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  1. Like my friend Jimbo said - paintbrush or stiff toothbrush? Once you've removed as much as possible, maybe dipping brush in bleach to kill off the nasties, let dry. I have had very good luck refurbishing the look of cones without sacrificing flexibility and mass (mass very important), with SEM vinyl spray in satin black. If your K33 has the little vent screen in the center, put a coin on that to stop the spray. A couple of coats in different directions will give complete coverage with flexibly, light paint. It's used for vinyl tops on cars so maintains good flexibility and has never cracked on my decorator heresies that I dolled up in this fashion.
  2. What does that mean, "Frzninvt"? Not sure why these would be more desirable. I prefer the spring loaded terminal. Is there a difference other than the connection type? Are they more valuable? K55V-1 (Medium).jpgK55V-2 (Medium).jpg Thanks, Matt ♪ ♫ ♪ Solder lug K55V had a two part phase plug, which eliminates the 'ring' at 9khz (I believe it is). This is important because on earlier network designs the mid is allowed to run out to it's acoustic range, with no low pass crossover.
  3. Can you explain further? Seems counter intuitive to me that putting them into a sealed enclosure would give them more air than an open rack? I would have thought as long as the front faceplate was in the open air you were good to go. (I learned a bit differently when I had them stacked on each other while sitting on the floor and had the thermo protection light come on) sealed in terms of a back, blank spaces filled in the rack etc. so that the vent fans (installed in the rack) move a substantial amount of air in the cracks specially built in to the chassis design of the K2. See the owner's manual. If you rack mount two K series amps there is about a 1/8" gap between them, you need to move some serious air through there. An open rack cabinet or one with lots of leaks won't give you the velocity you need.
  4. I think this is another i see used quite a bit. Its a little pricey.Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk Yes, more so that the lower watt Crowns, but it is a beast at the following wattage. 1,250 into 2 ohms. 500 watts 8 ohms 800 watts 4 ohms 1,250 watts 2 ohms These are still great, quiet, powerful amps. One design feature is that they don't draw air through for cooling, so they are great for outdoor stages. The old Biergarten where I worked is up to 5 of them now, I know a PA company that uses 8 with some other amps to power a EAW 730 line array rig. Make certain to mount them in a SEALED enclosure where you're drawing lots of air through the slots between the housings to keep them cool if you're running them hard. I've seen guys make mistake of just putting them in open racks and that's not enough air.
  5. I have both, you are quite correct. Also here is a D300IIa, a could of D75a, K2's and MT 1200 it's quite silly really.
  6. Someone must congratulate you on making another complete lap around the sun! Blast us some tunes young man - what's playing today? Michael
  7. Looks pretty ok deal. unless they're blowed up...
  8. You would need to connect the tiny leads to another type of lug, connector, or any wire leading to the source of signal on the crossover. Extreme care must be taken not to snap off the tiny wire further down near the voice coil, or for heat to reach the voice coil, so a heat transfer (heat sink) of some source as well as modest solder iron temperature and quick soldering should be undertaken. Do not remove the heat sink until things have cooled down. You don't want to melt the voice coil. Alternately, Klipsch may have replacement diaphragms available and this would include the voice coil/diaphragm assembly, which included the mounting plate and lugs that were broken off during your incident.
  9. In terms of using the Spotify service, I don't keep music on my iPhone, prefer iPad so I don't use the offline feature at all but probably should try it at least. In the house, my iMac is connected to Yamaha stereo receiver to forte II speakers in the home office, then B speakers are CDT5800 in the kitchen area nearby. I use the AppleTV to listen to whatever's being played on my iTunes folder in the hearth room where the LaScalas are ( my main theater/living area), and soon will have upgraded my computer, RAID, and operating system so I can stream whatever's being played on the computer (Spotify) to that area of the house.
  10. There are separate outlets for each woofer for testing purposes. Early pro MWM and the KP600 carried on in this tradition. Yes leave the + and - jumpered together, hook up one lead from amp to one + and one - that's all there is to it. Sit back and enjoy the most effortless low end you've ever heard! These are manufactured with the barrier strip on the outside of the speaker and lug terminals since they are normally used in fixed (cinema or club) installations.
