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  1. Not sure I really wanna live in that world.
  2. Thread started August 2022 about price rise in September 2022. You're a bit late to the party.
  3. 120? I used to drink this straight all the time. had a great flavor you would not expect at that proof. Hard to find where I live now.
  4. How ya gonna charge it?
  5. Yeah me and tequila always ended poorly. I'll pass.
  6. There's too many good speakers out there to take the risk. I'd pass.
  7. Thanks for that recipe. I'll definitely give that a try.
  8. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    And where are they going?
  9. 64 here. And still ride a motorcycle virtually daily. 'Cause of my job (Harley tech) many belong to other people. When I cannot handle the 800 pound beast I'll make it even heavier...with a sidecar.
  10. I took my boy outside and let his big hairy a^# run around. 'Cause ya never know. I'm not young either.
  11. Yeah some of us have schiit to do.
  12. That'll cause permanent damage...I saw The Who in '73 when they were the loudest guys in town. Guiness book said 120dB. My ears still ring from concerts.
  13. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    I would. What would you call them?
  14. geezin'


    April 1st. Then again I wouldn't be surprised either.
  15. I have a WiiM mini. It allows me to use my iPhone to control Spotify through it. It also allows the same with other providers. I'm not quite as particular about the nuances of sound...well due to decades of guns/racing motorcycles and really loud concerts I question my ability to tell the difference not to mention my wallet's shortcomings. The above runs through my Schiit Modi3+/Fisher 440T/Heresy I and Klipsch KG SW sub. .....and then there is my room...
  16. I had a problem with one of my crossovers and had DeanG rebuild them. Sounds a little different but better. I run a Klpsch KG sub with mine and it's a match made in heaven to me.
  17. Wish I could. They are gorgeous. And I bet they sound the same.
  18. That's a pretty good description of my '79 Heresy. Oh and nice score micklipsch
  19. Anyone know if these are usable under a motorcycle helmet? I detest sound systems on motorcycles but wouldn't mind access to some tunes occasionally. Well that and I pay too much for the phone service so I'm going to test that whole unlimited thing.
  20. How Dog came home. In the small box o top is a pawprint and lock of his hair. He is missed dearly.
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