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  2. I've lived in memphis, and have been to that theater... it was nice. But I have to tell you, we have a theater here in Vegas that rocks harder than that... Regal theaters in Red Rock Casino. Full Klipsch set up that is the most superb Theater sound I have ever heard. It simply blows away anything else I have ever experienced, and they run it right... LOUD! The LFE and subwoofer effects are so strong, it will literally knock the fillings out of your teeth... if you have fillings.
  3. indeed... that is avery good idea!
  4. have you gotten the 115 tamed as yet? I had to completely change all my settings... twice, once for vinyl and once for digital.
  5. I suggest a SC pioneer elite also... try and get one with the ICE amps and you will NOT be dissapointed in the clarity and blackness of the signal delivery. you should be able to get into a SC37 or SC35 for well under 1k
  6. be prepared for a pleasant surprise. As long as the system is set up correctly.
  7. if the horns are not literally blowing your arse out the door with a true 175 watts... there is something wrong. are you sure your amp is running correctly?
  8. I thought you were interested in vintage, not intro level?
  9. is that track force gauge useful? have you ever tried a digital meter?
  10. take a look at KLF series... 10's,20's,30's... for some dollar conscience whoomp.
  11. I've got B stock locally NIB for 1800 cash from an authorized seller. didn't a pair of ii's just sell in the garage section for $1200? I'd have to say it between 1300-1500.
  12. I ran my set up at about half volume... and my avr processed out to -6db, and I ran a few tests and a bunch of mucis and finalized at about -2db after fine tuning. with the LPF set at about 110-120, it's more than enough for me right now as I tried ot set it up for both music and HT in one setting. I still need to turn it off for vinyl play though
  13. I saw the movie "Midway" in Sensurround when it was first released... I can not imagine those horns in my home.
  14. does anyone here have experience with the 700B from Phase Linear? I am looking at the specs and it's quite impressive. I am just curious as to those that have listened to this extremely quite/powerful amplifier.
  15. I just got a PN64D8000 samsung plasma and the picture and performance is outstanding. I didn't want 3D either but this monitor has it, but I do not use it. the 8000 series will make you very happy as would the st from panasonic. I see you are in nevada... I do have a 50" plasma for sale on Craigslist, works perfectly.
  16. I am in the same boat as you and I am going back and fourth between ALK and BC. I finally cam to the same conclusion as you, I want to go with ALK's. as far as which to order, contact them directly and talk to them... they are friendly and will give you the proper info.
  17. an additional note, I am having to dial back or turn off the 115 for vinyl playback, it's simply adds to much bass extension for my tastes when playing back thru my turntable. I am sure bass loading is occurring, but to be honest, my turntable/preamp has never lacked any bass. for CD or iPod play back, the 115 is doing a wonderful job even though I really need to control how much I allow teh sub to integrate. it can easily over power my system. a little is a lot for my tastes.
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