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  1. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    more art...
  2. thank god... no one wants an Oris.
  3. Ausi Walnut is amazing in person... Oi Oi Oi
  4. I think it is an extremely good idea Thanik... get away from high damping and get tube rolling because the music lives in the mid-range.
  5. those are BEAUTIFUL... and I bet they sound wonderful.
  6. I think the reason people seem to always sell their 396's is because it seems capped/rolled off... I'd never own a pair unless it was for a commercial use case. The 402 has similar 'rolled off' nuance, but with the 402 it is worth trying to work with... the three nine six, not so much.
  7. beautiful Tabla solo by the revered Rimpa Siva
  8. I just found a pair of seventy sevens in a box when I was going thru old stuff if you're in need...
  9. I just rearranged my media collection...
  10. I'd actually like to see someone paint their Cornwall's or La Scala's Vantablack...
  11. RAW birch has always been one of my favorite Klipsch finishes... if you want maple, get maple veneer.
  12. @Chief bonehead ... I know this is probably outside of your dept, but does the 'motorboard' on the new Flexus subwoofer act as a lens of some kind, for phase or directionality, even though the frequencies are omni-directional, or are they merely esthetic?
  13. Schu


    there's no deal... its free to anyone that wants it. I am getting rid of it as soon as possible, so then theres that.
  14. have you ever tried to wrestle a jubilee into form with a xilica dsp?
  15. Schu


    Off to the goodwill or into the Garbage then.
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