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    Yeah, we done it again. Grilled out some hamburgers, hotdogs, had various deserts .... Watched the Heist with Gene Hackman. You can sort of see my house in the background of at least one of the pictures.... so the field you see is sort of my front yard. Oh, and had to use my brother in laws powered EV's and a sub for the sound.
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    Almost a year without a dog. So hard to put them down and say goodbye. Today is pretty exciting. First non-greyhound in 20 years
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    Forget the second pot... straight to espresso.
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    Going to be a two pot day. Up late trying to get the new kid to settle down. Then up early to take him out.
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    We lost our mother today. Actually Heaven gained another musician. It stinks but we recognize that she has not been in any pain since this morning at 10:10. Got practical, legal and financial stuff to take care of real soon. A lady that has grown dear to us since she moved in across the street called earlier tonight to say something was left at the beginning of the drive here. Well New York City folks aren't all stereotypical. This one is loved after only a couple years here. Imagine that this is one way people from up there honor their friends. I can actually visualize Love springing from the Earth, blossoming, growing wings then off to Heaven😥
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    WooHoo 🥳 well things are beginning to come back together. So nice to have a pair of Scala's in my life again. Had certainly forgot what was missing. Dancing circles around 'em ol RF-7's LOL A huge Thank You to our very special friend out of StL, @MookieStl! Sir Mookie helped me score a very nice, pristine condition vintage Onkyo TX-SV90PRO. Paired with the Scala's, I am at a loss for words... Grateful & Blessed
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    @KROCK well two of us in here are on the same wave length kinda maybe! 😂
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    I’m pick up a new car tomorrow. It’s a Toyota Avalon. The is the part your not going to like. I’m getting the premium stereo and the brand is JBL! Don’t be to hard on me. It has 14 speakers and 1200 watts. I played white the one in the car I test drove and it sounds pretty mean. Even has a sub. The wife bribed me with the stereo to get the car😎! Peace
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    And you will send one to all of your friends? What a guy!
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    How is everyone?
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    Hey folks, happy thoughts to all here..🍻 Cocktails for tonight are I really don't have much to add to C C&C. I just enjoy reading here.
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    Nice pup. I'm still working on getting my property ready(fence) before entertaining the idea of a dog or two. Perhaps we need another C for canines in the thread title. Life is too short for cheap wine and slow dogs? ----having a tough time making it out.
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    Handsome pup rplace! I hear it takes up to six months for them to fully adjust to a new environment. Seems about right in my experience. Messaged with minermark yesterday. He and Erin are planning a move from California to Nevada and a bit of downsizing. Seems to be doing well. Well I have managed to gain about 10 pounds during lock down. Went in for a teeth cleaning and asked the hygienist to try and remove 10 pounds of tartar and plaque so I would be back to even😔 Very humid this morning.....like a sauna. Back to Longmire.....no cliffhanging. Each episode concludes as a story in itself.
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    trouble brewing in the hood a bunch of trucks with BLM painted on the sides headed this direction when I was taking the wife this AM... Smelled smoke last night. the trucks were from the Bureau of Land Management.... appears there is/was a fire on the wildlife refuge sorry about the PC, I couldn't help myself
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    Thank You All so much. It's tough but not a surprise after the last year. Might have regrets but it's looking like I'll be up near Boone, Blowing Rock within the year. Couldn't handle the taxes here myself plus it's time to vacate this prejudiced town. Those exercises recently first thing in the am? Yea right... about six times in the first two weeks, off and on since. Without the caregiver job now I'll try that again. If you're in good shape you don't get as hot or as cold as when you're out of shape!
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    Sorry also John. Peace be unto your family.
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    So sorry to hear John. She will forever be in your hearts! You all have my regards.
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    A quick entry on the spinning thread - to acknowledge the impact of this artist RIP Ennio Artist - Ennio Morricone Title - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ID - A United Artist release SUAL - 932862 Via Festival Records Australia
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    "As I’ve often stated in these articles, it is the production path that establishes the fidelity of the final master. Things like how a track was recorded, what processing was applied during recording and mixing, and how the tracks were ultimately mastered. If all of these things are done with maximizing fidelity as the primary goal, a great track will result. However, it’s very easy to destroy fidelity at any number of steps in the process." The continuation of the quote that Edgar stated above. What good is 24 bits over 16 bits of quantization if you're only using 6 of 'em And clipping the schiit out of it.
