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  1. is that the same elliptical horn made of wood that SHU was mentonning above before
  2. what does the elliptical look like - I think I saw these made out of wood on this forum or was it the waveguides - these were made to fit the APT 50 - if I am remember right - do you have a picture and the cost of that elliptical horn that can post - tx
  3. no problem here - now if he sold the horns seperately - I am sure that a bunch of people who have APT drivers would buy these -
  4. definitely a bad speaker choice for you - Heresies are best at sound at ear level - they are lifeless , by that , you mean uncolored -yep that is right - they are over 10 hours old - they are broken in , now your ears have to adapt to the speaker-as well , - - the heresy 3 is not a modern sounding speaker - although a good monitor - klf 10 is better in my book - more bass - more definition - punchier -
  5. thanks mike - it is a good idea - now if you dont have a k77 horn - there are also those cheap Piezo tweeters 2$ that have a horn like the k77's - exactly like the ones tlipsch put in the tweeter arrays in the big pro series - that is the cheapest way to avoid scrapping a k77 horn lense
  6. a few years ago - when he was experimenting with his new machine to make the CT125 horn , - he made batches of different colors that were really nice - some were clear - I dont remember if some were other colors than black - but the idea is that he can make them in any color -
  7. the CT 125 horn lense does the job perfectly- - The machine that Bob Crites has can also make a k77 horn fit with any tweeter in the world -so sky is the limit there to look stock while bearing a totally different tweeter -
  8. agreed totally - the horn he made is very good -100% - perfect -
  9. or make my own - I have access to these mahines - you would have to make the concept and produce a few units -
  10. you can use the front of the k77 with a APT 50 - it can be done but it is a mess to cut and glue - and looks awful - Bob Crites made the CT125 by purchasing a machine that fabricates a k77 horn with the right adaptor for the apt 50 old style and maybe new style as well - that is where the driver and horn work well together -
  11. I really dont like the K33 no matter what I try in a Cornwall unless you listen to jazz - classical music at low volumes - the moment you pop in the rock and live music loud , it is like adding a mountain of uncontrolable bass -- it is just awful - now the k43 is much better - in contrast - a k33 will sound good in a scala - but not a cornwall 1 -is it the cone that does not have a high excursion or just too stiff - it is maybe because it is rear mounted - a k33 is to me an old - era woofer that is made for the purists only - 50's -60's style -you want to have a rock -dance music woofer - it wont be a cornwall 1 -surprisingly a similarly equiped heresy 1 iwith k22-k55v -k77 is a charm - add a k28 and the heresy 1 is a gem - - -now you take a k48 8 ohms - made by Eminence - is that ever a really good woofer that expands the sound - and that can handle pretty much a host of music types -a lot of power handling - - bass is tight , -chest pounding speaker in a chorus - now if Eminence made a k48 4 ohms - I would put it in a Cornwall 1 to try - IMHO
  12. I am looking for CT 125 horns only - no drivers , - any color -
  13. some of the guys dont care , they just post , sell , remove later -
  14. there is this woofer on ebay that may work - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mavin-Woofer-4-Ohm-12-High-Output-90-dB-SPL-250-Watts-Klipsch-replacement-/330688159188?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cfe8cddd4
  15. OO1

    After the Flood

    or raise them off the floor in case -
  16. you should clean the lens on the laser unit with a Q TIP -
  17. 12,500.00$ for speakers , wow
  18. I'm there Thaddeus Smith.....my last e-mail to him was this afternoon.......he has my number......done!!!MKP the seller was maybe in need of urgent money , so he put the lowest price in order to do a quick sale - on ebay he would have gotten 800$ ina couple of days , no problem
  19. OO1


    same tweeter as a heresy and the same horn lens - fantastic - plywood 3/4 inch cabinet - 8 inch woofer - they should sound very good with a 7.1 home theatre system with a bunch of these all over -
  20. well no No.Yea it's all a free listing......iv'e done a good bit of buying and selling on Craigs List.....most of the time it's all good.... Like ....now I am buying a old Wheelhorse tractor that I found on Craigs List, the seller listed his phone number....I called we spoke....we worked out a time....and all is good. It's like this most of the time. But this Klipsch deal has just gone wronge......I don't know MKP hi MKP - I never got an email back from the guy - no news here for ya
  21. It's all good my man.......sometimes it's just not meant to be......but we will see.MKP Industrial Chorus. do listings on Craigs List cost any listing fees like EBAY and do they charge a percentage on the sale -
  22. did you see the speakers and their actual condition , can you relay me their telephone number - thank you - if they are so pristine -can you confirm this to me- I am 600 miles away - 1200 round trip - 20 hours ride -
  23. Since you asked, I've been doing some critical listening. I made the decision to buy based on Moray James recommendation and Alex L's recommendation after he did some major upgrading to his CF-4's. Alex is solidly behind the 1506 sound. I don't normally do critical listening with only one of each speaker working, but here goes. If I did a blind test, I think I could tell the difference, but really both drivers sound pretty darn good. I listened to some acoustic guitar, and the 1506 sounds tremendous. It's like the difference between hearing a sound, and feeling a sound. The 1506 has more drive, a fatter more resonant sound. The human voice, in particular dialog sounds eerily real, not like a recording of a person, but like the person is in the room. The K-63-KN crosses over at 1600hz (was it 1400, Moray?) and the 1506 is essentially flat from 500 to 20,000, with a recommended XO of 800hz. I think the 1506 would sound even better if I modded the XO's and pushed the volume more. In the moderate volume at which I listen, they sound very similar. IMG_4290.JPG this monster driver must really perform with very loud sound - thanks for sharing the info - by the way , this must be very heavy duty and should hold up more than the k63 - did you know the diaphragms cost over 100$ - wow
  24. No, after $4k outlay and a couple years and almost achieving the sound i was looking for, i gave up on anymore Klipscxh for personal use. i listened to everything in the Klipsch line. I own Khorns, Scallas for the house, for the Cave i went Pro, many people i was dealing with kept telling me this. Finely someone in Burbank spelled it out for me, Klipsch is a competitor for EAW, so i looked into EAW, Bingo. Although a tad short in the "Chrispy Horn" section, EAW was the ticket. Between MY Ears, and the Neighbors complaints, im closer now than iv ever been. Firing up The EAW stacks i learned quickly, Bi-Amped, Active MUST be done, and this i did. Will be moving to the outback in Nevada to fully enjoy soon. bravo - maybe you should be a sales rep for EAW
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