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    This will not be a popular opinion, but ...... If you want to bring your speakers up by 4 notches, then ..... do not buy a new amplifier ...... buy better speakers. The differences will be astounding, especially if you spend some effort on speaker placement (toe-in, spacing, distance for the walls, listener location etc)
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    Walnut St. Bridge, Chattanooga - taken by my older son Joshua @Invidiosulus
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    Called Mike Sanders this afternoon, Was shocked when he answered the phone (being Sat.) short version is I put in an order for a new pair of quicksilver Horn Mono Amps hoping they will be the answer to my to much gain issue..................The wait begins!!!!!!!!!!
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    Boiled 3 sacks of crawfish, son in law putting some out. Everyone ate and there is about 25 pounds in the fridge, tomorrow were going to make some potato salad with some crawfish and a small amount of the water they were boiled in just for flavoring. Added some sausage and mushroom's, (my favorite) and some potatoes, garlic and a bunch of other stuff, the potatoes will make the potato salad.
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    Sold. I beat out some guy from CA. Listening impressions incomplete because of a hurriedly cobbled crossover in addition to a plate amp, but confirming all drivers work. I will design both a passive and an active network using a Yamaha 2060. I'll also add a DaveA LMAHL super tweeter. Only then will I judge the sound. I've always wanted a "salad bowl" and a STRAIGHT AXIS Midbass horn. I may sell off the Seismic Sub, as I have too many subs already, but it's too soon to tell. 107 db/W sensitivity is hard to beat. He had Conrad Johnson tube amps so even though the balance was off, he had them in a large quiet room and they were good enough, even if incomplete.
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    Presby's Crown Jewel Bearded Iris Superstition Bearded Iris Nikon D3100 Nikkor 50-135 f3.5
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    I gave Swanky some light reading but he's holding out for a Lassie or Rin Tin Tin book.
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    It is only worth $35K, if someone is willing to pay 35K.
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    As I see it, music is best as a shared experience. ...We have our system (Cornwall iii's) in our great room and wouldn't have it any other way. ..My wife and I raised our kids listening to our music as we listened to theirs. ..Through ups and downs, we had our music to keep us close by giving us a common denominator. ..And we always tried to be positive about whatever they were into - which was not always easy. Today, they love Leonard Cohen, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Richard Thompson, Carly Simon, Wilco, Pink Floyd, etc.. And my wife and I love White Stripes, Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, etc.. Would my system sound better in a dedicated 2-channel room? Perhaps. But the music wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable. Our great room has very similar shape/ dimensions. ..Walls not quite as yellow as they appear. ..Couch is 12' from of cabinet, then 20'' of kitchen.
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    Truth be told, the snowblower was delivered in April; never got to use it. The mower was delivered on Thursday. Today will be it’s maiden run. Fortunately, it uses the same battery and charger as the snowblower. The mower uses a single battery, whereas the snowblower uses two batteries. My neighbor’s brother works for EGO, so I got really great deals on both. I plan to not buy another internal combustion engine.
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    Not really, but when your doing it the neighbors driving by will say wow look at those jeans, he must know what he's doing.
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    I have no idea, there just sold by the sack/pound, size is usually determined by the time of the season. Some places that sell Belle river crawfish are the biggest, 95% of the crawfish here are farmed. There were a few places that tried to sell them sized but it did not go over so well, for the trouble of sizing them it would raise the price by 30%. The first 2 sacks were large, the last sack were closer to medium, some of the leftovers. Shrimp are always sold by size.
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    A little awkward is pretty good. Years ago, I made contact with a high school girlfriend after about thirty years. We met for dinner at a restaurant and it was like sitting across the table from a complete stranger. There was almost nothing about her that I remembered. We did have a good chat, and she told me about her husband and two teenaged sons, and I was happy for her, since I certainly had no feelings towards her. She invited me to a barbecue at her place a week or two later, and I met her husband and sons. Everyone was quite friendly, possibly more than I would have been if my wife’s high school boyfriend showed up out of nowhere. Anyway, I haven’t seen her since, which probably is for the best. Sometimes I’m reminded of the George Strait song that goes, “All my exes live in Texas, and that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee... “. I left more than just memories back in Toronto... EDIT: I heard Willie Nelson sing that song, but it turns out that it’s a George Strait song. Still rings true, though.
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    I'll try to remember that before I take it out... lol
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    Well I had alot more than a couple pounds. Have about 25 pounds in the fridge, for now anyway. Can't have to many, it was about 95 pounds total 3 boils, 0 will get wasted. Rule #1, do not let a Sarong get hung up in the spokes when riding. Rule #2 don't let the wind lift the front open as your riding, this one is for others sake, they will appreciate it. Well except for maby old lady friends.
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    Last night my wife told me happy mudders day, she was not really kidding.
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    Ditto to that. Man that's a lot of crawfish!
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    Bet the mudders outnumber the Mothers by a wide margin on this forum!!! Happy Mothers Day if it applies!!
