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  1. My son accidently hit a bottom on his monitor that changes hdmi to dvi to vga and it red the same thing. No input. Good luck brother
  2. I like my xpa3. I hear no hum or noise. If you go with emotiva and don't like it you send it back with in 30 days and get your money back. You would gotten to play with it for free.
  3. Maybe they can keep an eye on my chickens
  4. This might sound kinda off the wall but sometimes my right ear get stoped up and I can't hear my right speaker. Thats just me
  5. People lived fine with out GMO for a long time. Greed is what backs GMO.
  6. Happy birthday brother. Hope you had a great day
  7. Happy Birthday Dtel. Many more to come
  8. peshewah

    Birthday Girl

    Amy, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day. 22 is a great age.
  9. I like a good soft pretzel as well. Please hold the salt
  10. I agree with Tube Fanatic. My wife is a teacher and she says its all about the test scores.
  11. Dang Scrappy thats looks amazing. Some day when i'm working in the KC territory I would like to see it in person. I'll bring the beer. Nice work
  12. Stop calling me a baby!!!! LOL
  13. I made a mistake and don't know how to edit using a phone. I bought it from Newegg, not Bestbuy
  14. It really wasn't so much the product. It worked great for 3 months. When I bought it from BestBuy I seen no reason to buy an extended warranty because Logitech offered a 2 year warranty. If they didn't want to rma it then tell me so, don't string me along. I talk to 5 different people and got the response. Didn't mean to cause a fuss. Just letting my brothers know. And venting
  15. I bought a logitech G930 gaming headset 3 months ago and after some use there was no sound coming from the right ear piece. So on 8/4/14 I started the RMA process by contacting logitech by phone. I went thru all their crap and been waiting for a return label to date. Past few time I have called them they put me on hold so long the music stops playing. Tonight they told me they sent me the return label yesterday and then told me I have been talking to wrong department. They put me on hold and the music started and the music ended. If you do buy a logitech product you are better off getting the in store warranty. The 2 year warranty logitech offers is no good.
  16. Chicken looks good. I bet it will do up a turkey real nice. You going to try staight wood?
  17. Robi your english is better than mine. You have some nice speakers. Maybe some day i too will have a set of cornscala's.
  18. That is my dream set of speakers. The midrange horn and driver look huge. Very nice
  19. peshewah

    SVS Sound

    I was a dealer in high school and I gave discounts
  20. I don't do baby showers.
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