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  1. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/msg/d/flower-mound-klipsch-heresy-hip-pa/7301372381.html
  2. Last year HiFi man had some pretty good sales right after Christmas. I bought an open box HE400i for I think around $130 and the prices were so good I also got the HE350 for something like $80. Both are great for the prices paid -- it was less than $220 for both shipped. The HE400i is regulary $450. It's now on sale for $159 but appears to be out of stock. Check their website for other items on sale: https://store.hifiman.com/index.php/he-400i.html https://store.hifiman.com/clearance-sales
  3. The speakers aren't mine, but you can find more photos here (yes, they are gorgeous): @RobBeamer
  4. This is a great deal. I picked up a set from Costco in December at this price.
  5. I didn't know @kirby but this is still sad news. Looks like he was a local. Condolences to his family and friends.
  6. What do you consider vintage and what do you consider "crazy expensive?"
  7. J M O N

    Well it's happened

    Yeah, so would everybody else -- they would be working! 😁
  8. This is where I am now. I'm not necessarily looking for an amp (or sound system) that is "accurate" or has a flat frequency response, great imaging, soundstage, or any of those other characteristics that "audiophiles" speak of. For me, the most important characteristic is musicality. How do I define musicality? Musicality is defined to me as the ability to extract the most musical enjoyment from the sounds I'm hearing. For me, this probably means reproducing sound that is closest to live sound. This likely requires good accuracy and a large soundstage. "Imaging" is a characteristic that has never brought me musical enjoyment so I don't pay much attention to that. While I wasn't there when the recordings I listen to were recorded, I do know what live music sounds like and live music has always brought an extra level of emotional engagement. I think achieving high dynamics is also very important to replicating live music and is a big part of getting that emotional engagement that comes from live music. This hobby/passion for me is all about the music and not the gear. I think too many "audiophiles" get caught up in the gear as the primary objective and may forget about the music. If that is how they get their enjoyment, then more power to them and I can't tell them otherwise. For me, it's important to listen to the music and not the gear -- music is what brought me here. If there was a single box that could provide me with the level of musical enjoyment I want, then that's all that I would need. I haven't found that yet. Up to this point in time, tube amplifiers have typically given me more musical enjoyment than solid-state, but that's not to say there aren't great solid-state amps out there. What sounds best to me may not sound best to everyone else. My room is different, my ears hear different, and my brain processes what my ears hear differently from others.
  9. I probabably won't be able to help, but where exactly in "South Texas" are you? Texas is a big state as you know, unlike those tiny East Coast states. 😉
  10. J M O N

