always do 800x600 for forum posting, its enough for people to get the gist and see what you are posting.


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i used both a water based stain and satin polyurethane. The girl at lowes said i needed to use a water based stain with a water based urethane, well i had done a previous project where i used an oil based stain and forgot, but yeah, you dont have have to use a water based stain with a water urethane. The girl was wrong and significantly reduced my selection of stains. Oil based is much better for stains but water based polys are the way to go. They may be more expensive but the lack of stench is awesome.I used minwax or Ace brand materials.

As for the wood, its called ponderosa pine, you can find it at lowes. Its wood glued and pressed together to give you a nice finished board. I would stay away from this, it was anightmare, some of the wood wasnt cut accurately and alot of it was warped. It was a real hassel. I wouldnt buy it again just because of the headache i had with it, i would much prefer to go to a lumber yard or a finer woods store where i could buy better grades of wood. Pine isnt very absorbant from what i understand so you should pretreat it. I didn't pretreat, i just kinda went with it.

All in all, i think the project went well based on the fact that i did my routering, sanding, staining, polyurethaning and drying on the patio of my apartment and the quality of materials were not as i had hoped them to be.

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Good morning everyone.

FIRST, I want to thank TheFactor - OdysseyRevolver - Iron Save and ooBilloo for your very nice comments on the music room and theatre projects, really makes it worth it if only in pictures... seeing and hearing in person is nicer, wish you lived closer! [:)]

Jackson Bart. I think you are still sad that there were NO explosions or fire with the first startup of the Dynaco MKIII's ........always the jokester for sure [;)]

Bill, how about some photos from your K'horn setup with the MKlll's ??

I LOVE the sound this combo makes AND, I will get some close up photos of the pre-amp for you.

Nice on the Project TT. I picked up a MusicHall 5.1 (has the Project tone arm as you know) you probably noticed in my signature. This has caused me to enjoy once again my old LP collection AND to search out new releases. Its a fun ride! Next project for the two channel setup is a nice old Teac R to R which has the two separate preamps and logic controls. I have a new collection of pre-records I have been stock piling from eBay winnings, some NEVER played!! THEN, that Pioneer Elite multi player yet to be added.

Behind the curtain you ask.....?

Well, a basic 7.1 Onkyo unit (90w per.......plenty for the small theater) and a trusty old Velodyne F1500R which provides a nice quality low end for critical listening in stereo or SACD , and just enough output for movies at SAFE listening levels. There is also an early stand alone SACD player by Phillips (7955A) along with the usual compliment of 3 front speakers. ALL hidden behind a quality black velure curtain for which the remote controls STILL work which amazes me [:D] NO led displays/pilot lights are seen to distract the viewer/listener along with ZERO outside light during daylight hour entertainment.

Thanks again guys. Perhaps I will get photos of just the elements of the theater.

All best,


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