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    In one respect it was a plebeian undertaking. Certainly the masses were there. The biggest misconception about Woodstock is that everyone there was a hippie. It was some kind of hippie convention. The hippies gave it it's gestalt, but it mostly just young kids raised by the WW2 generation starting to find there way in the world .It was high schoolers and college types mostly, Iif a third of the crowd was , or went onto college, I'd be surprised. Except for the decided lack of people of color, it was an economically egalitarian event. Truest phrase was the times are a changin... and they were. For example, and please don't turn this into a political thread, it's a historical thread. I was an ardent pro Vietnam War proponent and fairly articulate about it. This event, and it was not pro-war by any stretch, gave me pause. I said to myself (is that a phrase from a song?) while looking around this massive assembly , maybe the other side has a point that I should be more open too, maybe I'm be too rigid in my own viewpoint. In one sense it was a step towards maturity. Ah, there are other points of view! It started me down a path where ultimately I became more critical and then finally adamantly against the war. I then began to look at other aspects of American life and arriving at other conclusions about our great, but flawed society. There was also this sense of friendliness. The two fingered peace sign was more than a political symbol, it was the tipping of a hat when passing somebody on the street of an earlier generation. It gave me this feeling, that I still hold to today, that people everywhere would rather give you a hug and a smile, then a shaken fist or a shiv in the ribs. I became a hippie of sorts. I wanted that sense of goodwill. To spread, the community. To grow. I held on as long as I could but the rest of my generation soon went onto became the Me Generation, got jobs, got kids, got responsibility and became their parents, only worse. Nothing new about that, pretty cool in most respects, but still sad in some ways. Especially when I see that kids no longer play outside, and neighbors are something you see through your car windows while heading down some dog-turd filled suburban landscape. The mud (not really that much of it), the lack of food etc. where minor travails, compared to the cosmic buzz that was Woodstock. People have been tearing it down since the day it began, and will forever more. Eventually their view will dominate and the music will fade. But hopefully somewhere out there that spark, that warmth, that magic will bide it's time, waiting, and hoping and wishing...
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    Helping rebuild/refurbish a forum friend's Welborne Labs Laurel II mono blocks. A tremendous amount of cleanup; many feet of solder wick; complete recapping of all electrolytic, metallized film bypass, and film coupling caps. There was terrible hum and noise in one channel, which turned out to be a heater to cathode short in one of the 6AC7 as well as a bad rectifier socket. Many cracked wires, including capacitor leads, etc. A main issue was over-heating in the 300B filament supply, which was replaced by a relocated full-wave bridge rectifier and CRC filter section (all rebuilt with paralleled resistors for DCR of 1ohm). 300B 5V filaments had been running 4.3VDC, and are now corrected. Once wiring and parts replacement where needed was finished, there was still an inexplicable 60Hz hum in one channel. I worked literally hours on this problem, and finally found the source: hiding under a 3.3uf Solen cap was a wire from the 6.3 VAC heater supply (for the paralleled 6SL7 and 6AC7) leading directly into the grid. That corrected, I have to say these Laurels are now probably the quietest single-ended amps I have. I'm also going to take a picture of the MagneQuest 300B output transformer. They are absolutely huge, the largest output transformers of this kind I've seen. And so, with one more step (new 4 pin finals sockets), I will be very sorry to see these shipped back home this coming week. They are lovely sounding amplifiers; and if you have heard that the 300B is euphonic, syrupy, overly-warm, etc., this circuit thoroughly and comprehensively dispels that myth. With the schematic in (basically) in my head, I'm going to build a pair after I finish up a couple of other project. Forgot to mention: A large choke was used to replace the common resistor in the power supply between the main filter sections for CLCLC. Wonderful amps!
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    I went by the grocery store today (on my day off) and picked up some Folgers Breakfast blend...so I'd have some coffee next week, when I expect my regular tub to run dry... nevertheless... they didn't have the classic folgers stuff lol... I progressed into chilies later tonight, and the opportunity popped into action, to try a Irish Pancake shot.... sooo, wth, I ordered one..., jameson & buttershot's in one glass and orange juice and a piece of bacon in another, and it reminded me of my forthcoming folgers selection, albeit, fine & dandy... just tired of the summer n 100 degree days, and wishing for a nice low pressure system to bring wet rain this way.... with the hope's of being able to snarl dtel on his yearly ocean cruise lol...
