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  1. It is probably not worth the cost. Some of the article is good, much of it is recycled urban myths. I know, I worked with anechoic chambers for over 3 decades.
  2. There is much mis-information on this thread already. I suggest that if the OP has a medical problem, they should seek medical advice and not the silly replies on an internet forum. If you have insurance, ask your primary for a referral to a specialist.
  3. There are way too many unknowns on this. Who knows what might be inside? Who knows what design went into it? Who knows how it might sound or measure? Was the guy experienced on setting up a crossover?
  4. As big as they were, the original Jubilees (aka underground Jubilees) could be maneuvered around in small hallways, staircases, and doorways. It only took a couple of strong backs and a good deal of swearing. Given the performance to price ratio I still think they were an incredible deal. Maybe I'm just an old guy reminiscing about the old days ...... -Tom
  5. Many of these conversations confuse asking price (which we all see) with actual price sold (which we do not see). Asking price and selling price can be very different things. Something to consider ....
  6. The price is silly! Such a sale requires at least two things. First, Someone who is collector and views this as something "important" and worthy of collecting. Second, this person would need to have deep pockets. With those two criteria, the potential number of buyers is very, very limited.
  7. I appreciate your thoughts. However, you are talking about "growth" and "making it accessible" with speakers that cost $30K-40K. I really don't think that is going to make many converts. I am afraid, and sadden, that the idea of expensive speakers (let alone expensive and big speakers) is going the way of dinosaurs. My kids, my nieces and nephews all like my big stereo system, but none of them would ever consider it for their own homes. Face it, they are happy with their iPods. It is not true every time, but in general, it is a sad reality. In years past, Klipschorns could fit in a person's living room (I did not say listening room). The had cosmetics that looked like furniture. The Jubilees however are not living room friendly. They might work well in a listening room, but if you tried to put them in a general space (ie, living room) your wife would be very, very unhappy (imagine the consequences). So in a word do I think HiFi is growing ....No. I have no reason to think that is. Would you buy a a luxury item for $30-40K at the Mall? I don't think many Jubilees will be sold (because of size, cosmetics, and price). Those that do get sold will probably be sold in other places. However you are correct, that it will give folks a chance to hear what good speakers can sound like. Whether they actually buy them is another question. Do I sound pessimistic about the future of high end audio? Yes I do. Maybe I am wrong .... I have been wrong before.
  8. I am bumping the bump. How about you PM'ing the price that you would like to pay.
  9. Well, there are other clarifications needed also. As typical with HiFi, the tech talk gets mixed into advertising talk and that is the result. As usual, so much discussion on cosmetics and very little on what matter in terms of sound (eg, the advantages of horn loading and venting might be). Just as an aside, It raises a curious paradox. A flagship system (and an expensive one) is being demonstrated and sold at a shopping mall. It certainly tarnishes some of the mystique and "legend". Just my thought, -Tom
  10. Wow, I guess I need to bump this one again. ............
  11. This thread is supposed to be an acknowledgement and recognition for Dean's contributions and his new "standing" with Klipsch. However ......... a couple of guys want to turn this thread into something else. I have no idea what their agenda is (and I don't care). If you two really think Dean is a bad guy, then why don't you take it offline and PM Dean directly and tell him what you think. Quite frankly, most of us like Dean and really don't care what a couple detractors are trying to accomplish. -Tom
  12. Well, I guess the less adventurous were afraid of a "project". Not me. I will make it pretty again (bondo and cheap veneer can be your friend) and it will serve me well in my next setup.
  13. Wait - Did I say $150. Wrong ! Today is Sept 4th and the price is reduced to an incredibly low ------ $125. I now feel like Crazy Eddie or Cal Worthington (the older guys especially from Los Angeles decades ago will understand the reference).
  14. Well, I am surprised, but I am grateful for the acknowledgement to Dean. Good luck and congratulations !!
  15. The OP is going to be confused by the range of estimates, and rightly so. Location and condition are important. Condition is tricky. Although the cabinets are 4 decades old, buyers can be very particular about any nicks, scratches etc. What to the seller may seem like a minor blemish can be viewed by the buyer as a major defect. The truth is that our knowledge base is limited. People who got a great deal will come on the forum and brag about the low price they paid, others may be closed mouthed about what they paid. This is confounded by our collective memory. Yes, I paid one grand for my K-Horns. What sticks in my mind is the price, but what I need to remind myself about is their "average" condition and the fact that the purchase was 25 years ago and things have changed. The other problem with our knowledge base is that we are very aware of the "asking price" for these different models, but we are generally quite unaware of what the actual "price paid" may have been. That said, unless there are some special issues about the cosmetics, the approximate average of the two above estimates is probably the right ballpark. The caveat is that you may have to wait for the right buyer to come along. I am old enough to have seen the market for big speakers continue to shrink over the years. Face it, how many homes have you been in where the occupants had speaker cabinets as large as a Klipschorn ? It is a sad reality. Good luck, -Tom
  16. It is now August 27th and I have gone insane. The price has been reduced to $150
  17. On August 27th I have now reduced the price to just $125. I know .... I have gone insane.
  18. Your memory is good!. It was not a JAES article, but rather a patent application a few years later where Roy discussed several incarnations of a design that could have a vent or port feed into a horn for loading. The patent was more general than just the Jubilee version, but all the elements were there. As I recall around that time you had sketched out some ideas for making the flare rate on the Jubilee have an approximation of a tractrix expansion. Those were fun times on the forum (for the most part) when folks were kicking around interesting ideas. It was a good back and forth........
  19. Point of clarification ........ A bit over 20 years ago, Roy did have a working version of the Jubilee bass bin that consisted of a pair of 12 in woofers (probably k-31s, I think) and a drone (or passive radiator). The unit was measured and found to have about 1/3 less distortion (or was it 1/3 of the distortion) of the Jubilee bass bin. It also had a deeper bass extension. They were still working on it when PWK became ill. At that point any further refinement was halted. Further, this prototype bass bin was described by HDRbuilder when he visited some friends at the factory/shop. His description is a bit contorted but he was clear on the 2 woofers and drone and how they fed into the bass horn. Personally, I had attempted a few measured drawings (mostly guess work based on the above) and for the life of me I could not figure out how they shoe-horned that drone in between the two woofers and still maintain the flare (the space is cramped). The overall cabinet size was not all that larger than the original (underground) Jubilee. At this point I have probably said more than I should have, but this info is public and can be gleaned from various posts and threads from that time period. I and others were also contacted by this guy and invited to help out. with this "new drone version". I (and I guess others) saw the project as a dead end and declined to participate. I spent a long time scratching my head over this prototype and whether I could partially replicate Roy's work for my own home system. I guess this is my way of reminding the group about "giving credit where credit is due". That Roy is one smart cookie.....
  20. Well, Here we are in the middle of August and it looks like some are afraid to PM me with an offer. It is time to conquer your fear ......
  21. Well, Here we are in the middle of August and it looks like some are afraid to PM me with an offer. It is time to conquer your fear ......
  22. Shakey, it is hard to disagree with you. Once again you have demonstrated your insight and brilliance !
  23. Thanks, You are clearly a person of sensible judgement and refined tastes.
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