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  1. Refurbished… Denon has, right now, the x4700 refurb for $1499, x3700 $999, x2700 $699. All refurbished. Onkyo has the tx-rz50 refurbished for $1119, tx-nr797 $699, tx-nr6100 $639, etc Pioneer has the vsx-lx505 for $1199, vsx-lx305 $999, vsx-lx504 $799, vsx-lx304 $639 They don't stay on the sites for long. PS: To me manufacturer refurbs are better than new. They have been throughly checked and fixed whatever it was before selling those returns.
  2. Hi I am puzzled between the DENON AVR-X8500H VS AVR-X6700H. Which one should I choose. 1. Are both new models, is one new over the other ? 2. Does the 13 channel make a significant difference ? 3. Is 8500H discontinued, does that mean it’s not recommended to buy it ? appreciate all the response and help acoustic screen - 30feet by 16feet room LCR: KLIPSCH RP 8000 ceiling - Pro 180 RPC - 4pc side - RP 502S backside - RP 600M @billybob @inMotionGraphics @wvu80 @Ceptorman @Islander thank you so much Fermin
  3. Hi all. I am new to the Klipsch world and I am putting together a 5.1.4 system with the following: Fronts: RP-8000F Center: RP-504C Surrounds: RP-8000F Atmos: RP-500SA I was taking a hard look at the Anthem MRX 1140 to power the system. However, I've received comments from some friends that say the amps on this AVR are not powerful enough and recommended I go the separates route (meaning more $$$). Was curious if anyone is using this receiver to drive RP-8000F's and what their experience has been. I'm open to suggestions as to what would be the best receiver or reasonable separates combo. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys I just got my speakers Could you please help me with the settings at my AVR and subwoofer I got -> 5.1.2 ______________________________ RP-600M - RP-600C - RP-502S RP-500SA R-112SW ______________________________ At SUB- 1: I can choose between phase 0 and 180 - the subwoofer is in the mid -> frontL - Sub - Center - frontR 2:What freq should I go at Low-Pass? 3:btw my center is on my subwoofer - is that a problem ? ____________________________________ my AVR is Denon now I go to Speakers - Manual Setup - Crossovers: 4:What should I choose there it starts at 40hz next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Bass There I got 5:Subwoofer Mode : I can choose LFE - or LFE + Main 6:LPF for LFE : starts with 80hz - 250hz next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Speakerconfig 7:there I got the possibility to change the speakers to large - got them at small - is that good? next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Amp Assign 8:what Dolby Atmos mode should I chose - what's the best one - or where should I put my Atmos speakers I can take /Front Height / Front Dolby / Surround Dolby next menu point: Audio - Audyssey 9:MultEQ XT ; should I choose there Reference or Flat? thanks alot for reading best wishes
  5. For the denon 970 and and the w1600 they have different watt rating on best buy, crutchfield and and the denon web sit. Are they using different metrics?
  6. Hello there friends. Kinda new to the game, so Im looking for some input from some of you old pros out there. I wanted a home theatre that would be great for movies, tv, and loud music. The movies are top notch, but the stereo sound is just so so. Sounds great at normal listening volumes, but go to crank up my favorite song (which is pretty well my entire music library) and it just doesn’t sound great. Seems distorted to me at high volumes. Would this be because I am powering my towers from an avr and not a dedicated stereo amplifier? My system consists of: - Marantz SR7012 - Klipsch RP8000f x2 - Klipsch RP504C - Klipsch SLM5400 x4 - Klipsch RP112SW I was expecting great things from this system, but overall Im a little bit disappointed. Am I missing something (dedicated amp for towers?). Or am I just crazy to think this system should sound better than it actually does? Thanks in advance folks.
  7. WTB: A Marantz Remote for my AVR. Preferred models are rc011sr, rc003sr, rc008sr. If anyone has a remote from a dead AVR or a spare one for other reasons I would be obliged.
  8. Hello, with Denon/Marantz AVR's it is possible to change the speaker impedance setting to 8, 6 or 4 Ohm. Does someone know what this actually changes inside the amplifier ? Thanks for your time.
  9. I would like to add a R-52C center channel speaker to my R-15PM + R-10SW sub setup. Since I'd be requiring an AVR for the center channel, am I able to connect the powered monitors to an AVR without risking blow-out? Any suggestions for a mid-range AVR that may work best with the Klipsch speakers? Thanks!
