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Is there a Klipsch Bumper Sticker????


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Does anyone know if Klipsch has a bumper sticker???

I have the classic Maxell poster with the guy sitting in the chair with his hair blowing back and martini blowing over with the speaker in front of him. A Klipsch bumper sticker would fit perfectly over the Maxell casette tape logo in the bottom corner....

Do they still make cassettes?:^)

Anyone help here??


My system(s):

KLF-30's Bi-wired

KLF-C7 (2)

KSP-S6's (2 Pair)

KSW-15 Front Sub

KSW-100 Rear Sub

Chorus II's

Monster cable 14 gauge in-wall cable

Audioquest interconnects

Niles SPS-4 speaker switch box

Niles wall plates

Niles in-wall volume controls

Marantz SR-8000

Toshiba SD-4205 5 DVD changer

Pioneer PDF-1007 301-CD changer

Mitsubishi 35" TV

Mitsubishi VCR

Pioneer VSX-608 Multi-room amp for Outdoor deck

Polk All-weather AW2's deck speakers

Panamax DBS-8 Surge Protector

Klipsch IC-525's in Master Bath

13" Sony Wega in Master Bath

1 Lava Lamp for Ambience

Fridge full of beer and plenty of Don Julio, Jagermeister and Jim Beam

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The Maxell ad your talking about is called "Blown Away". There is a reproduction of that same poster from Steve Steigman of The Wever Gallery.

As for the making of cassettes? Well, yes they do but I use mainly Metal bias cassettes for the car. I refuse to dive into the car/cd player ring. I just had my Yamaha K-1020 overhauled and yesterday I went looking for blank tape. The only ones I liked I could find were TDK MA-90. Fortunatley that's what the deck had the bias set to at the factory.

As much as Denon is revered on this BB they don't make any at all.


Tom's Money Pit

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Curious how much it cost to have your Yamaha K-1020 redone?

I own the same deck (love it).Owned since 1987 and had it repaired in the early 90s because the device which takes the slack out of the tape on initial start up was defective and I couldn't play tapes half the time.I think Tweeter ect. charged me around $100.00 to fix and its been fine ever since.They told me it was one of the best tapes decks out there and has nakamichi internals.


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Originally posted by JCturboT:

They told me it was one of the best tapes decks out there and has nakamichi internals.



Wow, don't tell people that own the Nak Dragon LOL!!

Actually being overhalled was a bit of a slight exageration but I'm sure if you send it to Yamaha (yes, they do that) they'll give it a good goin' over. Don't be surprised if it costs a few hundred to have done.

It needed a good cleaning of all the dial and slide pots as well as both pinch rollers and capistans. I replaced the main drive/play belt myself but had to get one from Yamaha direct (I think $18+shipping, ouch!). An almost small, local, "mom and pop" shop called Blue Chip Electronics put in two idler wheels (it lost the FF/RR all together about three months ago). The deck did sit dormant for about three years and since then I've been sort of listening to it again...well...I just remember it sounding a little crisper. I dunno it could be that my ears are spoiled from that McIntosh MVP-841 CD/DVD player. The total bill was about $88 which I thought was a steal considering I was planning to drop about $200 on it.

I bought mine as a floor model from the store I worked at for about $380 (employee friendly discount) in 87' also when it was selling for $450. Yes, it is definitely the best deck I will probably ever have.

Post Script- I take back what I said about the deck not sounding crisp. I just haven't adjusted the output stage which, until now, was being a bit over-saturated (read Clipped). The last tape or two I made was recorded a little hot also(too much signal level). Man, I gotta get some metal TDK MA-90's to make a good referance. I've got an e-mail out to TDK about availability of 90min over the 110min. This deck just doesn't like anything over a 90. Now I see how many compulsory adjustments get forgotten when one plays too many cd's. LOL


Tom's Money Pit

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  • Klipsch Employees

Ok guys I've got the skinny on new goodies from marketing.

"Thanks! Tell them I am getting new wearables and their input is invaluable. Check back in 4 or so weeks!



I haven't seen them, but if that gang is creating it, it will be cool.


Trey Cannon

Technical Support

Klipsch Audio Technologies

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