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  1. Guessing they were modified since he's got extra mids. Even with that, these seem "steep" indeed. Would love to have them but I think I'd pass based on the price.
  2. Great ads. Thanks for sharing them. The veneers/finishes on the old Heritage seem much nicer than today.
  3. Much comes down to personal taste and what sounds best to you. I love the in-your-face drama and dynamics of our all-KLF series HT system (which might be comparable to some newer Reference lines) but I also like what I perceive to be the somewhat more refined sound of our Heritage (Cornwall) 2 ch. system. Another listener may have a very different take, and neither of us would be "wrong." Heritage would be great for HT if that's what your ears tell you.
  4. Welcome David. This is a great group and you should enjoy participating. Look forward to seeing the speakers. I've tended to hold on to my old stuff even after upgrading. Your decision to sell may be evidence of healthy, normal thinking!! Chuck
  5. Just 'cause I'm stuck on old fashioned Klipsch 3-way speakers, I'd love to seen any prototype 3 - ways they might have considered but scrapped. The KLF series was one of the last that made it to production and stayed around for a while, I think, except for heritage.
  6. Best Easter wishes to all you folks and thanks to Joe for starting this thread.
  7. While I like the sound of my HT, I keep a separate 2 ch system just for listening. That said, I'm gettin' to be an old guy too, but there's a lot to be said for not getting "too" hip or cool in the world of audio. Like having a great listening experience on great, full range speakers with an uncompressed signal!! Cheers to all and Happy Easter.
  8. Thanks, Dennie. We're almost "twins" ,,,, my most recent was June 28, 1995. Life is good.
  9. I love baseball. Got to play a little as a kid and grew up with the Cardinals. I had the privilege of seeing players like Musial, Gibson, Brock, O. Smith, and many others. I still follow the team no matter where I live. Thanks for this thread and stirring the memories!!
  10. Drinking is only a solution until it turns on a person and bites 'em in the a** and keeps biting. Doesn't do that to everyone who drinks, but for those it does, thank God for recovery.
  11. Marantz and Klipsch go well together as a general proposition and HT is no exception. I replaced a Denon avr with a Marantz 7005/7055 combination and haven't looked back. The sound quality is greatly improved imo. The Denon was just 'ok' but I knew something was missing especially in the musical passages of movies, plus the highs sounded tinny to my ear. Marantz separates made a remarkable difference. These models may or may not still be offered new, but they can be had on the used and possibly refurb market. I bought the processor new from Music Direct about a year ago and found the power amp slightly used on Ebay. (I was reluctant to buy the processor used). They also come up on Audiogon at times. You mention budget, but didn't say just what it is. You will usually pay more for separates than for an avr. BTW I also have KLF-30's and C-7 upfront with KLF-10's as rear surrounds.
  12. Those are great speakers at a price that was more than fair. I have the same ones but yours looked to be in better condition. Happy for your sale and for the buyer.
  13. Great ads!! Takes me back days of growing up with my dad's K-Horn (as in mono). Did anyone notice how well written (i.e., literate) the ads are?? Advertising (and the culture in general) seems so dumbed down today. Love the prices quoted as well!! Cheers to all.
  14. Been reading about Emo for quite a while and been tempted. Most of the talk seems to be about low cost, power and build quality. What do most of you think about sound quality of thier offerings and what would you expect in that regard with this AVR unit? The last update for me involved staying with Marantz based on reviews, experience, etc. but I was certainly tempted!!
  15. IMO there's no reason not to cross them over at 40 hz and that's what I've done with great success. I have KLF-30's up front. It should work for you, too.
  16. Hey, Cal. When one door closes, another usually opens. Take the money and run. Besides, if you really retire or get "almost" retired like me, you can spend some of your time making it a "happy" HT. Take care.....
  17. I would get the 10's and then do just what you said - get the 20's (or 30's) and move the 10's to surround duty. I've got the 30's up front, 10's in surround and the C7 center. In my opinion the 30's are much better than the 10's as main speakers and imagine the same is true of the 20's. You will love an all-KLF HT system. (Get a good sub that goes low to go with it.) Owners of the 20's jump in here and help Ken out!!
  18. ChuckAb3

    Southern BBQ

    PESHEWAH - Sorry for delayed response. Just saw your question. My Weber is the 26.75" model. Just got it last summer and like it a bunch. Does basically the same job as my 22" but you get more stuff on it and it's easier for indirect/smoking. When ribs are ready for "finishing" I transfer to the smaller Weber for quick direct heat and sauce. Gotta be careful not to dry 'em out. DAVE - Thanks for the tip. Guess I gotta find rub that's compatible with my sauce. Chuck
  19. I have a black pair of 30's but your black walnut is so much nicer. Don't think I'd have the courage to strip and re-stain a veneer. Great work......
  20. I'd be careful. One of the best organ speakers ever is the Leslie tone cabinet (I use a Leslie with my Hammond B-3) but I've not heard of one being used with anything but an organ or sometimes with a guitar. The best Leslies are stand alone external speakers (not built into an instrument). I think Dave is probably right about the vast majority of organ speakers. Good luck!! Chuck
  21. Thanks, Youthman ... you are correct!!
  22. ChuckAb3

    Southern BBQ

    I'm gonna experiment a little with rubs this year, I think, but in the past I've had good results using just kosher salt, pepper and garlic salt on baby backs or St. Louis cuts with indirect heat, charcoal and soaked hickory chunks on an oversized Weber or offset smoker. About 3 hours cook time using apple juice in a sprayer to maintain moistness gets tender meat with a real smoke ring. I will usually start another fire in a smaller Weber and finish the job with direct heat and sauce for 15 or fewer minutes to get a good crust and appearance. The downside to this approach is that I have a patio fairly littered with BBQ pits. (We also have a gas grill for corn or other veggies). I've hesitated to use a rub out of concern over mixing all the flavors of hickory, rub and BBQ sauce, but again I plan to experiment and see what works. Cheers, guys!!
  23. If I were to use these as my main (front or equivalent) speakers, I think I'd want to hear them first and it might be hard to to do that given the lack of dealers. On the other hand, they might be great as surrounds. Also, these only spec out at 45 Hz on the low end and many of us would still want to use a sub to fill it in. That often (not always I guess) means at least one big 'ol speaker on the floor. All of that said, I'd sure enjoy a chance to hear these!!
  24. How does the RTR compare to CD or vinyl in terms of sound quality?? Afraid to say I've never owned a RTR but have been tempted.....
  25. Way to go!! Ever think about working some Heresy's into the mix or an Academy? I'd love to try an all Heritage HT someday. Right now, the Cornwalls are in my 2 ch system and I use an all KLF set up for HT, but I think all Heritage would be a kick. Again ... way to go!!
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