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  1. Schu

    pulsating tinnitus

    damaged nerves CAN NOT be regenerated... the sound is the brain trying to 'fill in' missing information.
  2. Schu

    Straight Razor?

    straight razors are better left for the professional...
  3. I found his 'color' on the subject slightly underwhelming. He was probably struggling for words to adequately paint that vision.
  4. bad price is bad... and they're scratched?
  5. What many people don't realize is that Timbre differences can be somewhat mitigated by using the avr EQ... you can run your favorite color of 'noise' thru the LR mains and alternate with the center, then use the EQ adjustments to balance the sound differences between the two by ear. As you you flip back and forth between the mains and the center, the timbre difference is quite clear and audible.
  6. Anyone coming west, I could use a delivery.
  7. yes... that is why they have a dual input plate...
  8. another boring economic discussion...
  9. what do you need? here is a fair write up on restoration that many do not address... that slapping backs onto an existing klipschorn takes them out of specification by changing the ratio of that last fold.
  10. ask yourself if you need Low Profile...
  11. ^ WOW... those are BEAUTIFUL. I am really a sucker for raw birch!
  12. I rarely see thirty nines come to the secondary market... it's been a few years since I have seen any listed. probably to much loss for original owners to list them in current valuation market
  13. I've got another brand that was the same as the blue one you listed as that private label jack design has NOT changed in YEARS if not more than a decade... it's aight. it is still friggen heavy. it's never failed or lost range of motion, but its far from top of the line. wheels are still strong and decently made. I have used it extensively in auto instances... they seem to have gotten expensive due to inflation.
  14. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Is that cwiv system a secondary system? How do they sound in your space?
  15. we all can clearly see what is happening...
  16. there are a LOT of Heresy IV's for sale
  17. Comb filtering sounds a little like fluttering when you hear a single musical note played thru two sources... you can hear the note 'flutter' as one note differs slightly than the other. In home theater, the sound is dynamic so it would be difficult to determine that by ear, but mainly the filtering would cause some frequencies to be canceled and other frequencies to be 'summed' or heightened. I think it's probably easier to see with a graph than it would be to hear during play back. At any rate, it never hurts to give it a try if your amp can handle it.
  18. what ever you try, make sure your amplifier can handle the loading. this is okay... pretty good actually this was much better... better center imaging and better timbre match
  19. comb filtering... In general, it's been 'okay' as a dual center channel as its hard to determine what cancellations and summations are happening from the listening position. It never really bothered me when I've used it because for HT the center channel is primarily used for dialog. series or parallel... I used both, and could not really hear a difference when summed, but I think Parallel is considered better.
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