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    neighbor was grilling burgers and dogs and ran out of mustard. knocks on my door and wants to borrow some. never having met him, i figured this was a good chance to make a good first impression, you know, let him know i’m dignified. so i gave him a bottle of this ... i think he was impressed.
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    i finally got this ...............................a photo of some guy and a Bugatti.
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    Fill glass with Cider. Pour out cider. Refill glass with Bourbon. Welcome Daniel ... just joking with you. I’ve never had a cider cocktail so i can’t help. Hopefully, someone on this forum can ... a lot of boozehounds around here.
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    I may have mentioned this before, but a recent memorable Grand Haven moment was my brother-in-law, Dave’s, memorial service at the American Legion Hall (got to be one of the best Legion Halls) right on the river. After finally hearing from his fellow Marines about his heroism in Vietnam — Dave never talked about his two tours — during the outdoor service two young (~12) boys riding by on bikes, got off their bikes and stood at attention. Only in GH.
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    Years ago, I was sitting in a lawn chair, smoking a fine Habanos & drinking some Hanana Club, while watching the wife cut the grass. Lady from across the street walks over, & sez "Why, you ought to be hung". To which I sez, "I am; that's why she cuts the grass".
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    In the no tell motel have a cocktail while my son is out meeting his incoming freshman virtual (until today) new friends at the new student conference.
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    Chorus really do respond to power and they will not only come to life but they will go places Forte cannot. The Chorus uses a pro high power woofer the K48 in contrast the Cornwall uses a K33 woofer and is happy to play on small flea power amplifiers. So which is better is a matter of application. With available power the Chorus can do things the Cornwall or the Forte cannot. What you are after will determine which model will suit you best, the Chorus and Cornwall will both outshine the Forte and are not that much larger. All respond well to upgrades especially to titanium diaphragms for the horns and fresh new capacitors for the crossovers.
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    best coffee improvement... share save to favoritesSa print Whole House Water Filtration I installed it 10 years ago... forgot to buy a filter.... finally bought a filter 2 weeks ago...
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    Love your stories Steve. The forum is more fun with you here!
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    At my Uncle Bill's funeral a couple years ago in Bloomington Indiana, four pre-teen kids that were playing in their front yard stopped playing, stood still with their hands over their hearts while the procession drove by. It was a very nice gesture that many of the people at the funeral were talking about.
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    Morning Mike. It is hard to put your finger on the sound of the table when you change three things at once. The Rega Planar 3 was the result of two years of almost completely reworking the RP-3 which was discontinued in 2016. The Schiit Mani recommended by Paul and Dave may be the best audio product per dollar around. The Hana EH moving coil that you recommended tracks worn LPs with less surface noise than with the Virtuoso Wood that it replaced and at half the cost. The combination of the three pieces is pleasing with an increase in tracking ability and much more gain. Had I been able to change one component at a time I could give you a more direct answer. The old arm will be rewired by a forum member in the near future. It will then go on the vintage Denon DP-1250. At that time I will have to purchase a second cartridge....maybe a Nagaoka 200 moving magnet or a Denon 103r moving coil. Then the shootout! How's that for a short answer?
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    Did something out of character yesterday. I got involved... 2 Sheriff were sitting in front of the neighbor's. Wife asked them what was going on. Welfare check. We [wife and I] kinda keep an eye on him, too. Health probs. They couldn't enter the property. Gate locked. I offered to hop the fence and knock on the door. so, I went over a 5 foot fence in my sarong... Now that I think.... at 65, prolly shouldn't be doing silly things like that.
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    Early morning spin on the new table, pre, and cartridge.
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    MIt’s been a really great weekend of spinning records Just finished playing the rest of my Frank Sinatra LPs This man has a terrific voice - no doubt about that Have come to appreciate this voice over this long single artist marathon Artist - Frank Sinatra Titles - Album 1 That’s Life  Album 2 Best Of Vol 2 Album 3 Swing Easy Album 4 At The Sands ( a double LP ) 
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    @DizRotus The legion was right next to my old office. They put on a nice BBQ for us each summer. Back in my Coast Guard days, it was my turn to participate in a public event. There was a memorial day event and we had to send a color guard unit. I was only an E5 back then and was in the pool to do stuff like this. I was holding the American Flag and the guy next to me had a rifle. The presentation was LONG and it was HOT. He whispered that he was going to pass out. I told him to bend his knees a bit and hang in there. Finally, he just walks off and goes and sits down. This real old man comes out of the audience, grabs his rifle and comes and stands beside me for the remainder of the event. it was a pretty cool thing to experience. Like you said, only in GH.
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    I think I'm going somewhere just don't know where! Sure is fun though!
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    Great to sit down and have a vision somedays. lol Started w/Division Bell then Santana's Abraxis and move on to a lil Rory Gallagher from 1972 his "live" Europe tour. It's truly one of those start the evening w/a beer in each hand and when one's gone ya start meandering back to the bar for 2 more. Truly some boot scootin tunes allll the way thru. Check it out on Youtube and you'll thank me later when ya have it in hand! Then a lil CSN. Think I'm on a roll! lol
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    No rain today soooo pissing off the neighbors. Got the party started! Lil Ted Nugent and the boys from 1967 as the Amboy Dukes, Procol Harum's "Grand Hotel" and Pat Metheney's "Still life (talking) from '87.
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    I was wondering how long it would take for you to go third person on us.
