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  1. Nails are there to keep the panels together and aligned until the glue dries, pull it out if you can twisting with vice grips to minimize splintering of the wood finish. Cant see really but if the nail goes into the driver cabinet be sure to seal the hole to avoid leaks.
  2. Its part of a recipe, try it without and its too tart and sweet. Club soda works too, just don't shake it in a shaker.
  3. In a 2 quart container or double for gallon. 12 Oz water 1/2 fifth Tequilla 4 Oz Mango nectar Top of with Mr & Ms T's margarita mix Optional squeezed 1/2 orange Stir and serve over ice or shaker w-ice
  4. Port the DR 300 and you have your 50 Hz-2 kHz horn, no Bullshit there.
  5. A Cornwall and Heresy use direct radiating woofers witch is the weak point of the design, of course it will make a huge difference. I call bullshit that you can't have a horn that plays from 50Hz to even 2kHz, there is no reason it cannot be done. I'm out for the weekend, be back soon. Enjoy.
  6. The marketplace wants small compact systems but most who owned horns will never want to go back. As far as building goes its no longer in the cards for me, just answering questions to the best of my knowledge.
  7. If going DIY there will always be work involved but one can save much time buying a flat pack.
  8. Low end should be crossed over to a subwoofer as far as I'm concerned if you want to hear all of your recorded content. Any of the BFM DR series will get you there. Porting the cabinets can get you by if a sub is out of the question.
  9. It is possible and has been done already. Manufactures just wont invest in the extra steps it takes.
  10. A few cuts each evening and it will be done before you know it. Adjusting the blade angle only takes a minute and everything else is the same motion.
  11. A higher crossover point will allow more HF & 2 way options.
  12. Can the Jubilee bass bin make a clean pass to 1000 Hz ?
  13. How many folded horns have you seen crossed over above lets say 1000 Hz ?
  14. If you are starting from scratch build a horn loaded sub, you will thank me later.
  15. The term was coined already, too late now.
  16. Any fold will act as a low pass filter unless it has rounded bends on the inside and outside of the turn (fold). Shorter waves (higher frequency) will bounce back starting at 2-300 Hz, a reflector may gain you a bit but a true waveguide (properly rounded bends inside and outer radius) will allow the shorter waves to pass without bouncing back.
  17. Distance should not matter.
  18. Bifurcated just means split into two, the La Scala bass bin splits but returns as one exit so probably not considered bifurcated. Where are they normally used ? Anyplace music is needed i would say.
  19. Yes but comes together as 1 horn mouth unlike the Jubilee bass bin or the Klipschorn. If these were only good to 100 Hz they would be more of a subwoofer than a bass bin.
  20. There are different types of folded horns, the "W" type mentioned is normally a bifurcated horn but not necessarily.
  21. Might be the case with bifurcated horns.
  22. The folds in the horn path act as a low pass filter lowering distortion as well witch is not possible in DR type designs. Tapped horn types do not benefit in this regard as the drivers are exposed.
  23. I agree, its the dummy that hits the bass boost button on their receiver or similar stunt you mentioned i would worry about.
  24. Xmax does not mean anything in this regard, Xmech or Xlim is what you should be looking at, that is the limit of one way excursion and my measurement with my set of Eminence Kappa 15 told me it will hit. If you have any doubt contact Eminence. If you could CNC for those interested it would be a big help.
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