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What are some of your hobbies besides Klipsching it up here?

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http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?act=home the home page

http://nerfhaven.com/mods/ Some mods

Basicly you must up the psi, take out air restrictors (things that Hasbro put in the guns to dum them down so they cant get sued over an injury), Put on a new barrel (Pvc, cpvc, brass, ect.) Make new darts, put new spring-pump. ect.

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Motorcycle riding (note avatar). If it isn't raining and there is no salt on the ground - then I am riding. This occupies most of my time when I am not working. 18,000 miles last year (on a sportbike). 1998 Ninja ZX9 - my 3rd Ninja in 15 years. Next bike will be a Honda ST1300, then a Goldwing.

Boating - Sea Ray 320

Firearms are a blast of course... :D Taurus PT-92, Kimber Ultra Carry, Bushmaster AR-10, S&W Model 3000

Photography as well - D70 & FinePix S5200

Giving people tours of Chicago

Traveling to timeshare in Ixtapa, Mexico

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Oh, boy: Where do I begin? [:S]

  • Computers in general
  • Still Photography: Both Digital and 35mm Film (includes photo processing via PhotoShop, etc.)
  • Travel with my Wife
  • Digital Video Photography: Both Standard and High-Definition in MiniDV tape format
  • Digital Video Editing and Production (differs greatly from the actual shooting of the footage) via computer (for output on DVD)
  • Reading (a million different subjects and classic short stories) there's never enough time!
  • Hot Pepper Sauce Collector (I currenlty have nearly 200 bottles, 20 of which are open at any time for consumption)
  • BBQing and Smoked foods
  • Landscape Design and Construction and Gardening in general
  • Home Building and Remodeling Projects and woodworking
  • Sketching, Drawing, Painting (artwork in general)
  • Auto Detailing, Maintenance and Repair (I wish I still had a motorcycle, too)
  • Musician (Mainly saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone), some guitar, harmonica, keyboards and drums) Hope to take lessons, buy a Gibson Les Paul and maybe Fender Twin Amp. Still own my original Alto Sax from 4th grade and an Alvarez 12-String Acoustic guitar, various harmonicas
  • Firearm hunting (mainly whitetail deer)
  • Camping
  • Fishing

Hey, what can I say? I get bored easily! LOL The good part is that many of my hobbies work in concert with one another such as Hot Sauces, BBQ and Smoked foods, or Travel, and Photography, etc. I suppose I could have listed my grandkids too, but I am much too passionate about them to consider them "a hobby". [:D] -Glenn

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