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    Ever start nosin and all of a sudden something jumps out at ya? Yea, you've got most of the albums and you want to just throw them all on and go? Easy way out for me today was another "Best of" album from 1973. Randy California grabbed a handful of guys and started jammin in 1967 with hit after hit. After all, West coast music didn't take long to get to Ohio and corrupt all of us innocent, law-abiding youngins! So yea I cranked it and found myself singin along. Sounded even better today than "yesterday!" Yup, happened a bit later too! Grand Funk Hits from 1973. The group from Flint, Michigan is just a tad closer to home for me.
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    Playing now the second solo album by YES member Industry reviewers did not favour this album but fans did Artist - Jon Anderson Title - Song Of Seven
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    I'm grateful that my system lacks sufficient resolving power to pick up on that shit.
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    you’re not alone there ... i think the same thing.
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    once upon a time, i was a huge diet coke drinker. Before that it was Dr. Pepper. About 25 years ago, i drastically cut sugar intake. Then about six years ago, i gave the heave ho to caffeine. These days it’s Diet 7-Up or the occasional Ginger Ale (which i love). Coke has had such a stranglehold on the market that it has survived some serious gaffes. I think it’s like sports fans ... you love one team unconditionally and hate the other. Taste tests are interesting; but, personally i don’t care about your tastes ... i care about mine. The taste of the public is highly revolting ... i mean Budweiser, Taco Bell, Miley Cyrus ... i’m often glad that i’m a bit different.
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    Thinking 5 more inches since this morning... brother has a boat. Thinking about going out for supplies... maybe not...🙀
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    I know your close to the border but that's extreme, just sent them up the road. So almost back to normal, good news.
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    ... but your truck is now dead and you drive a toyota
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    I recently decided to try bracing and see if it could produce results perhaps as good as beating off sides and replacing with 25mm Baltic Birch. The other one I did this too had a two piece cabinet and the top section was made large enough for my Large MAHL tweeter with the DE10. What the brace did is a big improvement and I decided that going all the way back was overkill. I had clamped wood to the side of the bass bin in the rectangular section adjacent to the back on the sides and it did not sound like it did anything more than the braces pictured below did. Cutting five of these, four for use and one for a quick and easy pattern makes me believe these bass bins are pretty consistent as there were no gaps and voids. I cut these a bit short so the narrow end would not go all the way back to that little flat section at the end of the doghouse bevel. This allows one to tap it in place and if needed remove and sand to fit at that time. I drew a centerline on the sides and doghouse where the brace would touch and then a line 1/2" above that for visual on alignment. Drilling two holes through the centerline of the doghouse bevel where I can get to them from the inside with a stubby screwdriver to aid in screwing this brace in. Glue the two sides of the brace where it will contact the sides and bevel and tap it in place and hold it in place with a clamp while I screw the brace to doghouse bevel. Dont hammer this brace in as far as you can but do it just enough to be really snug. To far and you will put stress on the sides you will regret later if things split apart. I like this brace idea and it really reduces resonance. The DE10 though with the larger MAHL is a whole different animal and I just might try a stand for this to put on the top rather than build a whole new top section just to see how this goes. I am also coming to the conclusion that if you really want your La Scalas to sing you are probably going to have to do some room EQ too. Anyone who comes over to look at these La Scalas I am working on will listen to them with and without room EQ and they can decide what they want to do.
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    You're not trying hard enough.
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    Dang Mike! If that's a $5.99 lunch down in `Bama I might just venture down there to with my Tigers cap on🐾! * got to finish the yard today... man it was hot, the breeze was hot too, like a convection oven. Only mid 90s but pretty muggy out, clouding up again back to the normal summertime setup around here with the renegade thunderstorms all around!
