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What's your favorite instrument to listen to on Klipsch speakers?


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Hmmm Klipsch are amazing chainsaw reproducers.All the SPl and irritation of a two stroke,less the blue fumes [:P]

Anything HT really,explosions,screams,pleas for help,KABOOOOM all sound so deliciously real and gruesome. [:D]

All live rock concerts,played at ear split levels,the crowd under the influence of illegal substances in a trance. [:$]

I love my Klipsch speakers

...what instrument...DRUMS

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"That's easy: A well-recorded Hammond B3 organ."

Hmm. That would be a synthesis of a synthesis.


Dr Bill, Quite perceptive!

Normally I would not mention an electronic instrument since part of the reproduction includes the various distortions in the original production. K-Horns certainy shine without any of that.

However, there is something about the tone from the B3 and the vibrato produced by the Leslie cabinet with the spinning horn. I love the sound. As a youth, I spent a good deal of time listening live to a B3 (I was in a garage band).

Last year after doing some room tweaking with my K-Horns, I put on Jimmy Smith (Blue Note or Impulse recordings) and I was "there". I was transported back in time to a garage back in Calif where we practiced ... A wonderful experience. Perhaps this reflects my bias.

Good Luck,


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