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  1. That is amazing. Bravo!!!!!!!!! Love seeing these in a home.
  2. I look at it like this. I put in new tubes or I roll tubes they sound great. If there is breakin they just sound a bit better. When I build a new amp or get a new piece of gear I just let it play for a week without turning it off. That way I know it is stable...
  3. I feeel like a hypocrit as I sit in my living room with Belle's and Klipschorns in the corners lol... I just wonder how even other heritage will keep up with Jubilee's.... I hope it works.
  4. Why would you even need surrounds with Jubilee's...
  5. That is awesome!. Can't wait to see them in place.
  6. Likely giving his back a rest or he could be trapped under horns....
  7. There is a good reason here but I'll let ya think about it some more. If you do a search for Jubilee bass horn performance or curves you will find the rest of the story. Even though I just have jub clones I can assure you 50hz ain't it... Not sure why this is even up for debate this late in the game. As for the new Jubilee I don't even have to see the curves listening is the proof and such an exciting creation. I can't wait to hear it again.
  8. This is amazing man!!!! It was great listening to the Jubilee with you in Hope and couldn't think of a better place for these to live except my listening space. Bravo and keep the pics coming.
  9. These would be great fun to do a designer pair with some crazy veneer down the front. Great deal.. Glad you aren't closer I don't need another project.
  10. I love these amplifiers. I just scored a massive amount of transmitter tubes in the lot are like 20 816's. These are my faves. I also have a early 866 with out the cover over the filament. Never had a 866 Jr... Very cool....
  11. For vintage amplifiers I sometimes just use variacs but the ability to dial voltage to 115v is help. In my house I see higher voltages at night routinely 125v. Before this voltage to my house was unsteady. They put up a brand new transformer for me and everything leveled out although still a bit high.
  12. Linlai quality looks superb. I'd love to try a few of these...
  13. I've never tried a modern production 6sn7 because there are so many out ther. That being said I have a huge stash and I've never met a 6sn7 I didn't like. You can't go wrong. The Linlai bottles are really nice. I'd try those out.
  14. You can message me here via pm.
  15. @Chief bonehead I wish you could live stream so we can watch the audience reactions. That would a great Bonehead class for the Education Center 8-) I would pay for that....
  16. They build quality is insane. I've been collecting them for years. k75/k42 Metal cans with glass seal end caps. Also their k71 polystyrenes are incredible. I wish I had bought more.
  17. Egads are you high. Klipsch is as strong as they have ever been. The Heritage line is amazing and the Jubilee is on the way.
  18. I heard a pair in what was called Monkey Coffins. They were great...
  19. seti

    No tubes!

    I was looking at my modern 2a3 tubes and not sure why I only just noticed they are all monoplates. The EH and sovteks are quite nice. I haven't compared to any RCA tubes. Not sure I've met a 2a3 I didn't like... I lie I have a fake Mullard labeled 2a3.
  20. I'd rather wait Some of the antics of the owners at Munich Audio Show was just rediculous. I'll stick with the EML.
  21. I would wait until the new WE guys have been out for a while and prove themselves. I'm skeptical. but There are some great 300B tubes out there that have been produced for years and have proven track records. If I were to drop a bundle of cash I'd rather go EML as their quality is staggering and beyond a WE 300b repro attempt. If I had to go with the JJ 300B I could also be very happy. They also don't break the bank.
  22. Western Electric in name only like so many other brands. If I were to pick one I'd go 421A.
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