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    Regardless of the bandwidth limitation in the audio quality on youtube, this guy still manages too push through a very nice sounding vid on the platform.
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    The whiter the bread the quicker you're dead...
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    Mornin' Folks was snappin' an' poppin' so close, last night, I was unplugging things Rain? Not here.1/4inch..... 2 - 4 inches around. Wife had to wait for roads to be cleared before she could get to work. She will head out at the first sign of rain. A little storm 20 miles away can stop the road. 40% chance of storms today. I think they got it right. Sun is out and getting warm. Glad it cooled down. Emptied the kiddie pool [toad too] and refilled it. The tap water was warmer than tepid. You could not take a cool shower warm. Have a dark/light blend of Mex and Kona this AM. Kittens are underfoot every step. And climbing now. I think there are ready to go. cute as... shrimp? not fond of all the fancy breadings. coconut? not for me. That doesn't even sound good. Tempura or beer batter is about as fancy as I go. On a skewer over flame for a few seconds is fine by me.
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    Yeah and there goes Don pooping on the parade when he could be a solid contributor towards research into zip tie magnetic field phenomena.
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    Absolutely! And your "Ministry of Silly Wires" is such a gem that it alone justifies the continuation of the thread! If I am ever again tempted to argue with logic against the Gentleman from Missouri, I will remind myself of the Ministry of Silly Wires and have another laugh...
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    $228 bought on eBay, round trip to Indiana to pick up, duratex paint awaiting delivery. They appear to have been painted white first then green on top. Drivers are perfection as is the motor board, The grills even have the metal protective screen. Question, should I chemically revoke the existing paint before sanding and duratexing or just sand it down and let the duratex cover it? TIA, any tips and suggestions are appreciated. This is a little different than I’m used to. David
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    Just the other day I heard someone talking about the problems with euthanasia. And I said what's wrong with the youth in Asia?
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    OK here is my stupid speaker guy story. Turns out that when you put a nice shiny new set of those great MAHL tweeters in a La Scala that you ought to remember to tighten the clamp plate to the lens body. Finger tight does not work real well and when the start loosening it gets real interesting. As I hang my head in shame and slink off tonight thinking you just never know the limit to bone headed things that can be done. The flip side to the story is that braces work and I will post pictures of quick and easy later this week.
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    Check out our Summer Newsletter and Survey
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    Yes, use ginger ale or 7-up sparingly for mixing drinks. Hansen Natural products used only cane sugar. Monster energy a spin-off used sugar. Maybe now some are using beet sugar for their products. Anything is better than using HFCS...imo...Think it is Canada Dry recent ale with lemonade. Anyway, drinking lemonade on a daily basis and I like it. Citric acid.
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    I really appreciate your offer, but it’s not necessary... I think I will contact them tomorrow.
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    This is big reason why I like working at a V.A. hospital. The rivalry is 'mostly' gone but the camaraderie remains and it extends between patients and staff as well.
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    Q. How do you make speakers better for dance music? A. Put a 'lil boogie in them
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    Must be a nice guy, he just looks so serious in that picture. Amazing looking set of speakers, one of a kind for sure, I'm glad you got them, very nice. Great review, and Thank You for supporting the museum.
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    I live in Sweden buy the way and here the prices of vintage Klipsch is much higher than in the states Nice looking Chorus II's! I've always wanted to hear a pair. I track Heritage Prices in a spreadsheet. Chorus II's in Good condition average $756 usd. They are very highly sought after in the US.
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    These are awesome: http://jtrspeakers.com/noesis-215rt.html I heard a 7-ch home theater setup of these at AXPONA. Great bass extension, they didn't bring use a sub. The Noesis 210RT also sounded great.
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    I recently purchased a vintage k-horn. I am currently using a low-end Nobsound mono amp to power the speaker. Actually it sounds surprisingly good. However, I would like to upgrade. Can anyone recommend an amp for my k-horn? One that won't break the bank. Thanks, Johnie
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    One thing all you freaking idiots can't seem to possibly understand is that zip tie color and orientation have an impact on the sound. I'd guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 5% for the color, but pushing 7% for the orientation. Get capacitor (bundle) orientation (9%) and general wiring (13%) up to spec first and I'll school you on zip ties.
