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Hey Babe, Their Playing Our Song.....


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Or are they?

I don't know about the rest of you, but life's passage constantly throws songs up in my mind with an incredible variety of associations, times and places.

Lovers have their song, high school buddies getting together will talk about this band or that, college and music, of course, inseperable, a memory of that time will bring a song to mind, or visa versa.

So let's dig down a little and share some songs that you associate with....you tell me.

For some reason today it's Leonard Cohen, "So Long Maryanne". She was beautiful, smart and fun. We'd been having one of those college quasi-serious, mostly let's roll around things, and the last time I saw her was in a friends apartment. A couple of days later she had transfered to another school, and that was that. For some reason today I flashed on her smile and bam that song was there.

Hope you're doing well Linda, so anybody want to share?

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My wife and I have a couple songs we consider to be "ours." They all go back to our college days. Van's "Into The Mystic" (first song we ever danced to) and The Dead's "Unbroken Chain" are a couple that come to mind. Whenever we hear those songs we end up.....er....nevermind. This is a family forum afterall.12.gif

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Great post, man.

I tend to have music tied to memories like many people describe the relationship between the sense of smell and visceral, tangible memory. I feel lucky in that regard. I'm thinking now of the sound of a specific Sloan song, "Coax Me" (no, it's not about a cable guy), and remember turning a corner in my '85 Subaru, thinking about a girl I just started seeing that dug the band, too.

When I hear the Nine Inch Nails tune "Closer", and that bass intro drops, I flash to the first time hearing the tune in a downtown Fredonia apartment with two friends, and our jaws dropping. The three of us reached for the volume control at once.

It goes on, thank god...

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Sorry it's not a song played on the radio per se, but there was this girl who had a Tarzan thing. Think it came on Sunday afternoons on our local station who had the rights to old shows like that. Something about the combination of black and white, that loincloth, and those jungle noises became 'our song'. Of course there was no TV in her little hippie-gal bedroom, so Sunday afternoons the living room became all ours.

I used to LOVE Sundays.

I still can't go to the zoo without thinking of her....


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For my ex: with fond memories and respect:

Still The One by Orleans

Still by Lionel Ritchie

Though it was 25 years ago in September, I still smile when they come on. I remember the good and the bad. Though we are not together, there was more good.

The major bad broke us up.

She's still a Lady in my thoughts though.


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interesting observation, Thebes

Music is the soundtrack to our lives and hearing a specific tune can take us right back and associate us with a time, place and (sigh) person.

Back in the old days, my favourite snuggie was a lifeguard who could play guitar. She would play 'Tequila Sunrise' and 'Operator' by Jim Croce.

Lost track of her through college many years ago and sometimes I wonder and hope that life has been good to her as it has to me. Slainte Kathy! Hamish

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Supertramp's "Give a Little."

The girl that little piece of music is attached to is long gone, but I still wince when I hear that guitar intro along with the kickdrum.

Any of you have a record in your shelf that you can't play? It's there, you're aware of it, yet your fingers manage to flip past it on their way to another..

On the plus side, "Appetite for Destruction" reminds me of my last, fiercest rebellion in my late teens, when I told those who "raised me" to shove it, told my "friends" to shove it, and left for an uncertain and mildly frightening future, alone. That was the soundtrack for my departure from what I knew, 15 years ago, to where I am now, with a 10-year interlude in the usaf.

The funny thing is, buried and mixed in all this life soundtrack is classical, which *never* fails to calm, soothe, inspire, and at times, rile me -- for some reason, to me, classical is immune to associations with people or places. To me, classical's always been there, from the very beginning, and cannot be tainted by any force i've yet encountered.

When things get rotten, Mozart plays.

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You seem to have a gift.

My evocative music.

"How Can I Tell You" - Cat Stevens. Now they think he is a threat to freedom (baby it's a wild world)

"Roll Me Away" - Bob Seger. My wife and I always stop to slow dance to that whenever we hear it.

"Ripple" - Grateful Dead. Good memories associated with that song.

"Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw" - Jimmy Buffet (obvious)

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On 2/26/2005 9:29:23 AM bkrop wrote:

Anything by PDQ Bach... reminds me of my life


PDQ Bach, eh?

Is your life based on his opera...

Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice (S. 2n-1), an opera in one unnatural act.

...or from his Soused Period:

Erotica Variations (S. 36EE) for banned instruments and piano,

The O.K. Chorale from the TOOT Suite for calliope four hands (S. 212)

The Art of the Ground Round (S. 1.19/lb.) for three baritones and discontinuo.

Damn, your life's a mess!14.gif

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Ah, memories...5.gif

I lost my virginity at 19 (I was a late bloomer) while attending technical drafting courses at Lowery Air Force Base in Denver. One of my female classmate at the time was a 27 year old Air Force Staff Sergeant, a divorced mother of two from Birmingham, AL who was engaged to another man back in AL (I didn't know all these particulars until after the fact...I swear)!

We seemed to hit it off right away...one weekend we decided to get away from Denver and go sight-seeing through the Rockies. I didn't own a car at the time, but she had a beat up yellow Chevette Scooter 2-door hatchback stickshift, and it ran surprisingly well up the mountainside towards Pikes Peak (at over 14,000' above sea level).

There are many rest stops throughout the winding, twisting roads that you can pull off into and take scenic shots of the mountainscapes. As we were slowly approaching one of these such spots, I was looking out my window noticing how close we were driving along a cliff wall. She had to downshift (so she said), but somehow her hand must have accidently slipped on purpose, missing the floor mounted shifter entirely, and placing her hand squarely between my legs! She may not have found the gear she was looking for, but it put me into high gear for sure! She obviously didn't want to let go, and neither of us could continue our drive through the mountain tops in our present condition! So as we approached one such rest stop, I noticed across this rest area a little alcove inside the cliff face that was good size; big enough for her Scooter to drive into! She swung into that alcove and parked the car in no time (her front bumper right up against the red cliff wall).

Then we had bagun what was to be my very first sexual experience, but even with the back seat lowered my feet were still banging onto the rear window, proving to be a most uncomfortable first experience indeed! I quickly jerked my pants back up, got out of the car and ran to the back to open the hatchback so my feet could comfortably dangle outside (which they did quite easily as I climbed back inside the Chevette to commence in "the act" (I still wonder today if any passerby's driving past the rest stop could see the back of her car and my feet doing the jig)!

Oh, the reason for me spewing this little known tidbit of my "young and dumb" period in this post, you may ask ...as I opened the hatchback, she had turned on her tape player in her car and popped in her favorite song, "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and began singing loudly as we did our thing. It soon became my favorite song as well (for obvious reasons), and thus I still think of this song rather fondly every time I hear it today...up above the clouds at the highest point of the Rocky Mountains (does this make me a member of the Mile-High Club?)...It's a wonder I didn't pass out entirely from the thin atmosphere!14.gif

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