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    A Tribute to Dusty Hill I “Just Got Paid Today” and decide to join the “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers”. But first I bought me some “Cheap Sunglasses” and a fine Set of threads making me a “Sharp Dressed Man”. I was ” Waitin' for the Bus” but it was late because “Jesus Just Left Chicago” and was bound for New Orleans. So I called my “Manic Mechanic” for a new “Thunderbird” to pick up my girl “Francine” with those “Blue Jean Blues” and a “Pearl Necklace”. “She Loves My Automobile” and is my “Hi Fi Mama” while she “Heard It on the X”. I told her I was “A Fool for Your Stockings” with those “Legs” and Gimme All Your Lovin'” cause “It's Only Love”. But “She's a Heartbreaker” and wouldn’t go. “I Thank You”. I was ”Under Pressure”, and needed some “Tush” and dance that “Tube Snake Boogie”. So I headed to “La Grange” maybe the “Balinese” or Acuna for a “Mexican Blackbird” and a “Backdoor Love Affair”. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide” and “ Lowdown in the Street” but wouldn’t ya know it, I was “Arrested for Driving While Blind”. Rest in Peace Dusty, thanks for the music.
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    My mates ,just want let you know that the health problems from my wife are under medical control and she fells better. It´s a relief for all of us here. Doctors are assuming a full recovery. So I´m in a better mood now and think it´s time to press the power buttoms from my gear soon again . It´s time after a couple of month without Music.
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    AAHHH..what a feeling my TT is spinning again SPYRO GYRO`S " Catching the sun " . Wow what a history .... Spyro Gyra is an American jazz fusion band. It was formed in Buffalo in the early 1970s by saxophonist Jay Beckenstein (born 1951) and keyboardist Jeremy Wall. With over 20 albums and more than ten million records sold worldwide, Spyro Gyra is one of the most distinguished and commercially successful bands in the history of jazz. Between 1980 and 1985, the band was awarded seven Grammys. The band grew out of jam sessions by musicians in Buffalo, New York, some of whom knew each other from high school and some of whom had a rhythm-and-blues background.The name came out of a joke - the club owner pushed for it and Beckenstein dug up a type of algae Spirogyra, often referred to as screw algae in German, from his memory that he remembered from biology class. In addition to Beckenstein and Wall (who, however, was no longer part of the live band after 1978), the initial members included Tom Schuman (keyboards), guitarists Freddy Rapillo and Rick Strauss, and drummers Tom Duffy and Ted Reinhardt. Until 1994, Dave Samuels, who brought Caribbean flair on marimba, was also a frequent guest. Their first record came out in 1978 (Spyro Gyra) with their hit Shaker Song. They had their breakthrough with the follow-up album Morning Dance and the hit single of the same name, released in 1979.In 2013 members of the band are Jay Beckenstein (saxophone), Tom Schuman (keyboards, piano), Julio Fernandez (guitars), Lee Pearson (drums, percussion), Scott Ambush (bass). Their Homepage @Full Range http://spyrogyra.com/
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    In memory of Dusty Hill...
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    Well I don't like cats either. They like me however. I think it's just to piss me off.
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    Just announced - Another Brisbane Covid19 Lockdown One of the titles played today that suits the mood Soul jazz Artist - Kenny Burrell ‎ Title - Midnight Blue Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Kenny-Burrell-Midnight-Blue/release/11948419
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    Think it might just be a ZZ Day
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    Not my fight but am enjoying. The "walker" comment was superb!
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    Just ran across this, always wondered why the best video cameras were still so big. Well now I know why, and they are amazing.
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    I am the original owner, I bought straight from Kevin Dale at PrimaLuna, and have used really sparingly. Has original P/L EL-34 tubes (#8). I has been used it only occasionally, has less then 100 h of use on it. It sounds great with my 75th Anniversary Khorns. Comes in original triple box, all accessories and original remote control Price 3950 USD plus shipping to CONUS.
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    Below is my favorite album of him, Nightfall. Just two musicians, trumpet and bass. The compositions and virtuosity is amazing. Got to know it on Spotify when I had bought my first Klipsch speakers, and recently bought the CD. If I ever need to convince someone why tube amps and Klipsch are superior, I'd use this album!
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    Want to introduce a famous german jazz trumpet player . Till Brönner (born May 6, 1971 in Viersen) is a trumpeter, composer, professor of jazz trumpet. He produced over 20 Jazz Records . In April 2016, Till Brönner was the only jazz artist from the German-speaking world to be invited to the White House by U.S. President Barack Obama to celebrate UNESCO's International Jazz Day (April 30) in concert with 45 international colleagues. The all-star ensemble included Aretha Franklin, Morgan Freeman, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Pat Metheny, Diana Krall, Marcus Miller, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Al Jarreau and Dianne Reeves.
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    ...follwed by a " Masters at Work " Production . Never spun that here before . NUYORICAN SOUL , released in 1997 , Blue Thumb Records, Printed in USA , high Quality audible production., with an ensemble of brilliant Soul / Jazz Stars like shown below .....
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    Bought this CD box a while ago after watching a recent docu on zz top. I got to know them only in the mid 80s with Terminator, in their MTV period, but instantly loved them. Remember fishing trips with my friends, and when zz top was on that little portable fm radio, the volume would go up to 10 and we'd all sing along with those guitar riffs! We were 16 and I think we all had fallen in love with the cute girls in their videos! And those fuzzy guitars and those cool sunglasses! Good memories!!!!
