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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Elemental Designs A5-350s. Twin 15s, 1000 watts total power. I like em so far. Didnt have much time to play with them, but got a couple scenes ran through them tonight and all I can say is WOW. i played my little boy's DVD of How to Train Your Dragon and this movie has alot of deep bass. Scene 15 at 1:21, the big dragon scene is great.

Yes that movie has some killer LFE and really suprised me and has since moved up into my Demo section !
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NIce looking rooms to the both of you looks like you guys got some early Christmas presents. Jason when you going to have me over for a demo would love to check it out in person, also nice build thread, can't wait untill I get my started I am still in the porcess of collecting gear. I vision mine something simalr hopefully it turns out as nice.


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the room was done in roughly a week (5-6 hours a night), so it was a quick and dirty job. but it's a room where the family can hang out and watch some clips.

as you can see, still need to put the pieces together, but at least the tough part was done, the rest is fun.

i also had to re-size the projector screen which was 110" to roughly 86" in order to mount it up against the wall...the darn electric box was in the way....

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