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    Picked them up tonight! Now I just need someone to help me get them out of the truck...
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    Thanks Billy but let me show you STELLAR Large burger with 3 slices of pepper jack cheese on a bed of cheese fries and drizzle of sriracha . Top with aforementioned chili verde . And then , because you need a healthy component smother with chopped tomato cucumber and onion salad ! The Open Faced Slopper !
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    Check these out. I donated them to the museum, they will be auctioned at the pilgrimage.
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    If you trust her it's probably worth it. I would definitely have her sign an agreement. And DO NOT let her put any kind of utility in her name. I've heard some horror stories lately about the hassles of trying to evict someone. It can take up to a year to legally evict someone, local laws are different I'm sure.
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    We have a self cleaning oven. The wife cleans it her-self. Now that I think about it we have a self cleaning house too. Keith
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    no it's hard wired and battery back up... I put the oven on clean cycle.. and I think klipsch is missing the boat .. on smoke detectors... and after having a pair of la scala's. for 20+ years... average power of 4-7 watts... in a 11.5x10.5x9 room... the smoke detectors dont phase me ..
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    I don’t think anyone has any idea what in the hell you're talking about.
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    In the food court at one of the malls... yum, Hen Lin has chicken feet and sharks fin...
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    I’m having .. chest. pains.
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    This a big change for you Tarheel, both renting and moving in with the LF, good for both of you and I hope it all works out fine. It's hard to not be sympathetic to who you rent to when things come up as we found out. If they are good people you want to help as much as you can but it seems, in the end, they turn around and look out for only themselves as should be expected. We just went through this but after a few days have someone new renting who appear to be fine, just remember to be fair but firm, you will be the only one to deal with problems when they are long gone. We were lucky, no damage was done and it was left mostly clean, but they left a couple of months before we found out after letting them slide on rent for 3 months as the young husband lost his job with a young kid and wife at the end of the year. It was not the rent that was the problem but with no one there this left the chance for pipes to freeze, we were just lucky we never had a hard freeze yet, it was the only reason I didn't have pipes to repair. Good luck and just stay on top of it.
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    My son was my tenant for about 5 years. He could have stayed there forever as far I was concerned. When he moved out I put the house on the market.
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    I just sold a second house as I really didn't want to be a landlord. Not cut out for it. Good luck in your decision.
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    Smoke detectors seem to go of if you broil, too. Made it thru the weekend. Had a nice unplanned b'day. Wife was working, at home, I didn't plan/want anything special and had a nice day. That was tempered the next AM by the news that a long time friend, 50 years, passed unexpectedly - for no apparent reason, was in good health. his boys have been getting earsful of "We used to ..." Boy got a job. He had two offers... A dude ranch and a "Boys' Ranch" took the job at the dude ranch. Told him I think that is a good choice. The folks at the dude ranch are there voluntarily and expect to have fun. The job at the boys' ranch was called "wrangler", also ....in that case, it is a polite name for guard.
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    Thank you so much! Witness here fellow forum denizens, a post without a picture or video...
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    That's because all lamps sound the same!
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    Help my wife get better. Help my education get better. Stay on the wagon. Fix my bicycle and ride it often. Continue on my weight loss plan until I hit 200. Stay at 200. Stay employed. Listen to more music.
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    When I picked up my 1964 KHorn from a retired Lutheran minister in Kansas City fifteen years ago, one of the stories he and his elderly wife regaled me with was how PWK personally delivered his mono KHorn to a very small farm town in northern Iowa by plane. Pwk gave him him instructions to find a level field, position a tractor at one end of the field with the lights on, and he would do the rest. With the help of a couple neighbors, they transferred the boxes to a horse drawn hay cart, and took off for the parsonage. Paul even spent time setting it up in the living room, and 35 years later the minister had nothing but glowing admiration for an Episcopalian!
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    Yup, got all that @dirtmudd but not gonna go insane researching it. It's "spatial" or I wouldn't have 3. All sleeved and everything too so I'm sure play is minimal. I'm a vinyl hoarder what can I say?
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    https://www.bjs.com Coupon valid 1/15 - 2/13
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    Mike- Where do you get it for that price, if you can answer without attaching a video?
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    I am really glad to see this, it really is a great design that sounds amazing. I am happy every time I hear it, it has detail and a tone better than any sub I have ever heard and no matter how hard you push it the sound never sounds strained or like it's being pushed. Being a horn it matches perfectly with Jubs, MWM's or any folded horn I would imagine, a perfect match. Chief Bonehead really did a great job designing it, I don't rattle the house very often, which it will do for sure. But it has a really nice sound when playing like we normally listen, at low or moderate volumes, great tone, like with a upright bass, every different sound is noticeable, very musical. IMO Congratulations That is one cool system you put together, be careful with movies, the bass can be scary and very deep. I have to admit I have seen a red light flicker on the bridged Crown 1002 before which is 1400 w @ 4ohms, movie bass is addicting.
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    === Chuck And Cincy on the way to Beach Day. And yes, I know them both - that’s them —
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