    Well it's happened

    You would last until Thursday! 😁
  11. If you don't want to drill holes into the speakers, you might want to just build a shelf. That would allow you to also aim the speakers if desired. I built a shelf for my home theater projector that has a larger footprint than a Heresy, and weighs about 32 pounds. I got three of the largest brackets that Lowe's sold and screwed them into the studs with large and long screws. The projector has been up there on that shelf for about five years now with no issues. Every once in a while I check the screws and they are just as tight as when I installed it. I also put a "lip" around the edge of the shelf so that I wouldn't have to worry about the projector moving on it's own (let's say from some sort of vibrations that might come from somewhere 😉 ) and falling off the shelf.
  12. PWK signed many of his speakers. I've seen some photos here on this forum of his signature on the inspected by (or maybe tested by or maybe both) area. Sometimes he would sign the speakers somewhere else. I have a cousin that bought a pair of Chorus IIs. When he went to pick them up, PWK happened to be there and PWK signed his speakers (I believe it was on the back radiator if my memory serves correct). It happened to be near closing time so he also got to enjoy some spirits with PWK and the store owners.
  13. Thanks for the feedback! That looks like a great solution. I'll have to look more into this when I'm ready to start building. To everyone else, sorry for hijacking this tread. I'll continue any further discussions elsewhere.
  14. Links to the Sanus Systems AFA: https://www.sanus.com/en_US/products/furniture/afa/ https://www.amazon.com/Sanus-Systems-Accurate-Furniture-Audio/dp/B00004U8A0 Link to the VTI BL404-13: https://www.standsandmounts.com/vtiblseriesaudiorackbl404-13variousfinishes7913spacing.aspx
  15. I actually purchased (I think three ) of the Sanus Systems AFA audio racks a couple of years ago. Based on reviews, price, shelf size, and weight capacity, they seemed to meet my minimum requirements though I would've preferred something a bit more hefty. The problem with these racks is that they seem to be difficult to ship without getting damaged due to poor packaging (reviews of others who have made this purchase have claimed the same). Almost every shelf arrived damaged, some significantly. I thought I would return the damaged pieces and keep the ones that were good. The problem was there weren't enough undamaged shelves to assembly one good unit! I was able to return all of them and get my money back. Based on my experience and the reviews I've seen regarding shipping damage, I decided to go a different direction. I did assemble one rack and it seemed sufficiently sturdy and strong enough to hold my heavy equipment. I'm sure it meets its stated weight capacities. The rack itself was relatively lightweight, certainly lighter than my current racks. I actually would've kept them had it not been for the shipping damage and I'm sure they would've worked just fine.
  16. I'm very sorry to hear the news. Condolencess to you, your family and friends.
  17. I just saw this thread and upon seeing your photo was going to ask the exact same question. I've been looking at building the exact same kind of diffusers as you did with an eye toward something that is lightweight, inexpensive, and stiff yet bendable. Where did you purchase the coroplast and has it held up well so far [e.g. have they lost their tension/elasticity (for lack of a better word) -- assuming you are using that to hold them in place]?
  18. Here are my Juicy Music Pure Class-A Triode (pCAT) Lynx monoblock amplifiers:
  19. As Mike mentions, Juicy Music is a company founded by Mark Deneen -- a former forum member here. He has since retired from this business several years ago. I'm a current owner of Juicy Music pCATs and have owned them since new (cira 2007-ish). While I don't own the Blueberry, I do own the Peach and Peach II preamps which are very similar but without a phono stage. All of the Juicy Music line of equipment offer high performance and great value. While the preamps are fantastic and great values, what are truly special in my opinion are the pCATs. There weren't many made and have very rarely come up for sale. Not only do I think they would be a good first step into tubes, but they may also be your last. It won't be easy (or inexpensive) to improve upon this level of performance.
  20. Thanks for that feedback. I was also considering VTI (BL404-13) so your comments are helpful. I'm going to need to get a few of these so want to make sure I make the right choice.
  21. That was a very enjoyable read! You've discoved the secret that many have known for years and may be slowly getting out (could be why used Klipsch are getting more and more expensive). Klipsch sometimes gets quickly dismissed by the "Audiophile Elite" simply because they are inexpensive (relatively speaking compared to other brands) and because those people haven't heard them properly set up, or at all. They simply go by what they have heard or read. I've relayed a story several times on this forum where a self-proclaimed audiophile decided to consider purchasing a pair of La Scalas I was selling. He confessed to me audio was his only hobby and did very well financially as he worked in the real estate industy in Southern California during a hot market, so he didn't have issues spending money if he felt it was worthwhile. I recall him saying he owned a $10k Audio Research preamp. He hadn't heard Klipsch before but was intrigued. When I showed him my Klipschorns, he said he had an audiophile buddy that called them "pigs." I let him listen to the Klipschorns and he was dumbfounded. He told me my system sounded better than his friends "$100,000 Wilson Audio system." He wanted to know every single component I was using down to my (inexpensive) speaker wire and (inexpensive) interconnects. In fact, he offered to buy my entire system, including those cheap interconnects and speaker wire! Avantegarde (Solos I believe) were his current speakers at that time. Yes, they got replaced by Klipsch! Also check out the highly acclaimed RP-600M -- they are on sale now at $503/pair (regularly $629): https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-600m-bookshelf-speakers?source=googleshopping&locale=en-US&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=surfaces By the way, I don't see an issue with your connecting high dollar electronics with lower-cost speakers. In fact, Steve Guttenberg covered this on one of his videos stating that it's better than doing the opposite (which I tend to agree with based on some experience): Other good videos to watch include: Welcome to the forum!
  22. That could be the case. Do you know how many Merlins are in existence? I own pCATs #15 and #16 so there are at least eight sets out there.
  23. Has anyone purchased the Monprice Monolith XL audio racks? They seem to be a great value. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=39165&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkcTIwpu57wIV0tXACh0LZwlSEAAYASAAEgIXxvD_BwE
  24. I'd suggest considering these as well:
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