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  1. The difference even though it's a video is amazing. Not to mention it's compared to a Klipschorn! Be right back gotta pick up a lottery ticket.
  2. 'Bout 11 hours later and we're still breathing. 😁
  3. Got the GASP!!!!!! Johnson and Johnson about 2 hours ago. Aside from a little ache at injection site after the shot we're fine.
  4. So where are ya and what will it take to separate you from them?
  5. DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's it take to drive them? Old Motorhead stage set ups?
  6. Scheduled for the J&J vac on Monday the 10th.
  7. Ah it could happen. We'll see.
  8. Presby's Crown Jewel Bearded Iris Superstition Bearded Iris Nikon D3100 Nikkor 50-135 f3.5
  9. I'm currently seeking new digs that's why I ask. only have so much to spend and the market sucks to be a buyer right now. At least 'round here it does. I've just heard they're so big you need to be far away and just do not get that. As far as I've seen/heard a good speaker is a good speaker regardless of how far away you sit. I've also heard they got no bass,the sound is "thin" and on and on. I believe the things I hear from you guys so I ask.
  10. I'm really leaning towards the La Scala. Do I really need a large space for La Scala? It's not likely I'll ever have a big place 'cause I'm single and that whole budget thing.
  11. Life is tough. Shaggy is 4 years old and spent a lot of those years in a kennel. He's living the luxury life these days. And a great companion.
  12. The audio out is dual purpose. Has a Toslink with the proper cable as well as headphone output. Not all iMacs have it and the ones that do are a well kept secret apparently. Takes this cable to work. The 3.5mm is a little longer than the standard and activates the optical on my iMac.
  13. Been using optical for a couple months now w/o any issues I can hear. Spotify through '09iMac/Schiit Modi3+/Fisher 440T/klipsch R610f. I do have a good internet connection so it could contribute to my satisfaction.
  14. There's a pair of Forte II in the garage sale section for $800 right now.
  15. Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs Tchaikovsky's 1812-Erich Kunzel Cinncinati Symphony Orchestra John Coltrane-Giant Steps Kraftwerk-Computer World In no particular order.
  16. So far La Scala seems to be holding a slight edge over Heresy with Belle a distant 3rd. Kinda what I thought would be. Hope the house will accommodate them.
  17. I'm 62 and have never owned a television. Not that I've never watched just find it sucks time like a black hole. Thanks for the input though
  18. Just playing with big boy toys. SOunds like fun to me.
  19. La Scala? Yes second sentence second paragraph. I do see more Heresy and La Scala than Belle available at what I wanna spend. Honestly any of the three would likely be fine. More concerned about compatibility with the receiver than anything else.
  20. I currently have a pair of R610f speakers. I like them but want something a little higher in the range. Will keep my modified (500T power transformer installed when refurb'd) Fisher 440T receiver 'cause I enjoy the sound.......and well it's paid for. I will stick with Klipsch but go used Heritage. Looking at Heresy I/II,earlier La Scala and Belle. My preference is the Belle with no real reason other than I want. I listen to just about everything musically so the speaker needs to be versatile. I enjoy my 610's so my ears aren't super critical. I am not concerned with the perceived lack of bass in the Heresy or others. Just don't see/hear it. All that said any suggestions,ideas or advice. Listening may be difficult for me. Given all that what say you?
  21. Since they're mentioned..........I have a pair of R610f speakers attached to my 1965 (?) Fisher 440T. Budget and impatience necessitated purchasing them. I am truly impressed with them price notwithstanding. They just sound wonderful to me. Of course I want more (Belle is the current infatuation) but they are far more than I expected and have sold me on Klipsch. What really surprised me is the bass from them. I expected a lack but it simply isn't the case at all. And I'm single so WAF is of no consequence.
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