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What happened to this speaker????


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Man sounds like a good deal.

"You are bidding on a Klipsch RC-94 Speaker that stands upright on the floor and measures up to 26 inches long x 20 inches deep x 5 inches tall. This speaker puts out a ton of sound* and looks stylish. If you want to listen to music like a real pro, this speaker is perfect! Please note that this is only a single speaker."

* defined as static


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When they are dropped DRIVER SIDE DOWN, the baskets rip out of the MDF, and in this case looks like the magnet structures ripped loose and rammed through the spider and cone. That was either one hell of a hit or some really cheesy speaker baskets- are they plastic yet?


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LOL,yep,if you like to throw your speakers out of a 5 story building on passers by or ram em' with a forklift I'd go Lascala.If you just use em' for listening the rf do quite well.

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Hay what are you guys talking about!!!! this is the way they are coming out of the Klipsch/China factory.

RC64 is still made in hope.

As with the driver, look guys any drop like that would have definitely knocked the motor and pushed through the cone be it a heritage or reference. That was a monster hit that looked like it fell baffle first and then rolled (look at the other edges)

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