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  1. Any pictures of your work? Isn't there some merit to commercially available and measured panels? Or should I really try and buy the fabric from that company for the exact color I want or try to source from a fabric store and attempt my own build? If DIY do you use rockwool or O.C703 or something more exotic?
  2. The color scheme that I fell in love with is pictured here.... And I think his panel placement looks awesome. I'm trying to copy some of what he did in this room..
  3. I was planning on the impaling clips & panel glue that's recommended for acoustic panel to wall. (I'm not sure what the AcousticalSolutions panels are backed with, if anything) What type of mounting did you use that was fussy to work with?
  4. Yes.... Both left / right walls will cost me around $2,500 and an extra maybe $600 for the rear wall However... The color in using is cordovan... Which goes perfectly with my wall color. AND the beveled edge will look very professional. Since I've done everything myself and saved so much money on framing, drywall, electrical, etc.... I can afford to splurge on speakers, Amps, PJ, and acoustic treatments. Especially since they will have the WOW factor and 'finish' the room, I don't want to skimp here and have the final touches be blatantly DIY
  5. So stick with my side & back walls then? Good... Cuz I could not for the life of me figure out a pleasant pattern for acoustic panels on the ceiling to work around my atmos ceiling speakers & hvac vent & lights... Perfect! What are the thoughts here on "over-absorption" some professionals say keep it live sounding, and some like Dennis Erksine say you can't have enough absorption. Does my quick sketch look like "too much" My coverage will be : Walls 574 sq/ft With 200 sq/ft of coverage at 2" thick SoundSuede by Acoustical Solutions Ceiling 400 sq/ft with 0 sq/ft of coverage Floor 400 sq/ft with 400 sq/ft of carpet My rear riser will have an attempt at massive broadband absorption with large 'trench drain grills' around the perimeter to allow airflow for room boundary pressure to hopefully reduce some bass modes.
  6. I thought this should be a new thread... Instead of attaching to my theater build thread: I will be ordering acoustic panels in the next 6 months hopefully (yes I try and plan far ahead since the whole room is DIY) my side walls will have 60sq/ft of treatment each. With my remaining 80-100sq/ft recommended amount going on the rear wall, front wall, and possibly ceiling. See quick sketch for idea of entry wall for rough idea. My question is this. If my side and rear walls are appropriately treated for reflection points.. That leaves the ceiling first reflection untreated. Since I'm in a basement and my ceiling height is 8feet- would you leave the ceiling NOT treated to retain some echo and sense of spaciousness -- or would you treat ALL first reflection points on side walls AND ceiling. (Floor is all carpeted so that handles as best as possible floor reflection point) Thoughts?
  7. I think a lot of fear of horns is from other manufacturers talking smack about being honky and shrill. A properly set up horn is not honky or shrill at all. There's a lot of misinformation about horns - best way is to listen to a proper set up
  8. Does your DVOM (multimeter) read "OFL"? Or 0.0ohm ? OFL or OL means open circuit If you get 0.0ohm you may have exceeded the settings on your meter and need to set to a different scale. Maybe you're set on MOhms or KOhms and need to go to a smaller scale ???
  9. Lone survivor Master & commander Wall-E 9 Inception Pacific rim Black hawk down
  10. The picture of the 'dub-7' with that walnut colored wood grain is gorgeous!!!!! Where did you find that?
  11. Will it keep the 15"s Robust to their 18hz output?
  12. How do you feel about the 4 subs? I have two.. And have not moved them into the theater as it's still under construction. Was there a drastic improvement between 2 & 4 ??? Also curious about the SQ improvement with the Amps. As I am using a cheap cheap cheap receiver still..
  13. $0.00 Well / septic. Although I did buy a Hellenbrand Iron Curtain to make the well water perfect. that cost me $2500 Otherwise.. Free. Mmmmm ice cold well water..
  14. When I used to live in Naperville, Il there is a store that has a room with acoustic treatments & the BW diamonds with classé mono blocks as well.... It did sound nice... But I felt it had a very relaxed, almost veiled sound. It would have been awesome for Jazz or something like that I think... But it didn't give me the feeling of being in the audience of a concert.. It made me feel like I was listening to a very nice stereo setup. I like a touch of the in your face.... Which Klipsch has in spades.. The BW's were pretty.. That's for sure. But I could spend 40k on many other things & still have a killer set up. ** note ** when the fella's that worked there asked what I currently had as a setup.. They turned their noses up at me as if I wasn't worthy.. So.. That left a poor taste for B&W to me..
  15. What about this idea... And I'm not well versed in subs so this may be a silly idea...some more clever people will chime in if in correct me. Get two r-115sw's And place up front. They match the 7ii's beautifully.. Have a nice "curb appeal" Then later on.. Install two 18"s in back.. Not sure how this would integrate with 15's and 18's.. But the 15's wouldn't be too powerful or bloated for music / 2 channel.. And the 18"s in the rear would give lots of punch when watching movies. Bad idea? Good idea? Hard to accomplish?? Not sure... But an idea..
  16. Car electronics test requirements by Bosch: http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/3/RTPGE/public/july12/hoganmuller_01a_0712.pdf
  17. Thought this was very good.... And the film score, excellent.
  18. Welcome to the forum Tonycpa What are your room dimensions? Any acoustic treatments?
  19. What about artists like Maynard James Keenan? Some TooL songs are pretty deep - Like 24 & 2. Who writes a song about chromosomes?
  20. Jim. Thanks! Great advice.. I read the Benadryl and whiskey somewhere else. I've been using that on my wife when she gets fussy.. It's been working for years!
  21. (Disclaimer) It's not at Reference... It's at a soothing baby volume
  22. Yes, to my knowledge all manufacture do this sort of testing. I don't know about the other mfg's... But I know our S-klassé is so quiet while driving, and so smooth- your heart rate and blood pressure are lowered. Granted. That's a $100k+ car.. But still, that research and technology trickles into everything else we make. There's some pretty cool tech that's used in R&D building cars these days. -- not all is published or known to the general public. Pretty cool to see that in a truck though, as they're inherently noisy and clumsy.
  23. Those all appear to be the same person performing the signature. Changes in writing will change minute by minute. But the exaggerated P in the second photo post #7 Indicates aggression. I'll keep thumbing through my handwriting analysis book I have and see if there's anything else fun. (Here's his exaggerated P again... It would be interesting to feel the paper and see how hard he does the letter P, if it's really aggressive, or just accentuated for looks.)
  24. Hmm... That's a strange looking garage door. You may need a double torsion spring for that much weight. Best to call a garage door guy though.. Lol. Looks like a nice build on your boxes.
  25. Majas, More subs does not mean more or louder bass. More subs means EVEN bass. (When setup and dialed in correctly) Setup looks good to me. And you said you prefer onkyo... Looks like you should go with the Onkyo then.
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