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  1. random orbital sander and gallon of duratex and I could have those looking like new in a jiffy. For that price, I bought showroom new LSI-split-BG many moons ago. No they're not for sale.
  2. Don't know that I've seen a jack plate that says Klipschorn like is shown in the photos. Has this one had network upgrades from big daddy Klipsch?
  3. Little KG's or smaller/older RB's might be ideal here. I have a four-pack of RB15 that I'm selling for a buddy locally. Indianapolis if you're interested. I've not posted them here yet.
  4. The problem with very small satellite speakers like Quintets is that require a much higher than normal crossover point, like 150 hz. So compared to something larger that would allow 80 hz standard crossover, you have an extra octave of very critical information coming 'from the box in the corner' versus being distributed in the sound field where it belongs. A lot of the feel of surround processing is lost imho.
  5. Neil, I have a pair of RB35's here from a friend. Cherry finish, boxes, excellent condition - that might fit the bill.
  6. If it helps with the sale, these are my favorite small pro boxes. H II with more rugged network and battle dress. What could go wrong? Much flatter response than KP250, which is bass shy. Smoother than HIP. Sexier than any Heresy. So there.
  7. Preferably driving distance to Indianapolis. Good to excellent condition. Thanks Michael
  8. Yes you can order pro-line Klipsch unfinished.
  9. a little Duratex would have that looking new in a jiffy. I have a pair I'd sell if someone wanted to do a 3 pack.
  10. That's funny, one time when I was early on working for a sound company, we were given an assignment. How many Bose (901 at the time) and how much power would it take to equal a Crown DC300 playing through a pair of Klipsch LaScalas?
  11. Your bedroom experiment (?lol) was exactly what was needed here. My forte II live in a 14x14 mahogany paneled office 8' ceiling and I can tear the roof off with a 60 wpc Yamaha receiver. What is your square/cubic footage please?? It matters a LOT how much air you're trying to energize. It's not going to be concert levels within that entire space with only a pair of forte II, no. That attached kitchen area is part of this room for acoustic purposes. Let's remember that THX specs ( as a starting point for our illustration) operate in a 3000ft3 space, and that requires a 1000 watt amp and two specially designed subwoofer cabinet. It's not the room placement, it's a matter of efficiency and wattage for the given space. With Klipsch you're dealing with some of the most efficient speakers on the market so you're correct there. For really ripping sound in that space you have, something like LS would make a lot of sense. Do you have some numerical expectation of decibel level you hope to achieve for peaks/ average listening in this rooom?
  12. Just saw the pics, you got a couple of beauties right there. I used to have a pair of KP250's in oak, but don't care for that model as much. Sure they handle 200 watts vs 100, but the ports kills the LF.
  13. They're a little different in the crossover department, but I can't say exactly what. I'm sure the schematics are here somewhere. If it's a KP201 II, it'll have a different jack plate, and tractrix style horn which if memory serves will be a K762 (smaller motor than K792) They do look perhaps a tad dry. Dust them off with a tack cloth and apply some Watco rejuvenating oil per recommendations on the can and watch that oak grain really pop!
  14. how big of a room are you trying to energize?
  15. aha the old 'behind the sofa aiming up ploy' eh? Nice system there.
  16. FYI, I bought the 682's and two KI 362's with IndyKlipschFan in Green Bay Wisconsin, during a Packers game. Town was like a ghost town and the dude in a hurry to get us loaded out. I bought two more KI362's from a corporate board room sale in FL and had them shipped up here. When it became apparent that what I really needed was the KP362 (keep in mind that P is not for Professional or I for Industrial. P stands for PORTABLE and I for INSTALL) - I found Bill Hendrix had 4 of the KP version so we met in Columbia Kansas, at the traditional meeting place of Klipsch sales, the Cracker Barrel, and made a trade! That's also when I got two KP262 and several KSM12 (also for sale by me). So that's how this setup came to be - a LOT of driving! Ok before somebody asks - KP has the deeper cabinet, HF/MF square motor board rotatable only 90 degree increments (in case you wanted to hang them horizontally), the K604 (forte II) mid horn which is 60x 40 degrees, a full jack panel with NL4 pro connectors, and most importantly - HANDLES. KI is a shallower cabinet, with slightly rounded grille, the HF/MF motor board is round and rotatable in 22.5 degree increments, in case you build a cluster of them (a proper cluster would be KI362/KI215/KI362), angled downwards and needed an odd angle on the horns. The horn is a 90 degree horn, and the input is by wire, with no handles or nifty input jacks that you'd want on a portable cabinet.
  17. This is a great club system or for little outdoor festivals. With a single 362 on each sub (placed vertically), it's a powerhouse with very small footprint. I built the little base plates to hold the twin tops together tight-packed and it will balance on the sub perfectly well for about 100^ coverage in wider spaces. He's got the right amount of power for these babies. Nice system any way you slice it. And the whole thing, and another rack or two - will fit in a 5x8 trailer!
  18. Another option would be to mount the B&C75 on the K510 on top of the 904 (mount the center one horizontal or split bottom/top screen), use the KPT200 for surround, and sell off all the other horn/drivers. Could probably build a great system practically for free doing this! I'd do it myself, but already have such a system in stock, with KPT250's for surrounds. GLWS, shouldn't take long at that price.
  19. side grilles are only 1/2" plywood, with very thin wood portions due to all the cutouts for sound to get through. Remove these please before any transport.
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