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  1. Turns out Dad had a heart attack, his condition has improved but still in critical care isolation. No word yet if it had anything to do with any virus.
  2. Been out of the car audio for some time now but the better Blaupunkt and Alpine head units were pretty bulletproof.
  3. We received no information and were really booted out of the hospital.
  4. No, not really. He no longer drives and rarely leaves the house.
  5. Dad's in the hospital right now with all the symptoms, they locked him in a room and made me and my sister leave. Gonna be a rough night.
  6. >Link< to some other options. No affiliation.
  7. The wood will not unwarp by itself, its nothing to worry about. As you install panels and braces things will straighten out and go together fine. Better too much glue than not enough, nobody will see inside the horn and it scrapes right off the outside after a bit of drying.
  8. You will lose the excitement after one good taste.
  9. If the panels are warped they will straighten out as you continue building. Just make sure you use plenty of glue on the joints, it swells and seals as it dries.
  10. I grew up with Altec Lansing speakers. Dad, uncles, friends all had different Altec Lansing equipment until they just up and quit. Many have switched to Klipsch since.
  11. That room looks pretty good, needs some larger rugs for the floor. >Altec A4<
  12. If i had a barn these would be in my collection.
  13. For those with no toilet paper (bathroom tissue) a sink full of bleach & soap, just gather up old socks or rip up old clothes and hang dry. Primitive but useful in emergency.
  14. They are quite impressive just as the big Klipsch systems are.
  15. Great movie, one of my faves.
  16. These won't fit in your normal size garage, they are much larger in person.
  17. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich.
  18. Was i not first in line ? I responded promptly and offered multiple payment types.
  19. Shoot me a price for local pickup please, i made other arrangements but may still be interested if given more information. jasonstr1969@yahoo.com
  20. At least Arkansas still has a phone available in case of emergency. Last phone booth
  21. Under $200 <link> Very large room get the 15 Small room consider the 10" While these will not win any awards they are good performers, reasonably priced and come with a 5 year warranty.
  22. Very nice, don't spend it all on hookers and drugs.
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