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    So was it for 2 Forte II's or the 3 speakers shown?
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    Dear all, Another update on my KG journey. So getting to a workable 2.5way design has been a bit of a process. Measuring speakers is definitely a skill, with the results affected by a lot of variables. To get to this point I have measured each of the KG's individual drivers on no less than seven ocasions, each with a little variation to try to ensure I was going to land on a reliable result. My big learning here has been that being able to set the relative acoustic offset of the drivers is key to getting the forward lobe pointed in the direction that I actually listen. My first attempt at the 2.5way crossover resulted in a downward tilted lobe which would be a great design if you like to sit on the floor when listening! 😉 The version presented here however does indeed present a forward lobe that is directly in front of the tweeter horn which is the level my ears are at when seated on my lounge. Here is the new 2.5way V0.22 crossover schematic: One thing to note here is that I dropped the series resistor on the tweeter circuit, it wasn't necessary. Now you can very easily vary the tweeter output by adjusting the R3. I recommend only going up in value here if you'd like some added sparkle on top. Going lower will put the impedance above 10khz below 4ohms which may be a challenge for some amps or receivers. Here's the predicted response: And predicted impedance: I also wanted to show how I go about building a crossover, as I'm prototyping and most definitely not a professional, I'm trying to keep costs down. A while back I was lucky to snag a big box of brand new-old stock Energy Connoisseur and assorted other crossovers and terminal plates for a bargain on eBay from a local repairer. I deconstructed these for their LCR parts and ended up with a nice variety of components to enable me to start building up my XSim designs..... Separating out my parts... For this crossover I didn't have a 2mH inductor on hand so I had to unwind one of my larger value units. I chose a 3.4mH as I had 3 units of this value on hand and I'm aiming to have a pair of each value to enable me to build up prototypes for pairs of speakers so that I can listen to the results of each design in my lounge room. An essential tool for anyone keen on crossovers is a multimeter with measurement for capacitance and inductance. Here measuring the inductor to be unwound.... And now measuring the unwound inductance. I keep the excess wire as it's insulated and great to use as jumper wire between components on the crossover, I just burn off the insulation with my soldering iron by melting some solder onto the end of the wire... Some pics of the design build up, we're not fancy but we are cheap! 😁 Spread out here to keep the inductors away from each other, those cross braces added before are great landing pads for the new crossovers.... A little bolt is great for tying in all the negative side of the circuit. This is an image of the first version of my 2.5way design (with inductors too close together) .... The 0.5 section for the lower woofer installed in the enclosure, trying to keep those two big inductors away from each other... Horizontal Measurements All measurements are outside off the ground, the KG measured at 1 meter with 5ms gating, on axis and all the way around to 90 degrees off-axis, in 10 degree increments horizontal, no smoothing.... Dr Geddes style polar plot of the same data. Controlled directivity! This is our best result yet and brings a big smile to my dial.... Now for verticals. Upwards.... Downwards.... The moment of truth - would we bother with a 2.5way design when the original was a simpler/lower cost 2way? Let's allow the data to answer that question. Upwards - 2.5way (black) @ 25 degrees compared to 2way (red) @ 20 degrees …. Downwards 20 degrees - 2.5way (black) compared to 2way (red)…. That ought to be enough to answer the 2.5way vs 2way question. Whichever way you go, both will be a big improvement. The 2.5way will just sound better (I believe) in a wider range of settings, like when I'm standing up to iron my work shirts! It will also mean that the "sound power" or totality of direct and reflected sounds will be flatter. Dr Floyd O'Toole of Harman (JBL) investigates this in detail and concludes that this is the defining element of what trained listeners find most appealing in double blind tests. I've linked his paper here to this post as it is the basis for my efforts at finding the flattest response both on and off axis for the lovely KG's. This off axis performance data also kind of begs the question as to why did Klipsch choose the 2way knowing (I assume) the performance implications this would have? I suspect that this may have been a marketing decision to go with the higher SPL of the original crossover as a way to stand out on a crowded HIFI shop floor full of speakers from the opposition where first impressions count for everything. If