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  1. here you go https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GWCPTQB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. my guess is you have incorrectly wired the PS
  3. the problem is related to the plate amplifier , it will require servicing or replacement
  4. great , but seeing the results , you convinced me never to use Osmo or Rubio
  5. you have 2 options , -the T500 is a sealed. cab + 5 inches taller , down to 35 Hz with 2 KD-13 passive woofers. -the T-400 is shorter by 5 inches , you have to get the ports right , and it only goes down to 38 Hz
  6. here's all the data on the K-28-K , scroll down to the K-24-K , the K-28 is 100 % identical to a K-24 with the exception of a 4 Ohms Voice Coil
  7. Quartets are ok , but a Heresy does not cost more
  8. the Ayon Spirit III is pretty good
  9. if an LS with a new sub actually sounds better than a Khorn without a sub , I wonder if a Khorn with a sub + a K-402 would sound pretty close to a Jubilee 1st gen
  10. the Tangent T-400 cabinets were 5/8 thick so still decent , there were no complaints ,
  11. I was talking of the Trade Secret https://www.tradesecret.ca/scratch-removers-for-wood/ dark bottle for Walnut , it works on raw veneer , it's dark oil
  12. the tangent larger 400 series, the cabinets were made with fiber board , the cabs were not veneered and there was use of vinyl
  13. 4 to 6 inch horn ????? ,the most common horns have a throat diameter of 1,4 or 2 inches
  14. @wayneair you can get a much better finish on these speakers if you buy a bottle of ... TRADE SECRET ...dark formula , sold on Amazon
  15. Toronto is definitely a big City and Ontario is huge, since you like the Forte , there are 4 versions , the Forte speakers have bass , lots of bass , , I would go for the Forte III since it was a very big improvement over the Forte II , it is crucial for you to audition older LS speakers , because the new AL-5 2 piece cabs do not sound anything like older 1 piece LS cabs .
  16. they dont make em like they used to
  17. Lascala and Forte speakers are completely different speakers , the Forte is a bass reflex cabinet with prominent bass , the LS is a folded horn speaker with much less bass , but the mids are more articulate due to a larger mids horn , I would recommend that you listen to a pair of Lascala and see if they please you , on the other hand , the Forte IV is a serious improvement over a Forte 1 .
  18. the Chief said it could be done , but how ? may still be a secret
  19. OO1


    Technics make excellent turntables , whether new or used ..... as long as the TT is in good condition
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