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  1. reduce the bass to a lower level , no need to plug anything ........
  2. the woofers push out , they dont push down or up , Heresy terminals use a mini-barrier strip , 0 problems .
  3. @Livemusic an Earlier McIntosh is a great idea since the preamp is the most critical component , but these are very sought after , and very rare birds
  4. The 7's are beauties , fully powered , , Latest technology , let's hope the amps hold out .
  5. no worries , most owners of Forte 1 barely push them to their limits in their living rooms so whether the caps are worn out or not makes very little difference .
  6. Rogelio San , Happy 61st Birthday , All the Best .
  7. Contact .........https://jemperformanceaudio.com/ /Authorised klipsch Crossover repair center (412) 401-6915 theaudioroom@verizon.net
  8. klipsch offer factory capacitor kits which are direct replacement parts , Forget Aftermarkets , if you want the optimal sound
  9. CF-2 speakers for 3-400$ is a great deal , but you have to make sure the speakers are in good shape and well taken care off , cause replacement Parts are no longer available , except for crossover capacitors
  10. this thread would yield more answers ,,,,,,on the ASK THE HISTORIAN section .
  11. Here is a link , https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn , under the picture of the khorn , after the Word , Klipschorn is a ......
  12. yep they are all the same , being Man made veneers ..... KB-PNGL , KB-PNL or KB-RRL1 and KB-RRL2 are the same product but the dye , hues /colors / cutting /re-gluing of the layers varied . these speakers are KB-PNGL
  13. very nice craftsmanship , horns and drivers and crossovers , top end materials , custom speakers with lot's of labor , a one of a kind restoration of older klipsch speakers , sadly , the Badge says Volti , a dressed up brand of klipsch speakers for Affluent klipsch clientele who can afford it .
  14. klipsch Parts sell the k-28-E + the K-281 same with https://reconingspeakers.com/ , but klipsch Parts is much cheaper BTW check these out ...in LA , https://www.ebay.com/itm/255989095714?hash=item3b9a239d22:g:MqIAAOSwQQNj9wvF
  15. Yamaha A-S 301 , 349$ , 60wpc at 8Ohms + you get an excellent preamp + it will last you 30 years with 0 problems https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s301/index.html
  16. ideal woofers , klipsch K-28 or the K-281 4 Ohms - - Birch ply , or ApplePly , or MDF with machine screws and T-Nuts .
  17. late 70's Belle speakers , excellent cosmetics & fabric + new klipsch Pie Badges , Walnut , under 2500$ +++++
  18. go for it , you wont know until you try it ..... T-500 cabinet would have to be re-enforced and the height extended by 5 inches to match the KLF-30 dimensions , the rest is pretty much the same as far as the depth and width .
  19. The product was shelved
  20. PNGL , same as yours , the pictures on CL show clear fading of the klipsch dye and the gloss lacquer finish over the veneer ., which is why they look paler .
  21. that's quite odd , I've reached them very easily by phone via technical support
  22. @Apemonk the CW IV is a sure bet , even a used pair will last 30 years ,with no messing around
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