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  1. DMH 3rd option is worth looking into. Would you IM me the contact information for this option.
  2. True, you could try it on one of the fins/brace on the back. Great idea dtel, I will definitely do my trial experiments on one of the fins on the back.
  3. Thank You to everyone for the great advice and pointing me in the right direction. I will report back on my final process with pictures.
  4. Can anyone here help in identifying the composition material of the 1st generation 402 and a compatible resin/glue.
  5. The small cracks, I do not think have enough separation to be able to get adhesive material into, but a patch on the back may serve to keep the cracks from extending further. I have heard in other applications that if you drill a small hole at the end of the crack that it will also stop the crack from extending any further. Any advice is appreciated. I know this horn is old and worn but I think she deserves to continue to sing. 😊
  6. Yes Sir. Thinking it through logically, that was my “inexperienced” thought as well.
  7. Lol. At my age it’s like playing billiards with rope.
  8. Also have cracks lines below the bigger crack.
  9. Looked up some old posts and this cracked 402 is from the guy in Orlando, FL (eBay from Jan 2018) which was identified as 1st generation. The one that will warp if left in the sun in 90 degree temperatures.
  10. Thank you DMH. I work nights so will not be back home till around 4am est. I will take pictures and send them tomorrow.
  11. I have a 5” crack in my 402 that’s in need of repair. Starts at the top about 12” from the corner and extends left 5” at 120 degrees. I’m considering an epoxy repair and asking here for advice on best type to use based on experience. Thanks Jim
  12. I have a pair of K-1036-K 10” woofers purchased on EBAY May 2017. I changed my project before I ever received the speakers and have never opened the package. Let me know if you are still interested. Jim
  13. dtel the Art box works perfectly. Absolutely no noise. I used the Art as a coarse adjustment then fine tuned it with the Marchand adjustments. It sounds great. Thank You !
  14. That’s funny because years ago I purchased a cnc laser machine out of Texas and I to had no experience, but I learned and still have it. The purpose of my lengthy story was only to explain to everyone that has been so helpful how my impulsive nature ended me up with what I am now realizing is “not the best decisions on components” for these wonderful speakers.
  15. Yes Sir, the very ones I picked up from JWC. I still have the 301ii’s & 115’s I got from you, but sadly I am going to let them go. These 402/904’s are the speakers I am going to take to the grave, which may be earlier than not with gain matching, frequency equalization, and the not even considered time alignment. Lol These are all as a matter of fact truths that have happened in my life: I purchased a airplane and didn’t know how fly.. The first time I flew the airplane I was by myself. I opened a Jewelery store before I had any jewelry to sale... I have had 3 funeral arrangements, used two and I’m still here. I drove to Lynnville, TN and picked up a pair of 301ii/115. A month later drove to Atlanta, GA and picked up a pair of 456’s. And I didn’t even know what a capacitor, frequency or crossovers were. Now that’s crazy and even crazier when you consider I graduated from college with honors. But I wouldn’t change any of it. And I’m having as much fun with this audio adventure as I did with the airplane. Glens “ Sir I will ask for your (explanation and assistance) with the time alignment. And if you get to the point where you just can’t take anymore of me do like they do in wrestling and “tap out”.
  16. Everything you have stated about mismatched amplifiers problems is the truth. I can only blame myself for starting down this path and Nelson Pass for making the SIT3. “Which Makes me Smile A Lot”.
  17. Once again “Smart Guys” see the problems before they happen. I understand enough to follow your logic. (I’m learning/catching on). The way I have put this system together is definitely flawed in that respect, which is significant when I realize that the end results means that these wonderful speakers will never reach their acoustic potential. “Dang” I feel like Charlie Brown. I will hope that by taming the worst frequency offenders and finding the best happy medium around the crossover points that just maybe I will be “content”. And for sure I will have gotten closer to audio perfection then where I was just 3 days ago when you so graciously stepped in to educate, guide and invest your time in a total stranger. Thank You Glens. I will let you know how things turn out.
  18. dtel I got the Art delivered today and going to add it in the system tomorrow when I get home. I will let you know how it works out. Thank you for the recommendation.
  19. I’m going to give it my best. And thank you again for all your help Sir.
  20. Here is what I found out from Auralic Aries forum: I have an Aries running the 6.0 firmware and it does indeed have a 20 band parametric equaliser. This includes peak/dip, high pass, low pass, band pass and band stop functions. There’s also a speaker placement compensation function, which allows you to compensate for situations where the left and right speakers are not equidistant to your listening position. Use REW to measure the room acoustic then apply change. The equalizer lays out a graph where you can can depict the y axis range as +/- 12db or +/- 24db. You then add points along the x axis, at each of the frequencies you want to adjust up or down. Each point you put down is placed in the middle of the frequency band that you want to adjust. You then specify the width of the band you want to adjust (the so called Q factor) and then specify the gain, + or -, in terms of dB’s.
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