I'm correct in this assumption then I understand their reasoning - we all want Klipsch to succeed! As I understand the psycho-acoustics we are drawn to the loudest sounds, initially. Perhaps we all appreciate the efficiency at first and then acclimate to thinking "these could/should be better" whatever that means to each of us, with our own unique tastes? So how does she sound? Notwithstanding a healthy dose of confirmation bias - AWESOME! I've only built up one crossover (I'm still short another 2mH coil!) but last night I hooked her up to my new purchase, a lovely Yamaha AX-570, the bigger brother of my beloved AX-450. As lady luck would have it this old workhorse popped up on our local Gumtree for sale over the last weekend in less than stellar condition. She's missing a few knobs and her pre-main jumper bars. There were quite a few kids scampering around the house I picked her up from. She didn't emerge from that place unscathed! I negotiated the price to $30 and got her home for a test run. So everything works great, a pair of uber short RCA leads plugged into the pre-main sockets and all functions are online. My Harmony remote operates all the remote functions too! More HIFI happiness! With a real 100 watts under the bonnet of the AX-570 I connected up my android phone to the CD input, engage Pure Direct and let rip on the upgraded KG with some FLAC encoded RUFUS Solace which has some THUNDERING bass. And oh my, the KG's soaked it up and put out some super smooth sounds. We definitely lose some SPL with the 2.5way design compared to the 2way by taking out the lower woofers output early. That's the point after all. But we lose nothing in the bass department. Relatively we might say we gain in the bass department due to the reduction in output through the treble region necessary to balance out the reduced midrange output from just the upper woofer - if that makes sense. This means the tweeter is really loafing along now and I think results in lower overall distortion. I'll need to measure that and include in a future update. 🧐 In any case the old gal immediately sounded GREAT with this new crossover design, even though she was just plonked on the floor in my work shed. Huge bass, which I love about these speakers, but now with oh-so-smooth mids and highs. I'm ecstatic about the results. Can't wait to get the second crossover built up and the lovely KG's back into my main system. The journey continues. Cheers!
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    Grabbed a couple new pieces for my cabinet! Any Code 3 fans out there? I know Code 3 no longer has Star Wars rights but that is a real shame, these things are beautiful! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good morning fellow Klipsch Brothers and Sisters: It's been a long time since I've poured my heart out to you all here on the forum. I used to post daily, but somehow, life and social media happened! Still, despite Facebook and all of its advantages, I prefer this forum to mainstream social media because it's simply more intimate and it's they way we all started as a family. It's akin to reading a real newspaper in your hands as opposed to reading it on line. Love the smell of newsprint! Many of you whom attended this years pilgrimage in Hope are already aware of the challenges the Lord had chosen for my bride Verna and I this year. And as word has traveled, we've received so many prayers, well wishes and so much love from so many corners of this orb. In short, in the beginning of this year, I was in need of two, total knee replacements. Verna got word in March of two issues just one week apart (can you imagine?): 1) "You have skin cancer on your forehead!" 2) "You have breast cancer in your right breast!" DOUBLE DAMN!!! March kinda sucked for us. In March my right knee was replaced successfully. Many of you saw the results in Hope and it's wonderful! The same month, they began treating Verna's basal cell on her forehead with a special chemo-type cream. Six weeks later, it was totally gone! In May, Verna underwent a lumpectomy for the removal of a pea-sized tumor. Her lymph nodes are clear (great news!) In June, they went back in and removed a section of skin the tumor had rested against that tested position for cancer markers. For those of you who unfortunately know "Cancer-Speak", she is Grade 1, Stage 1A which is like a best-case scenario. In short, she is currently enduring 4 massive treatments of chemo, one every three weeks, then a month's rest. After the month's rest, she'll begin 16 separate treatments of radiation: Once, five days a week until done. She should be through just before Thanksgiving. The chemo and radiation are purely precautionary so as to help insure the cancer doesn't return in 9 years as "something else". We'll have an enormous amount to be thankful for this year as they predict a full recovery for Verna!! To back-track slightly, I had my left knee replacement in July; an even greater success over the first (much less pain and greater initial range of movement). I am