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  1. Run a 2x4 or two front to back. Just use glue to attach to the motorboard, let it dry and then screws through the rear panel.
  2. Just look down the end of the lumber, any crown goes up. Never had an issue either, any warped lumber was used up building headers or ripped down for other uses.
  3. Experienced cabinet builders use void free panels & any warping will straighten with the construction of the cabinet, MDF & HDF are cheaper subpar alternatives. Just recently they tore down the little brick ranch next door and put up this monstrosity of newly built house, all MDF and OSB construction and asked the guys building the place why they used those materials and the answer was dimensional lumber is never exactly straight. My thoughts afterwards was this place will fall apart before the old one would have.
  4. You will find that stacking takes the magic out of the music. The MCM1900 system is in a whole different league than La Scala's.
  5. I would use a bit of PEQ before porting personally to get that last bit of bass out but ultimately a proper horn loaded sub would be worlds better than either.
  6. https://billfitzmaurice.info/THT.html Cross it over @ 90 Hz or so to the La Scala's.
  7. jason str

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Dad got me into The Cars with his Candy O album, good stuff. Dam shame Ric is gone.
  8. https://www.klipsch.com/products/kl-6504-thx-in-wall-speaker Download the manual.
  9. Been getting calls lately with our own name and number on the caller ID when normally its just been some schmuck who claims to be from Microsoft who tells me my computer license has expired spiel. I was on the phone trying to waste as much of the guys time as possible last week from one of those Microsoft Guru's until i mentioned i have only Apple systems (hung up on me quickly after) when now this week Apple computers calls and mentions my system needs maintenance. Good fun for a while but its starting to get old quickly.
  10. No, there was minimal foam to begin with. If i recall that foam pad was U shaped on the bottom of the cabinet, it was probably moved to install the crossover there. Nothing to worry about.
  11. Unhook it and lay a large towel on the floor and prop it up at a 45 degree angle and try again as the gasket may have gummed up over the years.
  12. Saw Eddie back in the early 90's, put on a pretty good show.
  13. The passive will move either way unless there is a gaping hole, the passive will move back to its normal position slowly if there is a leak. Sometimes i forget some have no experience but it seemed pretty self explanatory.
  14. Check the cabinet for air leaks by pushing the woofer back as evenly as you can and checking if the passive stays in the same position, if the passive moves back in you have a leak. To find the leak ( if there is one) run a 20 Hz tone through the system, enough to get the woofer moving 1/8" or so and using a 3/16- 1/4" vacuum line or similar type hose with one end near your ear and the other end go around all the drivers, passive, terminal cup and seams. If there is a leak you will hear a chuffing sound from the end of the hose.
  15. Experiment with pulling them out from the corners. If that is not enough spend the money on a substantial subwoofer or two.
  16. If a homeowner builds his own home is it worth less than the neighbors similar house of similar size ?
  17. Flared ports reduce port noise, more airflow = more noise. A mod for older versions can be done with half round trim, probably not for versions with grille option. A miter and coping saw will be needed for this.
  18. Those sewer drain covers are impeding airflow through the ports, remove them. Pre-stain wood conditioner will smooth out the blotchy color issue, just follow the instructions on the container.
  19. The extra magnet is a bucking magnet, should be no difference except shielding.
  20. Neither the frame or x-max has anything to do with weather a driver is suited for sealed or ported. EBP (dividing Fs x Qes) is used to determine this. An EBP ( Efficiency Bandwidth Product ) around 100 usually indicates a speaker is best suited for a ported enclosure. An EBP closer to 50 normally indicates a speaker is best suited for a sealed enclosure. A speaker with an EBP 50-100 might work well in both types of enclosures. This is a basic rule of thumb anyways.
  21. Piezo tweets don't age well, if they are original just replace them. Motorola KSN1016A ?
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