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  1. Bob mentioned overextension of the passive cone and this is something that happened to me with an older set of my Chorus II's. No extra weight was added to the passive either. Luckily the glue gave way instead of the cone and just a re glue was needed. Just be careful with the volume knob and keep an eye on you drivers excursion.
  2. I second the NAD goodies. If it has to be new NAD makes a receiver for under $1000 http://nadelectronics.com/products/hifi-receivers/C-725BEE-Stereo-Receiver The Outlaw RR2150 receiver is another nice choice for 2 channel. http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2150.html
  3. Anybody still using casette ? $75 shipped CONUS or Will trade even for set of Pro Media 2.1"s Local pickup for $60 Built like a tank & minty condition, i don't see a scratch on it. Can't find remote but comes with factory RCA's. Sorry for the crappy pics, my good camera is on the fritz but feel free to Google better pictures of this full featured tape deck. This was purchased by me brand new near the end of my casette phase and barely used.
  4. If you have a auto wreckyard by you rip out a bunch of interior floor & trunk jute sound insulation from some junk cars. Use some furring strips over the existing wall and fill your jute in between your furring strips and drywall over. Drywall itself is not good sound insulation but using R11/R13 between the studs, drywall, furring strips & jute you could even throw a cover of rubber matting over the furring strips before the drywall if you want extra sound protection.
  5. They have a nice selection of soundproofing materials there too. I use the self adhesive panels for my computer builds and car stereo installs.
  6. Those Quartet are priced right, i would jump on those if i was shopping around, dam good sound for a smaller set of loudspeakers. The Chorus II's are not out of line if they are clean. I would not let my last pair go for that price.
  7. For my fellow music lovers I have a extra ticket for the Cheap Trick concert tomorrow if anybody is interested in going with me. No charge for the ticket but you pay your own way for food/drinks though i will have a cooler with me. My buddies have plans with the Northwestern game and I'm not a huge sports fan. The show starts @ 7:30 but i would like to be there before 5:00 and hope for a free parking spot. The venue is 2 albums, Cheap Trick Live at Budokan & Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band (Beatles). First contact gets the ticket. I'm in Arlington Heights and would like to carpool to the show at Ravinia. E-Mail me for more info if needed. jasonstr1969@yahoo.com
  8. They were sold with risers. Also easily removed with screws on bottom of cabinet.
  9. Put them in the corners toed in. They will be ok against the wall toed in also.
  10. About a year or so ago I had the same thing happen, but I got dooped. The "Microsoft Windows Tech Support" did convince me of the legitimacy of the issue and I "paid" for the virus to be purged. Funny thing was I had the gut feeling something was just not right. Even with the little voice telling me no don't do it, the "tech" was so convincing. He knew what model and year I bought my computer and just about everything else about it. Needless to say, after allowing the "tech" to remotely operate my computer and "showed" me the "virus", I entered my credit card number to pay the "virus purging" fee of $499.99. We proceeded to "checkout" and the service bill read $499.99 only after clicking on "pay now". I immediately came to my senses and accused the "tech" of scamming me and they"assured" me that I just misread the "purging fee". With them still on them still on the line, I called my credit card company to put a fraud alert on my card. When the "tech" realized I had done that, he starting cursing me(broken English Indian accent)and said that if I want accessed to my computer, I must pay $300.00 to get it back. They had locked it out so I had no way of unlocking it. In reality, they were holding the "password" to unlock for ransom. I did not give in to their demands. I hung up after unplugging my computer. Guess what, they called me right back to tell me that my wife was not at work but was spending "time" with another "boy". I laughed at them and said "by by". I sent my computer to a very qualified computer IT guy and for the life of him, he could not crack the code, he felt defeated. He said that these scammers are good. He then sold me one of his home built computers and I am using it as of this moment. The old Dell XPS400 rests comfortably under my desk. These scammers were only successful in disrupting my life briefly with no lasting harm to my credit or anything else. I did call them out on their wonderful occupation contributing good things to society. Lesson learned. Bill Resetting your bios will clear any password stored for startup. Remove the mainboard battery and ground the jumper, this will reset any password needed for startup. For $499.99 + tax i will guide you through this operation. []
  11. For that kind of money they could at least used rubber for the cone surround. Looks impressive though.
  12. Price is right, today only. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882121082 Had to post, at that price you cant go wrong.
  13. $600 for Home Theater Receiver unless separate amp & preamp is a must. http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=NAT748V2
  14. NAD products will give you the warm sound you're looking for.
  15. My sub was plans that i built off of but there are people who build them also. There are quite a few different models and brands to choose from. Bill Fitzmaurice, Danley tapped subwoofer, JBL, and others. My Tuba matches perfect, i could not ask for anything better to compliment my LaScala's. As you probably heard already horn loaded drivers sound different and if you like what you have stick with it.
  16. Your best bet is to go with a horn loaded sub, the sound better matches the LaScala bass bin making it easier to blend.
  17. Remove the jumpers on the back of the unit and put them someplace where you won't lose them and use the line out set of rca's to your amp input.
  18. The Forte II has a very nice overall sound and can deliver lower bass notes but the Chorus will give you a better kick in the pants with the cast 15" ported woofer especially under high volume. The Chorus in my opinion has a better live concert sound but the Tractrix horn of the Forte II will sound more mellow and easier on your ears. Both have their strenghts and weaknesses, its a coin toss if you cant hear them first. Both are priced decent if the cabinets are in nice shape, i would go have a look at both sets before they are gone.
  19. Probably that preamp, i had some noise problems with a few different models myself. I highly doubt its the cables unless you have a bad set, just swap them out with another component to see.
  20. I don't see any easy to install mounting holes or hardware to just give it a try either. Harsh and overbearing does not sound like the K-77 anyways. [8-)]
  21. Hope nothing came through the house. Thats one hell of a antenna you had there. As long as nobody got hurt you came out ok. On the bright side now you have extra firewood for next year.
  22. Check out the Marantz lineup, i have not heard the receiver as of yet but the integrated amp i heard sounded decent.
  23. They came with the risers from the factory but were easily removed with if i recall right just 4 screws to hold to the main cabinet.
  24. If you use anything to fill the holes get a small can of bondo body filler, it sticks better and can be drilled if needed. As long as the holes are not in the same place it should not matter the degree of rotation. If you rotate the woofer 180 degrees and the holes are not in the same place i would do that, if not it doesen't matter.
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