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    Nice day outside, tons of yardwork and where am I? Mossy I'm blaming YOU for those two posts or yours... Goin back CAN be such a very nice thing! First up the lead singer from the Animals in 1962 who paid his debt to society by becoming one of the member of the "British Invasion." Winding up in San Fran with a group he joined "War." If you like Eric Burdon this one is allll him... Nice old LP to chill with! Slipped in a li Santana and Abraxas.. Always a great LP! Then went to the tub and pulled out one of my favorite LP's by Elton John. Watched him on that tour from the orchestra pit @ Vets Memorial in Columbus and was totally lost in his work. Yea, like so many, I was lookin for the answer to another great one, Jerry Lee Lewis. Our ages meshed and Elton just hit it outta the park that nite so I became a huge fan. This one will kick start ya anytime. No fluff, no high heels, no insane glasses just some kick a$$ rock n roll! Yup I'm gonna be worthless again today I can see it comin! Mossy it's on YOU brother! 😂 😎
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    It is impossible to cut 95" grass. That is why he has to get back home while it is still 94". Note the word BEFORE in before it reaches today's high of 95, silly. Tomorrow probably 96+ if he does not act.
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    Our friend Mark who came down with them was saying no one was throwing beads to him from the balcony like they were to all the women. I told him what to do and he said really, I said yes so he did it, I knew his tattoos would make it work and it did, he did it about 20 times and he and the girls couldn't carry all the beads. He is crazy, to the point when it got to be about 1:30 or so we decide to leave, it was heading to the point of having to much fun, it's downhill after that usually. It's about the only time we go anymore if someone wants to go and has never been, that is fun.
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    About a week before Mardi gras some friends came down from Arkansas and wanted to go to the Quarter, so we took them. We were sitting where those bronze statues are and a guy wearing tights and a tutu was there with his girlfriend or wife. One of the girls we were with said I want a picture of that guy being what he is wearing do you think he would mind I don't want to ask. I told her you have no idea what it's like during Mardi Gras. I went to his table and he laughed and said sure so I took their picture, they ended up dancing right there between the tables.
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    @Mossy bottom Tunes and haircuts from "Let it Be" imply they might have started trippin' some by then!
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    Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection. 1970 This album is also available on Cassette and 8 Track!
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    Done with the coffee, another glorious day in Ohio, 3 in a row, must be the end of the world or something. Been rolling since 7, done mowing, weeding, checking the pool, now it's time to break out the pressure washer and get rolling on the concrete/deck and maybe even the truck. Hope you all have a fabulous day! Cheers.
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    Morning folks, it's been awhile so I thought I would stop in. Plus I am trying a new coffee today. Death Wish, its bold but not to bitter. Supposed to have a high dose of caffeine, but nothing to give you the shakes. The wife and I have recently been doing alot of work around the house. Main level remodel, finishing the basement, installing a pool and major overhaul on the deck with a roof. So we've been kind of busy. Hopefully we will be done in the next couple of weeks depending how long the deck takes. As of right now we are waiting on carpet to go in before we finish all the trim and bar. On a side note, this is my first time in 20 years of home ownership I have had to shop for and have carpet installed (mostly had hardwood floors and still do in most of the house). But dam carpet is expensive. We decided to get all this done now as we would like to enjoy this for at least 10 years. Who knows what's instore after that. But we'll worry about that when the time comes. BigStew, glad to see you around. I see Tarheel is working on downsizing his system. I have a feeling he's going to miss those Lascalas. I recently made a big audio media purchase. I normally don't make large media purchases like this, but really wanted this. It's a Type O Negative box set with new cuts of their collection on vinyl. Its $200.00 for the collection of 12 disc. Unfortunately it won't ship until September, but hy then outside activities are winding down and I will have a nice man cave to sit and enjoy them. Here is a link to the box set if anyone is interested. From what I can tell about run out Grove, they re press a lot of odd balls on vinyl. Supposed to be great cuts. https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/shop/none-more-negative-box-1.html Until my next visit, cheers and be well. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Now that you have ruined my morning with that visual, is your neighbor ok?
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    Hope every thing works out well for you both. At 95, had to put my mom in assisted living with "sundown" syndrome, which is a nasty form of dementia. It's rough on my sister and I but it'll all sort. It's His plan. On the upside, I got a phone call from the youngest in Phoenix this morning wishing me a happy b-day today! Asked if I got the box she sent so went and I looked on the porch. Yup, opened it and was pretty much amazed. Maybe this Floyd "Division Bell" t-shirt she found and a few of her friends wanting to buy it will be what it takes for her to turn that corner and start truly appreciating the musicians/music. I want ONE of my girls appreciating what I have here so when I croak they're not putting it in the "Garage Sale" section of the Forum! It's not that I don't love you guys but... 😂 😂 😂 Great LP and if ya don't ya should!!!
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    Good Morning! Got cables, lots of coffee and can't wait until 4 to add the cocktails!
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    All my thoughts and prayers John. PM me if ya want to talk. I hope she is recovering with strength.
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    So the wife went window shopping or something like that That gave me some alone free time for record spinning Im continuing the Frank Sinatra session and will finish the rest tomorrow Today 3 albums were chosen at random  Artist - Frank Sinatra Title- Album 1 - Songs For Swinging Lovers  Album 2 - The Reprise Years  Album 3 - Sinatra Sings Music For Pleasure 
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    @Dave1290 you should be playing Blind Melon “No Rain” in honor of your break from the bad weather.
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    Time for old blue eyes Compilation LP from 1967 Shoutout to @oldtimer Artist - Frank Sinatra Title - The Movie Songs 
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    We went to Fleetwood Mac concert a few years ago and my 30 something nephew came with us. I told him not to worry, all the pot he smelled was medicinal!
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    I have #678. It is an awesome pressing. It is dead quiet. Some people hear something off with the cymbals. They must be really focusing on that because I don't hear what they describe as flatten or splashy. I think it has more to do with some people's turntables or cartridges. I wouldn't dwell on it but just listen and enjoy. Bernie Grundman is one of my favorite audio engineers.
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