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    My summer project is now complete. Moai made from a foam base/core, wrapped with chicken wire, then hypertufa. Layers of hypertufa sculpted, and then carved - but mostly sculpted with the tufa. Had a difficult time moving it, but got it moved from the garage and leveled out. Its about 5.5 ft tall. Thanks to plans posted on another forum by Wavy Davy.
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    I was in the Farm Bureau co-op yesterday and saw one of these! Had to get it. I still have some kid in me!
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    Getting close to Holiday Season and the cold:
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    Finally finished this project. I've posted on this in Tech Mod section on the build. I totally removed all finish on these, cut off the front 1/2" edge that surrounds the grill frame, installed neo magnet on the front to mate with the magnets I installed on the original grill frame (with new cane grill cloth), veneered the fronts, sides, and tops with aircraft grade quartered figured etimoe veneer. I applied 6 coats of wipe on poly satin then wet sanded and applied wax with 0000 steel wool for a very smooth finish. I installed a front to back brace with 3 screws on the back panel, installed new Bob Crites 1228 woofers, new Sonicap caps on the mids and tweets, new electrolytic parallel cap on the woofers, installed foam sealant tape on the back screw strips. I have two emblems that come with these which I haven't attached yet so the new owner can do so with his/her choice of glue/tape. Consecutive serial numbers 139X001 and 139X002 The grill frames automatically attach when you put them on the fronts. Components are Crites 1228 woofers, K52H mid drivers and square maGNET K-77 tweets. Someone needs to give these a new home!!! Perfect Christmas gift! Will post more photos after I resize them. $750.00. I'm located in Little Rock. Thanks. Longdrive03 Longdrive03
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    a column shift would stop any modern car thief. I enjoy both. Living in the boonies, I don't have to spend a lot of time with a foot on the clutch. In traffic/city, automatic all the way. I learned a manual on a motorcycle. Learned to not like manuals driving semi. Stop & go on the 405...ugh
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    Yea they could be Mighty Damn Fine tweeters
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    My 2017 Honda civic si is a manual and the civic type r are manuals. They still exist, but yes, unfortunately rare
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    @Shiva would definitely give a system a run for it's money! Good stuff! I might just have to!
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    I remember it and a lot of other tunes of his played on the pseudo jazz station. At the time it seemed like great chick music for dates but I could never lower myself in reality to spin it.
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    woke up from your nap, eh? I've been practicing for a long time. We used to sit on the porch, passing a bottle of .... and raisin' hell with the passers by. now, I sit on the porch swing with my pipe.....
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    Elton John will be at Little Caesars Arena (LCA) in Detroit in May. Two concerts sold out quickly, so they added two more shows. Tickets went on sale to the public yesterday. I figured they’d be expensive, but I know my wife would enjoy a final opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I checked them out. She could not enjoy a concert knowing it cost more than $600. The least expensive tickets are more than $300 each for bad seats in a hockey arena. Our older son works for LCA and gave us free tickets to Hall & Oates last year. We had great seats if we were at a Red Wings game, right at the centerline about twenty rows back, but terrible seats for a concert. The sound was awful. Even for FREE I was disappointed. Those same seats at Elton John would be more than $500 each. Perhaps Elton has better sound people, but I have a hard time imagining any seat in a hockey rink can be worth those prices. Who pays these prices? Am I just a tightwad curmudgeon?
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    Much appreciated... Shhhh...Don't tell anyone!
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    Very sorry Joe. Am sure he will be missed.
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    I agree with Claude on this one πŸ˜‰. Moving my tweeters from the cabinet to a baffle on top and placed at the back was one of the best changes I made to my LS, and the cost was minimal.
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    Heya Paul! Remember that big hole I had? Welllll it's just about gone. Will finish it tomorrow. Gotta get some stuff done in here now that the weather is turning cooler while you're warmin up. Won't be long for either of us it seems but we'll survive. Always do!
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    We usually got Woody Woodpeckers at the movies.
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    This is the album - https://www.discogs.com/The-Osmonds-Homemade/release/2179509 I see the first track is called The Honeybee Song
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    Your right, I meant boudain balls, had to go back and add the balls word...that looks good wish I had some now. Also found out it was spell check that changed it to boudin and I didn't catch it. I have not any I didn't like but this guy has some good stuff. http://www.billysboudin.com/ .
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    Thanks all. But no one guessing? Hint; around here it’s either female or it gets fixed by one of the female’s. Me excepted... so far. 🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞 Wb
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    American Sniper on here with the tunes from this thread on the phone.
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    Clemson is back on the ROY bus with the official media know-it-alls. Tigers and us fans just don't care. We're All In.
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    Well, now that you mention it... I heard it this way... If you drop an accordion and a banjo from the top of a 30 story building, which one will hit the ground first? Who cares...
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    Emile, are you contemplating getting those KLF's, there is a guy on this forum that has several of the 12" drivers sitting around, doing nothing at the moment.
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    Not entirely true.... Too many young kids are ever so talented at both around here...
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    Try the Herradura Reposado.
