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  1. Jeff, I been using a 2 watt per channel amp for over 10 years on my khorns way more than enough power to run me out of the house!!!
  2. Well as much as I hate to say this but, these earbuds sound terrible next to the Koss KSC35 I got yesterday!!! I won't be wasting any more of my time of the Klipsch earbuds they are duds!!!
  3. I have had these for close to 3 years the Klipsch people tell me, one of the batteries has died. I am looking to replace it before I just have to ditch them.
  4. My speakers are pushed into the corners and then toed in and sit exactly 6 " off the side wall, I have enclosed backs also...
  5. Hey Craig, I sorry to hear about your health issues, glad to hear you are better!!! It's been a long time since we talked audio or Baseball, I hope we can catch up some one day soon. I been having few little issues myself going through life as I am about to turn 66. I just keep on moving forward till the next thing pops up... I guess I am kinda like weeds hard to kill LOL!!! Take care of yourself my friend.... Jay
  6. So i am thinking about getting this while there is a sale on them, question is I am not planning on using it with my computer. I want to know if I can use it with my ipod and dock? I want to use it as portable take with me setup when i travel and stay in hotels? Does anyone know if I can do this?
  7. I know someone that is looking for one, let me contact him.
  8. This is kind of what scares me about buying the kit Cory sells to put on my khorn bottoms. Like you said alot of your music did not sound very good through the k402 horns. I am worried that I would have that same issue!!! Your thoughts are welcome....
  9. What size in inches do the bass bins measure across the fronts?
  10. I would assume the 8080 is the same as the 4080, so on the far right hand side you have a control that says Limit. Use that control to adjust and or turn off the LED's.
  11. I find this very interesting and a positive sign of the direction I want to go to next!!!
  12. This is my Korneff 45 amp with EML solid plates and 6F8G drivers, I have rewired it to use 6J5 tubes as drivers now what an improvement!!!
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