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  1. John , the sub you're showing is not the Large sub for the Lascala /khorn , the Large sub has 3 braces per side , and it's wider and almost as high as a khorn
  2. I dont think so https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s501/index.html
  3. contact klipsch tech support https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. @OldCrowthe tweeters in the 1st and 2nd pictures are aftermarket CT12O , the klipsch original K-77F tweeters may have been removed or the wires are simply disconnected , to determine if the diaphragms are defective , you'll need an Ohmmeter . the 3rd and 4th pictures are klipsch tweeters for a different klipsch speaker model
  5. 1981 was a very special year for the Heresy , open the rear panels , let's see what you have as mids drivers , K-55V ,single or dual phase plug midrange
  6. the OP already purchased a set of K-77 Alnico
  7. the original tweeters for the Lascala II are the K-77 F , klipsch Part # 127126 ,replacing defective diaphragms does not require soldering , klipsch -800-554-7724 https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. @dopeihope2 possibilities here . -the AK-2 were plagued with corrosion of the old monster style wiring , the corrosion occurs between the clear plastic jacket and the copper wire , discard the old wire end to end , remove all traces of the old solder . -a dirty voice coil gap or a worn out VC can also cause a grainy sound , remove the 4 screws , slowly , gently separate the magnet assembly , clean the VC gap , retest .
  9. sure they do , where have you been ? the latest klipsch subs are beasts
  10. 1984 Heresy speakers are not Heresy II , they are Heresy 1 or more accurately Heresy 1.5 ,1984 was the last year for the H1 series , these 84 Heresy speakers are very particular .as they shared some drivers and horns with the Heresy 2 ,
  11. pair of CW IV in late 2019 cost 4500$ , price in 2023 is 6600$ , no wonder used Heritage prices are up ,
  12. only drawback here , the woofer is a K-22 Alnico magnet , , if you want more oomph bass , swap in a set of K-22 woofers with Ferrite magnets
  13. 1 more Forte IV will then be ideal , if you dont like the RF-7 , you're not gonna like the RC 64
  14. you have several options , the RC 64 II or III center has a wide soundstage , Forte IV , dont under-estimate the RF-7 II or RF-7 III
  15. very nice and functional tool , best of all it's gonna last 100 years easy
  16. did you try repairing it with super glue
  17. Frequency response 14.5Hz - 175Hz +/- 3dB , 1169$ , 5 years warranty https://assets.klipsch.com/product-specsheets/RP-1600SW_Spec-Sheet_v02-2.pdf
  18. Bob Crites mentions by error that the K-77 F is a clone , while it's an OEM Original made with the original EV tooling . The K-77M was discontinued by EV in 2000 , the EV Tooling was purchased and moved to the Philippines under new ownership ,with the final assembly delegated to a third party to cut manufacturing costs ,the K-77 production resumed in 2001 , under the new designation K-77 F which is not a clone since it's manufactured with the original EV tooling same thing for the new diaphragm cups .
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