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    happy mudders day for all you mudders.. And happy Mothers Day to all the Moms
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    I was skeptical for a long time, then took the plunge. Have the mower, blower, stick edger and string trimmer. Bye bye gas equipment, at least for my yard.
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    Sold Captain found bought these a few blocks from my house. I went and checked them out and they made the deal and I’ve been holding onto them for Captain, but as most of us know that Captains days came to an end . Very sad days. I’m trying to help his wife sell them, they are still here in Florida at my house. I will be driving up to the east side of tenn this weekend. I can drop them off along the way on 95. Or I can ship them to the new owner. Only asking 600 so she can get back what they have in them. PM me and let’s get this deal done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I will be dropping them off tomorrow in NC To lakedmb , So they are now sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not really a music vid but play this loud. The LF impacts as the Dark Troopers pound on the metal door are incredible. A note on the video content: This is the Luke Skywalker we've all wanted to see in the last three Star Wars movies but never got to. Disney took the galaxy's greatest hero, greatest optimist and turned him into a sniveling teet sucking green milk drinking "get off my lawn" old geezer. THIS is the Luke Skywalker who is the most powerful Jedi of all time!
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    These look interesting and built tough too.. 700 pounds of gear, $2500 bucks. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649735971-edgarhorn-edgar-titan-ll-2-seismic-jbl-2441-350hz-mid-mid-bass-horn/
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    I am happy to report that after a nice Sunday drive to Boston area this 730 is now in Maine at its new home - will start to work to repair/restore to its working glory!! Thanks to John!
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    Looks like you're doing you're signature justice. Even without the sides after a couple lbs I'd be good to go for the rest of the evening!
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    I hope you took her phone number this time around ,and you'll stay in contact -
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    This is comical. Where do you come up with this baloney?
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    are pensions even offered any more? None of the jobs I ever had gave one... kinda figures ... considering I barely made blue collar. Had a lady friend drop in yesterday. It was a little awkward. We haven't seen each other for several [7 or 8] years. You know how that works... the phone call asking if the number still belongs to...and is the other person still "around"... We had a nice visit.
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    I’m staying with female voices This time from an artist that was born in Cleveland Ohio and this is the debut album Artist - Tracy Chapman Title - Self Titled Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Tracy-Chapman-Tracy-Chapman/release/2806538
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    Roon ROCK up and running.
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    Ugly, cold, rainy day today so haven't done squat except research this subwoofer. Guess it will work but we'll see what shakes out when I hit the GO button. DuraFlex was used on the cab at the factory and it stil looks great so gonna scrub that down when it gets a bit nicer out. Hittin the car wash w/that 18 gauge expanded metal grill cover. Think the grill cover is just about right, after some bending, to fit back into the cabinet. Do a lil scrubbin, paint the grill and put it back together then inside it comes. Gonna be interesting! Now? Just hangin! 😂 Left my buddy scratchin his head again while listening to Spirit's 12 Dreams. This is day 3 for that one. Think he's liking it! hahaha
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    Better for grilling steaks. A little goes a long way for bbq.
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    Tommy Bolin with, when RB split:
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    Canned Heat Vintage Original recording, you even get the sound of vinyl via youtube 🙂
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    Baker put on a great display, but my money is still on Billy Cobham for best drummer on the planet.
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    Ginger Baker? Back in the day that's all you heard... "The best drummer on the planet." Seriously? Here's WHY so many loved his work. So lock it in and check him out. "Toad" was his favorite song and he's back in his element on this one. May 2005 from the gang @ the RAH in London. Ginger always said "it's an exercise in time travel" and this video is truly amazing. Enjoy! Need a lil sunshine now? Same show. Hard to believe they hadn't played together in 40 years and this was the culmination of "Cream." One great show for sure! Why not? 😎 Damn Skippy sooooo good!
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    I want to do some Audio Reviews on You Tube with some quality Microphones and Digital Recordings of the output in a "standard" Living Room vs. my reference system with reference recordings (like the ones that Roy uses). All the ones with just "talk talk talk, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah WORDS" are too damn long and boring (like Audiophiliac and others). Those that are posted with sound are from iPhones with marginal audio quality. I want to up the ante to see what happens when the stereo mikes are in the sweet spot as well as 2 other channels with a pair of Omni mikes at 1 meter, that I now use for speaker design/buid/measurements, etc. in R&D.
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    This Yamaha CR-1020 is the heart of my vintage Cornwall setup. I am the second owner. I took it into a local stereo shop last year to have some white LEDs installed since the bulbs had burned out. They also brought it into spec and gave it a good cleaning. I love the sound and the looks...and also the sharp, heavy clicks the switches and dials make haha! Even the volume and tuner knobs have a heavy, satisfying feel to them when you turn them. Good times!
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    It’s the season.
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    He might like Tin Tin and Snowy, but they will probably be taken off the market as inappropriate. All three of my kids learned to read with most of the Tin Tin comics in the house.
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    Went to go lay in the hammock today and seen this, he stayed there until I got back with the camera. First pic I have taken in a while, that's sad.
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