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  1. there are two kinds of people in the world... PX8 people and Bathys people. I found that the px8 were to 'thick' and much less detailed... although they were very good overall. I personally prefer the Focal signature sound so I will support them.
  2. I would have recommended La Scala's, even for a near field set up... you'll thank me later. for your listening taste, the LS is the answer with it's folded non bifurcated bass bin and your REL subwoofer.
  3. There isn't a Kit, there are no more Xilicas available and without a suitable DSP your timing issues will be massive, but there is a 402/691 replacement available. Yes and Yes
  4. yeap... it's gonna be a perfect fit!
  5. I am getting tired of Slumming with an array of REL 15 inchers... let's open up the order process asap, even if this never makes it into full production (for whatever reason). It would be kind of cool to have a non-plate amp option for external amplification purposes.
  6. I did... more than a year ago.
  7. its not cost effective
  8. I don't get it because I don't factor financing... no house payment, and now, no solar payment. that's not to hard to comprehend is it? The Fakakta math was spelled out in the OP... using their numbers, my cost is 100 month... using my average consumption, my current costs are from 100-150 month with winter months <100 and 3-4 summer Months 150 month... that's a wash over the macro view of 20 years. so what I am getting... some obsolete technology bolted to my roof that has to be upgraded in order to maintain functionality or to even maintain output levels (because photovoltaic degrades drastically over time). I forgot to also factor in the new Holes in the roof of my zero mortgage property, the unsightly embellishment to my roof and any future complications that might arise during a home sale. all this does NOT add up to a GOOD IDEA in my opinion... What part are you failing to comprehend? Labeling people, and certain ideals that are not aligned with your personal views, if fairly sophomoric and illustrate not only a lack on compassion and intelligence, but one of hatred and rage... living in a manner of 'judgement' all the time will take a toll on you. ESG is a fantasy within your lifetime...
  9. Not sure I want to be around if things go sideways... I have another solution for that.
  10. I'm not getting it... it DOES NOT make sense to me.
  11. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    very nice, enjoy.
  12. you can't base these purchase calculations on projections, specially projections that have no certainty. this isnt taxes or forward looking guidance where a historical trend in known. in order to make an accurate decision, the decision needs to applicable and accretive in the moment.
  13. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    oh wow nice... I still eye ball those things when I see them. how does the hiss sound?
  14. I find uncomfortable levels a measure of how well a room is treated... in that the better it is treated, the more pressure it can handle before the sound begins to break down.
  15. The net metering payout would have been a plus... but in Nevada, net metering only yields a credit, not cash out.
  16. SOLAR PANEL: So I just went thru the SOLAR schpeel here at the house because I was understandably curious. it all sounded wonderful and so... 'responsible'. It wasn't as expensive and I thought it was going to be, but I have some serious questions. Our quote was only $21k all in @ 3.99% for 20 years... But when I priced the panels out myself and it only came to $4,000 (leaving $17k). Surely I am not going to do the job myself and according to the sales person, it's a four hour job and while there some other costs for wiring and an inverter (I will allot another 3$k) that leaves $14k... that's like $3500hr in labor. So lets say, I am paying $100 a month for the system over 20 years, and my monthly payment for wired electricity is $100-$140 (summertime) a month over the same time period, it is basically a wash in terms of capital outlay, and it appears to me that I am paying $21,000 over 20 years for some over priced photovoltaic hardware to sit on my roof. This current generation technology is getting older and older and is probably already outdated before its bolted to my roof. At this point I don't think this is for me... I am not that 'energy conscience'.
  17. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Punch cards or punch tape? Vacuum Tubes?
  18. 80db-85db peaks... spirited, Maybe to 90db, but at that point it over pressurizes the room.
  19. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    on the motherboard? the 7900 AM5 chipsets don't have pinouts.
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