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    WOW! I am truly humbled by you all! Your prayers have been heard and answered, In the nut shell, I am being released today! No more fever or other symptoms and breathing mostly back to normal. Still need two weeks of quarantine. Funny thing is my test came back negative. Yet, every doctor says I have it. I think the POTUS elixir made the difference. More to follow,,,,,nurse is here.
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    Once again all, thank you for the camaraderie, the prayers and the great well wishes. It made a difference and it brightened my day! First round at the SWAG is on ME! You are all a class act. I don't know of anywhere else where a group of mostly strangers, tethered together by the love of music and gear, can be so thoughtful. True Americana in my book. I am so glad to be back home with my wife. Much more comfortable here than in the hospital. Safer too. In the next day too, I'm spending the whole damn day in the media room listening to music. It has been since the 19th and haven't hear the AMT's sing! I'm stoked! I'm grateful for each and every one of your friendship!
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    I checked in with Rudy this morning and shared this thread with him. No idea if/when he'll have the energy to check in, but it sounds like he's actually doing ok still. No respirator to this point.
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    My first clue that something wasn't right was a fever. Mind you, I was constantly keenly aware of my body since I knew I was a perfect candidate for the virus. I was tested on the first day I got a fever. Test results took until the 31st, and initially reported incorrectly. I spent 9 days, self quarantened, trying fight the fever, body aches and other symptoms at home. On day 10 my doc sent me to the hospital due to decreasing O2 levels in my system. I did not start the turn around until the hospital put me on the chorloquine, Zpack, Zinck cocktail. About the 3rd day of that is when I started feeling better. I'm still on the mend, but feel somewhat normal compared to the symptoms I've had. The cocktail broke the fever almost immediately. I had a fever since day one. Sometimes as high as 106. In my book, it was the POTUS cocktail that helped.
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    I found these in my garage. First I was going to put on Craigslist to trade for C8, but then wife, who is in lockdown across town with dying 96yo mother, suggested giving to our neighbor, who is a nurse at William Beaumont Hospital. Julie replied by text, ”OMG that would be amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for thinking of me. We are running out so fast at work.” No, thank you Julie for providing care to others. The Vette must wait.
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    Been a while for this one but with all this button pushing now I guess I know where I'm heading this afternoon!
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    Jim Capaldi ..some come running with Clapton , Winwood and Harrison 1988 Island records
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    They don't need fact, they have followers People that are so caught up in loyalty to political parties that don't give a rip about them ... must be why they are blind to the sins of the leaders of those parties. make me king, and I get rid of all political parties ... each person votes their conscience not selling out to a party.
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    I only know of one lying incompetent bastard who has done that, even before this virus: donated every paycheck. The rest of the lying incompetent bastards and bastardess have been raking in the money with no regard. I remember that one of the lying incompetent bastards was saying to tighten the borders, bring industry back to the US, but other incompetent lying bastards fought against that.
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    Today, I did what any responsible business owner should do. I roll out a pair of La Scala and played music all day in the shop. We are deemed essential so about 65 out of 75 employees are working, many from home. We have several seeking unemployment and a few on the the extended FMLA getting 2/3 of their normal pay while they are stuck home with their kids. I still paid 100% of everyone's health insurance for April to ease the burden. Will help out more if the system fails to deliver. It is going to get interesting.
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    @MicroMara Maybe you thought I was the Packard Goose Or the Ronald MacDonald of the nouveau-abstruse Well **** all them people, I don't need no excuse For being what I am Do you hear me, then? All them rock 'n roll writers is the worst kind of sleaze Selling punk like some new kind of English disease Is that the wave of the future? Aw, spare me please! Oh no, you gotta go Who do you write for? I wanna know I believe you is the government's ***** And keeping peoples dumb (I'm really dumb) Is where you're coming from And keeping peoples dumb (I'm really dumb) Is where you're coming from **** all them writers with the pen in their hand I will be more specific so they might understand They can all kiss my *** But because it's so grand They best just stay away Hey, hey, hey Hey, Joe, who did you blow? Moe pushed the button boy And you went to the show Better suck a little harder or the shekels won't flow And I don't mean your thumb (Don't mean your thumb) So on your knees you bum Just tell yourself it's yum (Yourself it's yum) And suck it 'till you're numb Journalism's kinda scary And of it we should be wary Wonder what became of Mary? Voice Of Mary's Vision: Hi! It's me . . . the girl from the bus . . . Remember? The last tour? Well . . . Information is not knowledge Knowledge is not wisdom Wisdom is not truth Truth is not beauty Beauty is not love Love is not music Music is THE BEST . . . Wisdom is the domain of the Wis (which is extinct) Beauty is a French phonetic corruption Of a short cloth neck ornament Currently in resurgence . . . Joe: If you're in the audience and like what we do Well, we want you to know that we like you all too But as for the sucker who will write the review If his mind is prehensile (Mind is prehensile) He'll put down his pencil (Put down his pencil) And have himself a squat On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) Give it all you got On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) Sit 'n spin until you rot On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) He really needs to squat On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) (Cosmic Utensil) Now that I got that over with I'll just play my imaginary guitar again Hey . . . hah . . . soundin' really good, indeed! Ah . . . get down . . . UH! Boy, what an imagination! Love myself better than I love myself . . . I think . . . What tone! Sounds like an Elegant Gypsy! What is that! Musk? It's hip!