  11. Here's how I use the service for a specific purpose. I go on rock cruises, many times there are bands that I and my fellow cruisers are unfamiliar with. So I create a folder for each of the bands, and load it full of everything Spotify has on them. Then I go to SetlistFM.com and look up the artist, go to the other specs page, and look at the Average Setlist for the current and prior years. These will be the songs from that artist most likely played on the upcoming cruise. I put those, in setlist order (live or extended cuts where available) in a master cruise list. I publish that on the Facebook site for the cruise and tell the kids to do their homework. Sometimes with 25-30 bands on a ship, these playlists can get up to 40-60 hours of listening but there is nothing like hearing a band for the first time and being somewhat familiar with their material. Look me up on Spotify - the lists that are most interesting would be those for the progressive rock cruises Cruise to the Edge (CTTE), and Monsters of Rock (MOR). Enjoy!
  12. to avoid being scooped, avoid risk by posting about a purchase only AFTER it has been secured. It has happened.
  13. What a sweet sweet man - I remember him from my first Pilgrimage to Hope. He was always friendly and supportive of those in need. Never a complaint. I can hear his gentle voice in my head just now... We lost one of the truly good guys. Condolences to Tony, family, and all in our community who had the pleasure to have known him.
  14. First class for IATSE (stagehands union) is on Tuesday. Not many gigs but I'm buying my way into a nice part time job by taking their internship program the next three years.
  15. I am not replacing any woofers I am just looking for info. I have 64 Khorns with K-33-J woofers in them. I thought that I had read somewhere that they were the best that Klipsch had used so I was just trying to confirm that. Thanks for the replies. I'd leave well enough alone. I've not researched myself but also heard that some guys prefer the Jensens (That's what the J stands for - you'll also see the numbers P15LL inked on the outer edge of the basket if they're like my 63 CW woofies). Do you also have chrome K77's in there? M
  16. Keep at it, you'll be very pleased with the results. Any further thoughts on recapping the networks? I plan to do this as well. I play my MCM's at generally modest levels with a JBL/Urie 6360 amp through the 4- way passive networks (the only part of the stacks I've not refurbished totally). A pair of KP201's hanging high on a shelf, upside down on the facing wall, reversed L/R means that anywhere I go in the shop I have L/R information.
  17. ... Starting to sound like my place ! Congrats on the MCM1900's. Post photos as you can please. I love watching a good refurb job.
  18. If you might possibly consider going 6.? I have a single cherry NIB RS41, or perhaps someone has another single for sale on eBay ?
  19. probably reek of smoke, cheap perfume and baby lotion...
  20. These have a very sweet crossover network also. Different that the Heresy II. These are some sweet cabinets - I have a pair in my shop that I use as rear fills to my MCM stacks.
  21. Thanks guys, let's just say there is a LOT of live music and an ocean in my near future. It's been a great year musically and professionally. Saw Tesla/Styx/Def Leppard on a Toronto adventure (9 hours from home), mixed at the Key West Songwriters Festival again, took a cruise this spring with Dtels and my Gina. Summer was working for a local PA company, seeing a lot more live rock, even if a bit of drive and ticket scalping was involved. Whitesnake, TOTO/Yes in Detroit, Robert Plant here in Indy from the 5th row center. Joining the local stagehands union IATSE 30 and starting their internship program Jan 2016 at the age of 57. I'll be 60 when I become a Journeyman but it's the next step in this journey. Working larger shows with professional gear and touring pros has got to be near the nth degree of what this hobby as become for me.
  22. Happy Birthday to my good friend Roger, we knew each other in our school days, but managed to become reacquainted after a chance meeting up through the Klipsch Forum. We've enjoyed many good times and adventures since then, wow that's been a decade or so now by my reckoning.
  23. I retired once, at 10,000. It didn't stick.
  24. pie slices were in bag stapled to the back and original owner attached them, wasn't that the case?
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