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  1. Dood. Nice house and of course the Jubilees are lovely. The view out the center window does beg the question...where do you live? It looks like quite an inviting place.
  2. I wanna learn how to make sourdough bread.
  3. 26° this morning. Weatherman is talking an inch or two of....snow. Oh well.
  4. Ahh...Purple jezus. take an Igloo cooler and fill halfway with ice. Add 1/2 gallon Everclear-1.2 gallon CHEAP vodka-top off with grape KoolAid or similar toxin. Drink until you fight puke or pass out. Repeat. The resilience of youth...I miss that ability. Not that I'd do the above if I could but there's a few other things I'd engage in were I made of steel and rubber like I was then.
  5. geezin'

    Heresy I

    Wonder what the reaction would be if you wanted to pick up?
  6. geezin'

    Heresy I

    Scammer? Too polite. Thief is more accurate.
  7. This oughta get a laff er two. My eyes are still watering. Warning a couple of naughty words sneak in there.
  8. For me it's all about the sound. Like I've said before you can always make up some BS like " that came from Frank Zappa's studio rig" for some tired looking LS Splits.
  9. Took me two years to decide which Harley I wanted. Almost three years (and 45K miles) later the decision was the right one.
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Jubilees.
  11. Post up a location please. If you're close enough we should talk.
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