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    Mr politically incorrect, one of my favorite parts about him. RIP
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    I wonder what this is ? Just arrived This is an album that was on backorder for over a month Will give it a spin tomorrow This Re Issue is a US release but pressed in Germany on 180 gr from 2015 Frank Zappa One Size Fits All
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    What could go wrong, rednecks and rocket engines.
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    Scared me for a second. Don't feel bad we live about 5 miles from Steins Space center, not once have they called me, I have some good ideas about what they can shoot up in space or blow up, either way I got it covered.
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    My lady friends place sound better ..... Loving your vintage gear ...great
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    Thanks guys. Added a SVS PC-2000 sub even though the Spatials get down to 32hz. And for streaming/DAC the Node 2i. Tinkering around with toe in I found it made little difference. The Spatials are self cancelling to the sides so first reflection is not a problem.
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    Smoking some ribs, wife made potato salad and baked macaroni and cheese. .
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    For you vinyl guys. I gave it up 35 years ago and said I would never go back, i was always behind the trend or gave up on it early.
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    Yep, I remember Record Stores! Many of those LPs came from Tower Records.
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    The Sweet Vinyl Sugar Cube SC-1
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    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL We hold these truths to be self evident............We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.
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    @MicroMara nice rockin' and funky-rock and the pre-disco Atlantis I'm hearing! & here I go with the other from that deal I got most recently. It's a rehashed and thrashed quickly pressing of an old recording that is just..... Just as good as someone here said it was a couple months ago! Quiet with resounding bass, clear highs and "aeroplanes up in the sky" Literally shames my early 90s cd of this recording but can't play Mother & Goodbye Blue Sky all together. Easy trade-off, this sounds terrific!
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    If you have Amazon Prime, then you can access this Norah Jones concert on the 10 July @ 1PM (ck ur time zone).
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    Sorry to her this, but no pain for her is a good thing, she can rest now. That was very nice in the driveway, it's different but a cool idea, have never seen anything like that before. She will be watching you, talk to her.
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    @grasshopper -- you can put out your cigarette on my fingertips now. back to playing the guitar regularly and the callouses have returned ... so much so that I'm having trouble with the touch screen on my phone -- I have to use non-calloused fingertips. hope things in the desert are well my friend.
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    First thing to go is your sense of smell, then taste. I would recommend that you often pour a glass of bourbon. Smell it first then taste it. If it smells and tastes like bourbon then you're OK. This should be done at least 3 times a day. More if you really want to be on the safe side.
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    That's true. But I wouldn't get to taste it all. Since that pic I found another pork butt in it all so added that one. Before this pic it was a bunch of boneless thighs, there done and I added the last of it a piece of rib and some deer sausage. The Sausage is done and now just the pork butts and ribs. I will finish the butts in the oven so I sill not be out there late. pic when the last things went on. then of the finished pork loins, with an end missing.
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    Prog rock you say? Wheeeeeeeeeee! Tad bit of difference...
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    Smoking some meat today. Oldest daughter called last night upset, somehow someone left the door on an upright freezer open slightly and stuff toward the front started to defrost, still half frozen. So she asked if I could cook some of it, so they brought it last night. This is about half of what she sent, 2 pork butts and 2 pork loins, I started with the biggest parts first.
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    Had a listen to this brilliant album A new vinyl arrival to the collection Lets listen to Po-Jama people again ( why not ) Artist - Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention Title - One Size Fits All A US release on Pallas label - 2015 Audiophile pressing in Germany on 180gr
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    Good Stuff @Full Range still like the Spaghetti Westerns even after the tenth time. Thanks for the tunes and the good times that tagged along with `em Mr. Charlie Daniels!
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    TAGO MAGO by CAN Spoon Records 1971 limited Edition
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    Yep, a 3 x 5 daily - . And I’ve noticed since the America haters are making the news, more flags are being flown.
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