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Recomendations for "WELL RECORDED" Rock Guitar


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Do you have any tubes in your system (not sure about your AR SP 11)? If not, that can be a way to dramatically improve the sound of the distorted guitar (read: rock guitar) sound. Vinyl helps too.

Regarding "well recorded".... Anything with David Gilmour on it sounds great; about as good as it gets.

Interestingly I was listening to an old album of mine last night, REO Speedwagon of all bands, and their live album, "You get what you play for", is excellent. Gary Richrath's guitar sounds terrific on that recording. It's very fat/thick. Great recording, great songs with none of that pop crap they recorded in the early 80's.

For great rhythm guitar (and this is on gold CD), contact Acoustic Sounds and get a copy of the Bad Company re-release. Haven't heard it, but that ought to please. Man was that a great group!!

Jimmy Page is great, but unfortunately most of the recordings of his work, aren't so great IMO.

Good luck!

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Joe Satriani:

The Extremist

Flying in a blue dream

Time Machine

Steve Vai:

Passion and warfare

Alien Love Secrets

Eric Johnson:

Ah Via Musicom

Venus Isle


those should get you started, basically these 3 are the best guitarists on the planet, and they are all wizards in the studio.

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