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Survey: How long has it been since you've seen Heritage speakers on display at a Klipsch dealership?


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Admittedly, the demand for the Klipsch Heritage series has somewhat diminished despite more or less continual production for well over 50 years. However, I wonder occasionally how much of that lack of demand stems from "times change" and how much comes directly from the fact that hardly anyone these days outside this forum even knows the Heritage line exists, not to mention actually having seen one or heard how good they sound.

Anyone who reads this forum for long sees messages from posters who lately have somehow stumbled onto their first experience with the Heritage line, some of whom had never previously heard of Heritage. It seems that most of those first-time experiences occur at the house of previous Heritage owners, with the net result being that Heritage owners are the Heritage salesmen, albeit unpaid, of today.

If I were in the market for new Heritage speakers today, assuming I had stumbled upon the fact of their existence, I wouldn't have any idea where I could hear a pair of, say, Klipschorns before ordering them--other than at a friend's house. Klipsch dealers that I know of simply don't/won't carry them. I could probably order a pair, if I didn't mind spending around $7500 or so for something I'd never seen or heard, and give the dealer a few thousand dollars for simply making a telephone call to Hope--that is, if I could convince the dealer that Klipsch still makes the Heritage line. Most intelligent, thrifty people won't buy expensive speakers they've never seen or heard, though. A few posters on this forum say that Ebay is taking the Heritage market away from Klipsch dealers by selling used Heritage at low prices, but I wonder if Ebay, and I'm no fan of Ebay, is simply filling a need for Heritage speakers, old and new, that Klipsch dealers are ignoring.

I said all that to say this: I've owned Heritage speakers for over 30 years, and I've been going into Klipsch dealerships in lots of cities in several states in the South Central U.S. during that time just to see what's happening with the Klipsch lineup. The last time I remember seeing or hearing any Heritage speakers in a Klipsch dealership was almost 25 years ago, and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

How long has it been since you saw any Heritage speakers hooked up and ready to play in a Klipsch dealership?

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The one dealer listed in NW Arkansas, I am not familiar with. I do not even think it is really a store. The only real audio store pushes Paradigm, I figured it was because their margins were higher. I cannot believe you could not hook a lot of these college students onto some Heresys. I only remember hearing klipsch at the homes of friends, or the factory.

I had a brother in law come by and he had never heard of klipsch. I would venture to say that a lot of people have never heard of klipsch.

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Guest Anonymous

there are about 4 dealers in IL chicago area that sell heritage, and I have only been to one and I don't recall seeing any heritage, but i ahvn't been there for 3 years, and its possible that it has slipped my mind, but doubtful

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Eight years or so.

I've been trying to get people not to say you can save by going to Audiogon, if they mention buying new.

I remember a while ago, Trey gave a ballpark of new Heritage sold.

I emailed Amy the other day and explained why I was interested and asked for another ballpark for either 2003 or 2004.

Amy's reply was "We don't give out sales figures, sorry! :)" )

A little paraphrased.

That does lead to my thoughts on email etiquette, I try to give a salutation, the body or text or answer, then either wishes, and some sort of a signature, though electronic.

Not all do anymore. Granted people are busy, but it's not hard. Or too time consuming.

We are losing writing skills - spelling, grammar, personalization, we use dramatic shortcuts.

That's a shame.


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"How long has it been since you saw any Heritage speakers hooked up and ready to play in a Klipsch dealership?"

Back in Edmonton in the early '80's at a place called Disco Sound on 124 St. near Jasper Ave. Disco Sound was going out of business and had a pair of new Klipschorns marked down to $2800. Shoulda - Shoulda - Shoulda - sigh!

- although - if you're counting Heresys, I bought them new in the early '90s just up the road at a store called Solid Sound. Still got them and loving it. Hamish

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I've NEVER seen them on display - nor do I expect that to change with a Blo$e Bean Counter investing venture capital in the company now. Think "small and revolutionary" (i.e., cheap drivers adorned with tiny magnets and plastic mass-produced cabinets made in Communist China by underpaid workers in squalid conditions while 'someone' rakes in obscene & immoral profits) for the foreseeable future, rather than stately, large, and sonically magnificence made in the USA.

What puzzles me.... Klipsch would probably do better to simply sell their classic speakers "Internet Only" rather than even bother with their dealers. Many of these "dealers" as we've seen chronicled here in the forum, actually bash the Heritage product at length. Sales of Heritage could only INCREASE by offering them online. OR, maybe the influence of Bose could offer something positive - could you imagine one or two Klipsch factory outlets in EVERY one of the 50 states with Heritage ready to audition??

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About 8 months ago... the only dealership at which the line is available to order in SW Missouri has a pair of Klipschorn Anniversary's and a pair of Heresy's with cane grills.

I listened to the K-Horns, and decided I'll either someday have to buy some LaScalas and a REALLY good subwoofer, or move into a house with corners...

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Simply Stereo in Hoffman Estates, IL had a pair of Klipschorns on display as of about a year ago - haven't been there recently to see if they still do.

I am a Heritage "dealer" ;) I have no stock, just sell/help friends obtain Heritage for my buddies by way of internet, ads, and you guys. When my friends need speakers, they come to me and ask me to find them what they want. I've sold more Heritage/related cousins models than anything else, because I have Heritage in my home - and seeing, hearing, feeling, touching is believing.

If I can sell them used, I could damn sure sell 'em new :) I still say that Klipsch should consider opening 12-20 Klipsch stores in major markets so they could show off the good stuff! This would allow them to be shown without having to distribute them to every dealer - and they could be sold they way they are supposed to.

Heritage will never die. I won't allow it9.gif

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That's funny. I am in Greece and can see almost any model of the Heritage range at the local distributor anytime I want. He has a pair of birch LaScala's in the window at the moment (well he did 2 days ago when I drove past) and he definitely has KHorns in because...well...he always does. Heresy's are usually piled high too. Belles are rarer but he does get them.

I met a couple of guys in a record shop yesterday that were discussing the Khorns which one of them had heard for the first time only recently. "That live sound" he was saying...er...yup that is the Khorn. I will probably take them over to the store at some point in the next couple of weeks for a demo and a price.

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1987...HiFi Hutch in Villa Park, Illinois...they had Klipschorns, Cornwall IIs Belle Klipsch, La Scala and many others...I could only afford the KG2s at that time...my brother bought Heresy IIs after listening to them and Forte IIs...I MISS that place...there used to be so many "stereo" places around and I could go into any of them, listen to different speakers, receivers, whatever...compare back and forth...many times (after they knew you) without being bothered by a salesperson telling you what you needed to buy...there are a couple of places left in the area that sell Klipsch...Barrett's for one but when I was there in December, no Heritage...15.gif


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Audiophile holidays in Greece is proud to present:

The Parthenon

The Temple of Poseidon

The theatre at Epidavros

Innumerable Museums


The Khorn, the Belle and the La Scala with a full supporting cast of Heresies..

for an all-inclusive price of $2,000 you get a week's stay in a 4 star hotel - a tour of the sites, a tourist class seat over - and a free Heresy (2).

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