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  1. Once you get below tuning the woofer moves quite a bit. In the case of the Chorus II you will never hear the passive overexcursion until its too late. You may gain a few Hz in the bottom end extending the ports but you will give up something else in return hence my sub recommendation.
  2. Nothing is free in the audio world, its all give and take.
  3. Leave the ports alone, add a proper sub to strengthen the bottom end.
  4. You will never get a sander into the back section of the bottom panel, sanding the front section will make it look worse as it will never match throughout the panel. I recommend matte Polyurethane or wax in place of spar varnish for the natural look.
  5. Soundbars suck. I second the little amp and bookshelf option.
  6. Avoid goo gone ( contains Petroleum distillates ). 100% Silicone spray may work.
  7. We got some snow here, slow and steady is not my idea of a blizzard. Never trust the weather report.
  8. First thing i would try is a damp lint free towel or old undershirt, put some dishwashing soap in the water when wetting the cloth. Avoid over wetting the cloth so not to drip anywhere. This is the safest route, may as well try that first.
  9. Getting rid of that 150 Hz hump makes a big difference in a positive way, every little improvement makes for a more enjoyable listening session.
  10. Hopefully my son is off work Saturday so he can deal with it.
  11. Hope the weathermen are wrong again. Our snow thrower needs a new needle and seat and the parts are no longer available.
  12. The answers have been posted, you just can't interpret them. You're welcome.
  13. Your legit questions have been answered and proven with test results and professional opinions but yet you still ask the same questions about the same subs. The theory of 1 sub vs 2 need to be taken in context.
  14. 21" driver and cost effective is an oxymoron.
  15. You should just get the two sealed models to prove us wrong. That Table Tuba is good to about 25 Hz with cabin gain before dropping off, dB wise its not even close. Make the long style version and its only an inch more floor space width & depth with the 10" driver, the 8" version can be as small as 15" x 12"
  16. You guys serious ? Of course its DIY for $300.
  17. For $300 the amp is included in the price and you can afford the optional 10" driver, guaranteed to piss off everybody living near by. That's what i use with my Chorus II.
  18. Table Tuba would cost 2-300 depending on driver and amp choice. Seaton Sound is right by me.
  19. Two properly placed subs will even out some response throughout the room. Two stacked will add 6 dB. My advice is cross them over about 50 or 60 Hz but see what works best for you. There is a general review i posted in the thread about the SB2000 earlier in the thread for reference, the difference is negligible.
  20. If you need to see a simple graph and chart and know what you are looking at you can go to Data-Bass and compare the SB12, its within 1-1.5 dB of the SB 2000 to the PB13. The newer model added 100 watts but does not change much overall as mentioned. Sealed 12 Ported 13 Keep in mind the sealed model was measured 2 meters groundplane.
  21. Cornwall III has additional bracing. I see now after catching up on the thread page Dean beat me to it.
  22. That's what I'm saying. Much lower distortion and more volume where you need it.
  23. Plug up those ports on the PB-13, same placement & level match my money says you would not be able to tell any difference between the two, once the plugs are removed that is when the difference will become obvious.
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