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What's your favorite instrument to listen to on Klipsch speakers?


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My PM4.1's totally murder organ music (You can barely tell a Bourdon from a Trumpet).

I'm curious...I listen to NPR's "Pipedreams" online pipe organ radio broadcasts on my PC though my ProMedia 2.1s, and I can definately tell the difference between a 8' Bourdon in the Swell Division and an 8' Trumpet in the Great! My 2.1s are by far THE best PC monitors I've ever heard with all genres of music, but especially with organ music IMO! Just wonder why you don't hear the same dynamics and clarity I hear through mine (wonder if it's your sound card)?
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Hey Michael, I knew there was something I liked about you[;)]. I was going to throw in Squire on bass also, another Yes freak here. I have always loved the way he pounds the Rick. I dig on Entwistle too! Ever listen to "Too Late The Hero". But, back to the point of the thread. Being an old Trombone player, trombone out of the Khorns is really something special. I know, sounds weird, but try it, you'll Love it.[:)]

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If I have to pick a single instrument, Pipe Organ! Specifically Bach played on a Pipe Organ!!! More specifically Bach played on a Large concert hall Pipe Organ!

Correct! There's nothing quite like horn speakers reproducing an entire rank of high-pressured 8' Trumpette en Chamade horizontal reeds added to the organ's Grande Tutti (full organ), sounding to the counterpoint of Bach's Toccata, Adagio, & Fugue! Man, that's goosebump material right there...[*-)]
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