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    Fence work continues, my wallet's gettin' thin. New Jubilees or a fence... new Jubes or a fence....Boss says FENCE!!
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    Best $14.00 I ever spent..... RIP Dusty
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    My first ZZ record was a "Best of" Realized later it was incorrect. Takes all their records to have a Best Of ZZ Top!
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    Great News! & Lay it on us Brother.
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    It’s like a road map, similar to my crossovers as the same gentleman built them using my units as a template / guide Photo is the underside of my crossovers
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    He may still, have you seen his neighbor, it's where he goes to get his bread toasted.
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    A toaster Richie......just think. No more waking your neighbor up to make a slice of toast😀
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    I am sitting here thinking I won't give approval to doing something I would not be willing to do myself and this is one of those. Why don't you post pictures of all this dirt that has you bothered and see how others may have removed it. Perhaps a damp soapy rag should do fine for dirt and the heck with all the added complications
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    Buster Douglas went down , but the moment he got up , he hammered Tyson ---and put him to sleep in a series of blows
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    I'll just leave this right here for you two warriors... 😂 Yup, it's hilarious.
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    It’s time now for some classic rush A live video - amazing to watch RIP - Neil Peart
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    I'd Love to Change the World
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    Kenny Burrel & Coleman Hawkins "I Thought About You.
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    a fresh bottle of ketchup ... I'm on my way! I use A1 and Ketchup on my steak. my brother lived in Germany and told me about using mayo with fries. some people love a cigarette or cigar ... I love a swig of ketchup.
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    Here’s one more 12”LP and 3 CD’s from STP The photos really can’t show how bright and wonderful the album color and art is Very few of these have been or will be made Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Time for some Santana from one of my favourite albums
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    Boards are the problem. What ever happened to analog switching? There are a lot of old time ranges out there going strong. Replace a switch, a temp probe, maybe an element. Turn the damned knob, touch pads are designed to fail. Dishwashers also used to last, now the circuit board screws the pooch within 3 years. I would say don't get me started, but that's too late. You don't need circuit boards to run stoves, dishwashers, or refrigerators. Or washing machines or dryers. It reminds me of McCoy on Star Trek---engineers, they just love to change things.
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    Can I charge even half that much for my jubilees and destroy the Wilson's at the same time?
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    Followed by Mr. Marvin Gaye`s " I want you " origin from 1976 , Re-release from 2020, Motown Records , my gear is warming up ...... Have a look at the beautiful cover art work , WOW what a party feeling
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    I am clipped in ; guy .
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    It's been attributed to those platform shoes! 😂
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    Well have at it George! Glad your wife is feeling better and the boys are expecting the best. Takes a lot of pressure off everyone when that word rolls out. Crank things up and let it alllll go! I've been buried for 3 weeks here and have a big stack to jump on soon. It'll sort. Focusing my $ on some new tubes!
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    RIP My wife was never a big fan, untill we went to see them live, completely changed her mind. It is amazing what they can do with only 3 people.
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    is that what the kids are calling it these days?
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    The TVA is a big deal up there, especially for jobs years ago. A small part is this dam, Fontana dam which made a lake 29 miles long with 240 miles of shoreline.
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    In my humble opinion and according to my half century plus of buying and selling, I offer this: An auction starting at 1¢ will give you the actual value on your speakers! They are worth what someone will pay at that time and place, and nothing more. BUT: If you start your auction at 1¢ with no reserve, people will start competing with each other for your item. It becomes a battle and people are invested in the outcome. They will most likely not go for any less than $1,400, and if the bidding gets "heated", they could go for more than that (but this is unlikely due to perceived condition issues). As things currently stand, people will not get into a bidding war when you start at a price they would not be willing to pay for these speakers. I've seen dozens of speakers be on Craigslist constantly, for a year or more with no buyers sniffing around. I've watched this guy in my town try to sell a KV3 center speaker for over a year (he must have thought he struck it rich!). He started at $200 (somewhere near there), and has dropped the price periodically ever since. He's down to $50 and still is not getting any takers. Klipsch KV3 Center Channel Speaker - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) I have alerts set up for Klipsch on this same local Craigslist (Ocala), and I get an email almost daily alerting on this speaker. People get used to seeing and ignoring that ad over time. I know I have. I also watched a pair of black La Scala in Ocala take a couple of years to sell on OfferUp. This guy was asking $800 for the pair, and they were not too much worse that yours other than a couple of big dings. They finally did sell about 3 months ago. Your pictures make the speakers look beat up and very dirty. If you do nothing more than giving them a good scrubbing with the above mentioned products (even a quick rubdown with Old English Dark will clean them up and darken the areas where there are chips in the veneer!), they will look somewhat glossy again and the overall impression of being so dirty will evaporate somewhat. They're not in a condition where I could drop them straight into my living room. The wife aggro alone would not allow me to use them straight away (known as WAF around here, the Wife Acceptance Factor). A lot of buyers will be feeling the same. This puts your speakers into the "restoration project" category, and La Scala projects do not sell for 2 grand. You can take my advice or totally dismiss me, but these facts will still remain an issue that will limit your sale. Once you get them to be extremely appealing in your pictures, you might have a chance to sell them for your desired price of $2K. Good luck.
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    he spread Zep sweeping compound on the floor and this is what he swept up? Gotta get me some of that sheet
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