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  1. I am NOT a huge fan of Class D... but it's what I use.
  2. I have the bases covered with these... and they aren't that overly expensive.
  3. well... that's a tough one. I DO think the 2050's have a different sound signature to the six nine one that I do enjoy/prefer over the entire 'range'... but it's not a GIGANTIC performance difference that one can take advantage of in a home setting. It is a change that is slightly > more than just 'Subtle'. In terms of the economics, I am okay in spending the money for the difference... I really don't measure things in a cost versus reward manner because there will always be a uncontrollable 'barrier to entry' price associated with equipment change, but I would NOT have done the swap had the Heritage model not had the same driver. Keeping the driver swap in the 'Klipsch' approved setup made it okay for me on a personal level. However, I am very curious in trying a Beryllium Diaphragm Driver... I just like/prefer the sound of beryllium and I think the 2050 gets me partially of the way there over a stock six nine one. To your original point... I do think that most would be MORE THAN happy with a 402/691 and AMT set up. I am trying for a bit more.
  4. yeah man... get with the program. they need color matching and need to be gussied up ๐Ÿ˜›
  5. this was one reason I went with the beyma... efficiency matching. Beyma tpl200 โ— Extended frequency response (1 - 23 kHz) โ— High sensitivity (104 dB) โ— High power handling 240 W program (X-bow ยฎ) โ— Extremely linear frequency response โ— Ultra low distortion โ— Cast aluminum 80ยบ x 30ยบ horn
  6. that is correct in both terms... no matter what I did, I could not get the 2050's to fill up that 16k+ region to my personal liking.
  7. they would NOT do good at all... they definitely need to breath.
  8. DEFINITELY long in the tooth... but hey, it still works.
  9. Schu


    Yawn... this is a Horology thread. this is the only G Shock that belongs in this thread... Solid 18k gold case and Upgraded Crystal mechanism with a Sapphire Crystal face.
  10. I don't understand what the obsession is with wattage... Low or High. Does it work... does it sound good... then move on.
  11. Hear hear... Is the st70 even or odd order harmonics?
  12. the chip is the basis for a DAC system... implementation and circuit design matters...
  13. Klipsch observes the universal pricing model...
  14. If you're looking for a low end DAC that outperforms... take a look at the Gashelli Labs AKM4499 DAC's. the AKM4499 chipset is magical...
  15. I can't remember that far back... jesus.
  16. that's a pretty short HF section... they are nearly physically aligned. I wonder if you couldn't just get away with two channels of amplification... I should have kept my 691's...
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