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    Sometimes you get a vision and just go for it.
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    You really don’t need a truck to move
  3. My room is 28’x16’x12’. In the past I have had 3 Klipsch speaker setups. Klipsch KP 301 Klipsch KP 301ii & KP 115X Klipsch KPT-456 with 2 Rel Stentor subs Klipsch KPT-942 with 2 Rel Stentor subs and currently a modified version of the KPT 535-4-T My normal SPL is 85db however I have listened to some rock and symphony passages up to 95db. I find the sound quality in each setup to be quite good. With each step the biggest difference was the increased size & depth of the soundstage. Enjoy the Music 🎶
  4. Thanks Peter for attempting to assist me. I called PS Audio today and “yes” I can connect a 4ohm load to each pair of speaker outputs. Like if I was configuring it in a bi-wire mode.
  5. Thank you for the response Peter. I understand that connecting (2) 8 ohm drivers together in parallel equals a 4 ohm load. If a do this to each pair of speaker outlets on this amplifier in a bi-wire configuration is it still a 4 ohm load on the amplifier ? Or would it lower ?
  6. The speakers in the KPT 415 are 8 ohm speakers
  7. If I connect (2) of the 15” drivers “parallel”(KPT 415) to one pair of speaker outlets on the amp and the other (2) set of 15” drivers to the other pair of outlets on the amp. Is this a 4 Ohm load on the amp ?
  8. I too have had both Tidal & Qobuz and prefer Qobuz for SQ. Qobuz also pays the artist a higher compensation. Tidal has the edge for a broader artist & album selection. But I opposed the direction of market manipulation Tidal was engaging.
  9. Pets are only pets when you first bring them home. With time they truly feel more like family. I think they know that as well as you. Sounds like you both shared some great times together. So sad for your loss Sir.
  10. When engaged in gathering intelligence, a top priority is establishing the value and credibility of the source.
  11. Ok, with the lights on my system room looks like Janis Joplin. But turn off the lights and listen, it sings like her too.
  12. Beautiful build and sound. Eric told me he was hesitant to sell them. Sending PM.
  13. That is some world class photo editing. Really does look real.
  14. I have seen others audiophiles reviews on the cotton swab upgrade. Mixed reviews depending on the grade of swabs. However there is a company in California, “Spontip” that make an audiophile grade product that truly works. I purchased a pair for $1,800 and what a difference in SQ. Black background, wide soundstage, beautiful 3D imaging and incredible separation.
  15. Congrats, I had a neighbor that had one with the ottoman. I love the design and super comfortable chair.
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