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  1. Do the Forte and the Heresy keep up with the Khorns?
  2. I think I will try the clay route... I know there is also a paintable sound deadener.
  3. Just one of each per crossover? I am asking because I haven't picked them up yet and I wanted to order the parts. tia, Ron
  4. Yup, that is the ones I am looking for... I've seen them from $500-700 a pair. That price would be great if I was local.
  5. Does anyone know what the cap values are for replacing them?
  6. I would go clear of the "Monster Cable" cables... I actually had one remove the RCA jack sleeve when I was removing the cable from my DTV HDPVR due to it being insanely tight.
  7. Yes it is... The ones I am looking for are the ported ones... 101db with 1 watt.
  8. I am waiting for mine too. Someone tested theirs and they hit 130db! Another person was getting 90db @7hz. This sub should be all I need for my LaScalas.
  9. Most of the Heresy speakers around me have been going for $400-700. I only paid $500 for my LaScalas. Keeping my eyes open for the super deals!
  10. Does the modeling clay fall off with time or does it stay intact forever (until you remove it). Do you have any pics of it after you put the clay on it? I wonder how many pounds you would need to do 1 horn in a LaScala....
  11. How would these compare with Heresy 1s for use as surrounds and heights for a LaScala setup?
  12. I think that is the same situation all over right now.
  13. What are the dimensions of your room? Mine could be as large as 23'x 17'.... I am not sure if I have the room for the LaScalas on the sides. Did you mount them up high or are they all ground level?
  14. Yup I won a BNIB Triax in a forum drawing and it is being shipped from PSA.
  15. Yeah I just noticed that too.
  16. I have someone coming over Wednesday to pick up my Paradigms. I won a PSA Triax sub, which should be here in a few weeks. The PSA sub is one of the main reasons I switched to the Klipsch LaScalas, plus I owned a pair back in 1979 and loved them. The Triax sub has a 4000w continuous rating and 8000w peak. Some of the people have seen 130db, and some have seen 90db at 5hz! I will keep my eyes out for all LaScalas then. I might be able to afford it if I can get some killer deals like I did on the 3 I currently have.
  17. I gave it to a friend of mine who has been doing all my electronics repairs for years for parts only. He thought it looked like a nice amp so I said you can have it.
  18. Hi Bruce, I have the 400 horn I believe (it is aluminum). Sounds like a good little project to try out! Thanks.
  19. Is that going to be big enough for a LaScala? If it is foam... Won't it tend to compress, which could cause the LaScala to become unlevel? I would think the feet would be better for isolation.
  20. Good info... I guess I will leave the horns alone then. Maybe when I can afford it I might try the wood horns to see what they do to the sound.
  21. My 1978 LaScala is a one piece cabinet... You have a 2 piece cabinet? I thought that was something that was on the newer LaScalas.
  22. Ooh... So you can take advantage of the senior citizens. LOL
  23. I think it all comes down to inductance and resistance and shielding if near a TV or a power cord. I am going to just make a set of wires... I am going to try the twisted pair with another twisted pair over them (going the opposite direction), put some sheathing on (purely for looks). and call it a day.
  24. If you plug into 2 different circuits.... Won't you tend to have ground loop hum problems?
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