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    You may be able to find RSO oil. Rick Smith Oil... You can use it to add in for baking, cooking, or whatever. It's black, and comes in a syringe marked in CC's. It'll be spendy for a syringe, but it will last for quite some time.... You'll have to experiment with dosage. 1-2 CC's for a dozen cookies or some such. Start low, and go from there. Just don't put 3 CC's on your finger and lick it off...you'll be severe nappy time in about 20 minutes.
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    @MicroMara King Crimson was the first band that I fell in love with Probably when I was a fresh faced 12 to 14 years of age
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    To go back to less conventional and less commercial discs, music will not please everyone, because it is not easy music to listen to. I have an original bought in 1983 the day of its release, near mint and in original plastic sleeve https://www.discogs.com/fr/Various-40-Days-40-Nights/release/716932
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    Hi Rudy We haven't had the pleasure They say laughter is good medicine this vid always makes me laugh... hope you do
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    @Dave1290 Think there's an over seas DJ that appears here often lately. Brings up memories of lots of good times for me and artist déjà vu also Alright @MicroMara I remember Nina Hagen. Straight from the early 80s disco years here!
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    Was just hanging outside bored and taking a couple pictures the other day, I just happened to like the knots in this one. OK I'm easy
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    Ehh...Not what my Dr said ! The people that have used hydroxychloroquine or combo as prescribed AROUND THE WORLD are SUPER HAPPY THEY DID ! South Korea for example. Watching the "news" thinking, Surely NOBODY HATES TRUMP so much they would NOT want a drug to work on EVEN ONE PERSON ! SURELY ???? It's science you understand.........
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    JJ Cale " Cocaine " 1976 Ariola BeNeLux Label
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    SAGA ...Humble Stance ..Polidor Label 1982
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    Foreigner " Cold as Ice " 1977 Atlantic Records
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    Some Italian Prog that most people haven’t heard before PER UN AMICO Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) Hope you enjoy
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    Well apparently I never had that before, easy to remember smell like that. Yes and raw please.
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    Again..back to the topic ..Blue Oyster Cult ..some enhanced evening CBS Label 1978
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    Shit does happen. It's how we respond to it that matters.
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    @dirtmudd I stand corrected from my statement a couple of days ago. * It was premature!!
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    Here's good one to start with.. Joe's garage act's 1,2,3 Frank did not play . a single guitar lick in Joe's garage.. but used he's maxell guitar... Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (UMRK) or basically he sampled himself.. from live recordings..or what was previously put on tape.. I'm the studio.. Just follow this YouTube link for the full album..
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    You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Belgian beer is a class apart high up there... and then you have the rest of the world. Putting Danish and German beer next to Belgian beer in the same sentence? Come on man. 🙄😉
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    I have an videocall appointment in 20 minutes But just finished spinning the 801 LP just in time One of the best live records from ex Roxy Music members that formed an interim band to pass away the time that lasted a handful of concerts But the material left behind is just incredible Artist - 801 Title - 801 Live
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    Their not for the faint of heart... Listen to the Fripp Sacred Songs is American singer/songwriter Daryl Hall's first solo album. It was produced by guitarist Robert Fripp, who also played on the album. 1977, Hall and Fripp reconnected while Hall was writing songs for his solo debut; Hall drafted Fripp as producer and guitarist. Hall wrote all the songs, except "Urban Landscape", (a 'Frippertronics' solo), and "NYCNY" for which Fripp wrote the music and Hall the lyrics, and which appeared also on Fripp's Exposure (1979) only with different lyrics as "I May Not Have Had Enough of Me but I've Had Enough of You". Sacred Songs was recorded in a span of three weeks, with most of the songs initially recorded with Hall singing and playing piano alongside Fripp's guitar work, followed by overdubs by Hall & Oates' regular touring band. Hall insisted on working with his own band rather than with the Los Angeles session musicians who had played on Bigger Than Both of Us (1976), the previous fifth Hall & Oates album. Although the session players were uniformly excellent musicians, Hall felt their performances were hampered by a disconnectedness from the songs. The album was originally intended to be part of a loose trilogy of sorts with Peter Gabriel's 1978 second album and Fripp's Exposure (1979), all of which Fripp produced.[2]
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    Hmmmmmm, getting caught up consider stuff "liked." Sounds like we're all going to be in trouble w/micro hanging around. I'm now thinking about incorporating lasers just for giggle's in this room IF I ever get it done. Ha! Just one question for @JohnJ. Why in the world did you give him those emotie's? hahahaha Started throwin some down this afternoon. No rhyme or reason.
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    I read up on it yesterday, and am brewing right now (slept in). It is blinking so I'm using it. Funny that the other day I noticed it was blinking and thought to myself that it used to be solid red, didn't it. I guess I enabled the feature some time ago without knowing. Pulsing shower head or not, it by far makes the best drip coffee I've ever had. My friend has a moca master. I need to take my maker and some beans over for a brew-off. My only complaint is that it takes a while to make a pot. Good things come to those who wait.
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    I have and love that album this track is from
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    All finished. Used mostly scrap and found items. The left third of the front slides as a door (you can see a chain attached for handle). This will hold about 50 chicks until they're ready to go on pasture, which is the largest qty we do at any one time. The white thing hanging inside is a heat radiating panel. Safer for the chicks to be up against and drastically reduces fire risk. Moving this inside the barn will reduxe exposure to wind and rain, which is always in great quantities when we tend to buy chicks. Hope today was a good one for you Rudy.
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