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Jeff Matthews

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I've hung out with Colter a few times lately (fixing his computer) and he's doing rather well - he's trying to take a break from all the 'silly stuff' (including the forum) in an attempt to get things back in line (ie the business). I would like to think he's getting a lot of work done after those many many hours of hard work on his computer! And I know he's probably reading this too so perhaps he's gonna get some work done now considering I'll probably be swinging by again before school starts up [:D]

Oh that reminds, he's got a pair of KG4's up for sale - one of these days I'll get some pics up and ready (he's put me in charge of selling them).

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lol, I'm not in Indy! I go to school in Champaign, IL (2 hours west of Indy) and my parent's home is in Aurora, IL (2 hours north of champaign).

Colter and I are pretty good friends and I usually get to spend the night whenever I go to visit - he even calls the guest room "Doc's apartment" [:D] It's always a blast at "Michael's speaker world" [;)]

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I have talked to Michael in the last few days and he is doing fine. He does still read here on a daily basis. I am hoping to see him back in full swing here soon. I guess we will have to wait for all the women to quit chasing him so he will have time for us.

As far as posting on the Bose forum, I don't think that would work out. He would get banned for recommending Klipsch to everyone. Just think, if Michael got rid of his Klipsch speaker collection he could put a few thousand pair of Blose in thier place.

On a more serious note, Jeff, thank you for asking, it means a lot. Here's a hug for you Michael.[{]

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There's a Bose Forum? What the hell for. What do they talk about? Can't be killer scores.

Can't be differences between models since they all sound the same. Mods? Why bother.

You sure he's not hanging out at the Bosejart(sp) forum. You know

those crazy Paris, France students who get drunk, pick up mostly horn

instruments and stroll the streets late at night blaring away, on there

way from bar to bar.

Come ot think of it, The Twins jetted out the other day on their way to" Uncle Mickey's". Hmm, I'm getting suspicious.

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