still currently recovering and in outpatient physical therapy after undergoing a successful two weeks of at-home therapy. I am unrestricted, on the go, kicking butt and taking names! So many of you have asked how we're doing that there aren't enough minutes in our day to answer everyone individually. So sorry about that. I could not be doing better and Verna has been an absolute, "Rock Star"! He has a few moments here and there of nausea as expected with chemo. Many things, including water, taste "metallic" to her. She gets tired easily. But she NEVER complains about anything! She lost her hair on Wednesday, so our daughter took her to the barber and he her gave her a "buzz cut"....on the house in a private room in the back of the shop! Classy guy! She has several scarfs that she wears and a wig, which she has yet to wear out because it's been pretty warm lately. But she's doing amazingly well! She's my Wonder Woman! Thanks to all of you who knew. Thanks for your continuous support. And it's been a pleasure telling the rest of you who were unaware of our journey. We will be fine! Love to all! -Glenn and Verna
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    I cannot comment on the HE but I have the 4592ND doing mid work in a three way system and they perform very well. Never had an issue it an of the problems the the HE are intended to protect you from. I drive mine with an 80 watt NAD integrated which never gets pushed to the limit (even if I am rocking out). I would think your tube amps would work very well together.
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    Sound changes with the design. The K-33 sounds different in every model Klipsch makes (Cornwall, La Scala & Klipschorn) You want to match or better your sub to the mains for a seamless crossover, horn loaded sub with horn loaded mains or even direct radiating mains match great with horn loaded subs. If you find yourself turning off the sub to make things sound right you are either using the wrong subwoofer or don't have it dialed in correctly. If you never used a proper sub you don't know what you are missing.
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    Most likely waay larger gauge than stock. 14 ga. wire is normally rated for 15 amps or 900 watts into 4 ohms. The woofer voice coil will be the safety fuse for the inductor. Who has told you you need a 10/12 ga. inductor? I will also recommend an iron core inductor. It will be smaller and the EM field will be held tightly to the inductor reducing interaction with other parts and inductors. I will also caution you that the inductor's resistance adds to the woofer's resistance to make up the system's Q. The woofer's Q works with the cabinet volume and passive radiator to create its frequency response. Changing the woofer inductor will change the system Q and change the system's frequency response. Perhaps subtle and inaudible, perhaps not, but the larger the change, the greater chance it will be undesirable.
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    I recorded a tape once on my high $ Sony deck in stereo of this dude I knew. I bought the deck just to record him. The ONLY reel I ever cherished and held close to my heart. He did it just for me and now he's gone. I went back years later to listen to it for the third time and it was a total waste. No sticky tape. More like glued together. Heartbreaking to say the least.
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    Yeah In my younger days I used to subscribe to that magazine, but got tired of every review claiming improved “pacing”, “tempo”, “enhanced soundstage”, “better transparency”, and on and on... Sure, there ARE improvements you can make, but it seemed that every single one was night and day. You’d think that if you applied all of them it’d blow your mind. I gave up one day when a digital interconnect resulted in better tempo. My bet is that the bitstream was the same before and after, but for the hundreds of dollars this thing cost, it just had to be better. I did not renew.
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    Holy cow ... $35 Yes; there are much better buys than Oppo's
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    Haven't heard the P5 but, I have some hours on the P6 and I think its great. Very light and transparent. The sound is quick and clear. From bass to treble, well presented and precise. Lots of room between voices. First time I noticed the acoustic guitar on the Link Wray masterpiece "Rumble." One of many tunes I thought of being muddy in the bass (including many RCA recording c. 1980) that ended up with more articulation than I knew on both on vinyl and streaming (not comparing the ones marked as remastered). Using phono stage and the DAC through USB and optical. It is the first modern piece I've had in many years and I am thrilled. I am going to order the A23+ tomorrow. A little gift to my KHorns. Sounds great at low volumes too. Not the case with some of my vintage gear.
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