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What's your favorite instrument to listen to on Klipsch speakers?


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Please define and give examples of 'well recorded' Hammond B3.

I'm a Jon Lord/ Rick Wakeman fan. Maybe not your cup of tea, Also like Jimmy Smith....



Good question!

I have always been hooked on the Blue Note & Impulse recordings from late 50s through early 70s. Some great music and some excellent engineering. You mentioned the Jimmy Smith - that's a must.

Another one that blew me away recently was a recording by Roland Kirk. I am stumbing trying to remember who was on the Hammond B3 (Ira somethng-or-other). The very first cut, Roland Kirk simultaneously plays a sax and one of his inventions (sort of as a drone). That is the set up. This is followed by the Hammond just cutting loose. Ahhhh, it was wonderful. The only detraction is that on a revealing system, the tape hiss from the original recording can be annoying.

Such is life

Good Luck,


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Try some Bruce Katz Band, too.

Steve Winwood has some very nice stuff, too. Winwoods latest incarnation has the B3 doing the bass end with the left hand, and no bass player. Leslie is about 6x5x2' from the looks of it. Looks about the size of an upright piano. I've never seen one that size before.

Very cool.


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My PM4.1's totally murder organ music (You can barely tell a Bourdon from a Trumpet), but they do exceptionally well with Jazz music. Just the overall impact and the brightness of the horns are presented well. Clarinets, well, they're another matter, I haven't found anything that reproduces them well today. Maybe it's because I'm a clarinetist and I know what one sounds like so well. But trust me, run Sing Sing Sing through these babies and they can really give an amazing presentation. Metal and other rock are also presented fairly well, with classic rock being "good" but not outstanding.

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Please define and give examples of 'well recorded' Hammond B3.


Yea...! ...Jon Lord

Robert Walter

drive that Pre-amp ...!

A lot of guys have said 'percussion instruments' Well, when you have all the B3 stops in, it gets pretty durn percussive. And that nasty preamp overload, and swirling Leslie, yes there is a lot to the complex B3 tone in all its myriad varieties. Guess it's a pretty complex one to reproduce correctly.

btw, lots of Rick Wakeman tracks on Yes recordings he starts with the stops full in or full out and gradually shifts the balance throughout the song so the stops are in opposite postion at end of songs. Give it a close listen on some Klipsch and you'll see what I mean.

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Hard to say because they all sound so real.

Acoustic bass guitar, piano (love jazz trios!).

Drums. A well recorded drum is incredible on KHorns. The

kick drum actually images and doesn't sound like it's coming from the

speakers at all. Also the big drums you hear on movie soundtracks

(and in the "Rome" soundtrack and intro).

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I have to say jazz horns. That is what made me by my first pair of Klipsch. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING sounds as good as horns on horns. It puts the instrument right there in the room being played live. But so much sounds so good on Klipsch that it is hard to pick a best. Everything sounds awesome! My center channel really rocks and I have even tested it by itself and it makes a darn nice speaker of one. Klipsch stuff is so much better than most speakers out there....... so read my signature line and then live by it!!!!!

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