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    Pick up Sat 1000cc should be a blast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've cleaned this thread up as well as the other. Please abide bu the rules posted at the top of the garage sale area.
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    I don't believe anyone is trying to convince you of anything. Feel free to use whatever you want to use and move on.
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    Thank God for that. If you were convinced I’d be worried.
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    I have never tried it but that's what they all tell me.
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    Owners of Older LaScalas with a K400 horn, have reasonable "phase" alignment because the Mid Horn is within 1/4 wave of the Bass Horn. With this new tweeter, you can now have phase alignment between the Midrange and TWEETER too! Not only does this tweeter sound better overall, but for those hose hearing is sensitive to Phase, you never go back to the old mounting methods, guaranteed. This thing has my full endorsement!!!
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    Super deal! Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    K-33-E with square magnet. The La Scala has no need for increased output in the 200 - 400 Hz range as the Kappa 15C is said to have. It DOES need more low frequency output that the K-33-E has. If you have money to burn and also need extreme output, a JBL 2226H (with crossover mod) will work.
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    Absolute AWESOME deal! A "steal." These will blow you away Spec sheet is here ... https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/KPT-535-Data-Sheet-v05.pdf I have the KPT-904 bass bins with K-510 horns. This setup with the 402 horns is even better. Someone get it fast ... before I drive from Florida to pick them up
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    Anthem is the same way. They were into audio WAY before video.
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    I'm not really criticizing Franks. His stuff was cute and catchy. I just couldn't use it for what it was clearly intended for. My MO was of a different tack.
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    I'm very happy with my PRO-180RPC in-ceiling speakers: https://www.klipsch.com/products/pro-180rpc-in-ceiling-speaker I don't know if they make a line of in-ceiling speakers specifically for the heritage range, but according to Klipsch support, the PRO-180RPC were the best match for the Reference Premiere and RF7 ranges. The CDT-5800C are also a match for the RP and RF ranges, so if you specifically want tweeters that can be angled at the listening position, then go with these, but I personally don't think Atmos speakers need to be angled at the listening position, so I prefer the PRO-180RPC, which are also a much newer model.
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    Ran out and the tough-guy left in me though I could get by without it. After all of this coughing keeping me from sleeping then figuring out which of the five hundred products to take to help out...... headed to the hardware store before the next cutting after a whole week of rain coming this way.
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    Eh, You just saved your self self some trouble with the misses and unnecessary effort. Back to happiness with the great gear you already have.
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    I just spent the last hour watching/listening to these wonderful videos. Each one better than the one before. All are very well done. Thanks for enlightening me.
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    Nope. An inch for every foot is a general rule thrown around, but even that doesn't work. Sounds travels in all directions so you'll get tangential modes, etc. The best thing to do inside a cabinet is use absorption. PWK would argue that absorption reduces efficiency. Although that is technically true, I firmly believe the 0.1dB trade-off for way lower resonances is worth it.
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    The first gen horns have metal throats/flanges and have dull mat finishes (and crack/warp easily if exposed to direct, hot sunlight, etc.) the second gen horns are 25 pounds weight and are darker and shinier looking the 3rd gen horns weigh 15 pounds and are grayer looking with a mat finish
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    Roy is a stand up guy and took care of a legacy problem I had too and this was on drivers from the 90's. They failed because of a manufacturing defect and he stood behind it.
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    The "limiting factor" which caused the Heresy to be a three-way "CLOSED BOX" design (AKA "sealed cabinet" design) was directly due to the use of a short excursion woofer in it. With the short-excursion woofer, a sealed cabinet was a necessity to keep the voice coil from being damaged from "slamming" at high-output levels. IOW, as the cone moved forward in excursion, the air volume inside the cabinet reacted to that excursion like a vacuum to limit its forward excursion, and as it moved rearward the air volume "over-pressure" limited its rearward excursion. This issue can be somewhat nullified with the use of a longer excursion woofer...thus allowing for tuned porting of the speaker....it is what it is. The cabinet still NEEDS to be built as air-tight as possible with the exception of the port, itself, in order to eliminate internal volume air leaks from anywhere EXCEPT the port...this provides for consistency in the performance from cabinet to cabinet. The other problem involved in porting the Heresy was ALSO always related to its interior volume...which was originally specified to eliminate the slamming of that short-excursion woofer. Even when we went over to the drop-in front HBR speakers, PWK was quite concerned that with the new construction design, the interior volume of the cabinet would remain "In-Spec" ...that is why I had to take one "at random" that I had built and carry it over to the lab for PWK, himself, to measure the interior dimensions so that they matched the interior dimensions of the previous HDBR build specs. That is what PWK is doing in this pic...measuring the interior volume of the HBR cabinet I had just brought over to him...the first thing he asked me was whether I had built it specifically for the measurements...to which I replied: "Negative, Mr. Paul...I pulled it off of the pallet I had just moved...regular production"...PWK smiled and said "Good, that is what I asked for!" I had been told to await his measurements and then let the foreman know what he said...so I did...that is how I got this pic...while waiting. BTW, it was good to go!πŸ˜‰
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