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  1. This was awesome and a resounding success for the museum... What an amazing set of speakers!!!
  2. I did the rare good deed. There was an old old church in the delta that had alot of reels of a minister who had long passed away and they had no sound system. They answered an ad for some horns I was selling. Long story short I gave them two JBL 2350 horns, two JBL 4550 bass cabinets, a pro cassette player, a pro cd player, and the beautiful pioneer 707. I thought the guy was gonna cry. I used it for many years and I didn't sell it since it was given to me. I can say the Pioneer 707 is the best I have used but it does require some maintenance.
  3. Right now prototypes K403/B&CDE82TN / JC Jubs two x K31 12"s / HLS 1502.
  4. Klementovich did some weird stuff to the golden jubilees. That was not what he was given but what he did to them. He raised the crossover point close to 800hz, changed the HF horn to something small, removed the foam from the LF and a few other rediculous tweaks. That thing would never voice right. In short he ruined them. I have some crazy emails from him that are in all caps that I won't share but they were nuckin futz.
  5. My HF black plastic horns came from Klementovich who got them from Valerie who sold them to Maron Horonzak who sold them to me. I know they are the same because I saw another pair in hope. They were made exactly the same. The k403 is a killer horn and Klementovich was just not quite right but to my advantage. Maron passed away a few years ago. He was contankerous but had awesome stories.
  6. I am going to sell my testicles to medical science so I can get a pair. I can't afford a Porche 911 GT but it doesn't stop me from admiring it... I have a Jubilee LF with K403 prototypes made for Valerie that I bought from Maron Horonzak(spelled wrong) who goT them from Mike Klemontovich. Mike insists that everything he has is made of exotic woods. These will go to the garage for a backyard mobile setup if I ever upgrade.
  7. Wow crazy stuff in this thread..... Klipsch Corporate decided to launch the Jubilee. I believe Klipsch has been selling Heritage like hotcakes. Hope has been busy even with cinema slumps around the country. I think the new Jubilees look amazing. To each their own. These ain't no warthogs. Volti can make a pretty box but that is where it stops. If he can engineer speakers I'll start making planes wanna fly?
  8. Why would Klipsch sell the new state of the art horn system for same price as Khorn? That is unreasonable. PWK knew his speakers were expensive. We can't speak for him but we do have this quote. Perhaps @Chief bonehead can chime in.
  9. In the world of Hi-Fi Klipsch is still a bargain. I quess we will see where the price settles at. Other flagship prices: B&W Nautilus $60K Tannoy Westminster $70K Avant Garde Trio $190K JBL Everest $70K Experience Music Horn System $250K Oswald Mill Monarch $300K Focal Grand Utopia $120K McIntosh XRT2k $80K
  10. Yup I use Mullards and Amperex GZ34. I wish I had more.
  11. Hey @Chief bonehead have you published the new specs or dirty curves 8-) ??????
  12. I use Tidal on a music server with an EAD Dac and I use a small bluetooth wireless keyboard / trackpad to control it. There are remote desktop apps for phones or tablets that should let you control the desktop. I don't do this but it is possible.
  13. If it is new production it doesn't cut it. I'd save my penies for a vintage good GZ34... If you get a nos gz34 you won't need another for the lifetime of that amp.
  14. Vintage GZ34 don't risk one of the newer ones. For all the tube knowledge we have we can't make them like they did.
  15. I believe @JRH once said there were around 20 made?? Perhaps he will chime in. Great condition. Worlds first sound bar lol...
  16. I'm just being difficult and a pain in the arse. If others can find joy in tripath so be it.
  17. I am correct and correct friends don't let friends tripath.
  18. Great site I use it as reference often..
  19. No Claude no... The only thing Tripath is good for is the trash... I tried to like em but just can't. I can listen to them shortterm but never longterm...
  20. You need to go back and read these threads and watch the video..... This Jubilee is the culmination of what PWK and Roy thought was possible. PWK is in the Jubilee but it would never have happened without Roy carrying these PWK principles of design forward. I wish PWK could see and hear Roy's latest designs...
  21. Another damm COVID victim... His articles were really interesting. He also worked in the aerospace industry related to the space shuttle.
  22. What do you think of this guy?? I only ask because I have a huge stash of kt90 tubes and the like.
  23. I don't know who that is but I'd look for something designed by Roy Delgado the engineer of the jubilee.
  24. Not at all I don't want a system that makes all source material sound the same. I don't. To thyne source material be true. I listen to everything but enjoy a quality cut when it comes on.
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