  10. Hi Gurus, Am new to the forum and trying to put a new system together to replace one the kids helped themselves to :-). Purchased KLIPSCH Speakers as follows Fronts 2- RF-7III , Center 1-RC-64III, Rears 2-R250S, Bass- 1-R112SW ( will add another base and or surrounds matching if needed and have second area by the pool to play simple outdoor AV and music so two zones.) Looking for suggestions on what I should use to drive these, room is 45x60 ft open area kitchen, living breakfast nook. Read on-line that I should get the speakers I want and then look for suggestions for how to drive them and thats where the choices started to make less sense. Appreciate the help and suggestions. Thank you.
  11. So all this week i've been trying to find out about under powering speakers. There is a ton of info about over powering speakers but not much on the dangers or issues of under WATTing, <-- not a real word, speakers. I bought a pair of R-14Ms that fit well within my system specifications. I want to buy a pair of R-15Ms but the RMS is higher than the RMS of my AVR. Will it be OK or should I avoid purchasing these speakers and buy another set of R-14Ms? Here are the details: Small/Medium Room DENON AVR-S730H 75w - 165w MAX Klipsch R-15M 85w - 340w MAX If I can get a clear answer from a couple of you fellow Audiologists it will clear up questions about additional speakers I plan on purchasing. Thank you in advance!
  12. Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to the home theater world so please pardon some of my ignorance. During recent sale at adorama, I bought a pair of RP-280f (mains), RP-450c (center). I also bought RP-160m as part of that bundle but they are too big for rear speakers so I am planning to sell those and get the rp series surround speakers at a later date (maybe next year). i (will be) using the speakers 60-70% of the time for music. Considering that, what receiver do you recommend for my speakers (Rp-280f, RP-450c). My living room is probably around 20 ft wide, 16 ft long (bot no wall at the back so if I add the kitchen, it is probably 26 ft long). I am hoping to spend around $900 for receiver. Let me know what you guys recommend. I looked at Denon AVR-X3300W which seemed like a good option from my limited knowledge. I don't plan to blow up the speakers so i thought I don't need to match the 150W of rp-280f. Or will I damage with a receiver that has 100-125W (at 8 ohms) per channel? Also I have been told that cables are a big deal so I need to get good quality cables. Do you have any recommendation for those (including any websites)? Dumb question but do I also need banana plugs? I really appreciate y'all taking time and replying to my questions. Thanks!!!!
  13. This is a BRAND NEW SEALED in box McIntosh MX151 preamp receiver. Feel free to ask any questions. Asking $6000. Shipping included to the continental USA. I have references from fellow forum members that have purchased from me in the past if needed. I am located in Northern CA for local pickup and willing to ship if needed. Have receipts as well. UPDATE: I can crack it open and take pictures of everything. Just thought it might be more appealing for the buyer if it is completely virgin and untouched. It has full warranty for 3 years from 4/14/2017. Would consider a trade for a newer MC275
  14. I'm currently running an all Klipsch 7.2 setup for my home theater and have been looking at upgrading my current AVR to take advantage of the new sound mixes now available (ie. Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D). I have been doing lots of research all over and I'm having a very hard time making a decision. I am needing some recommendations from all of you but I'd like to avoid "fanboy" recommendations. I know this may sound silly or somewhat counter-productive when asking for recommendations, but I want the advice to be based on both the kind of hardware I am currently running and also on objective information. Just because someone has always purchased a specific brand for 20+ years should not be the only reason/justification as to why they recommend it. I know MANY of you have a wealth of knowledge; far more than me, on what the pros and cons are of various brands/models and can also explain objectively what I can expect with a certain option. I also am not looking to go crazy expensive with flagship models and because of this, going with brands like Anthem or Emotiva are probably out of the equation. As of recent, I have been entertaining Pioneer, Marantz, and possibly Onkyo again (not Integra just because it's Onkyo with nothing other than a different name and higher price). My concern with Onkyo has been there prolonged history of bad boards having faulty HDMI outs (seems like this is going on like 5 yrs, yes?). I will add though that my only experience has been Onkyo - I've been pleased with the sound but wouldn't know what I am potentially missing out on since I have not heard another brand. And in doing my research I have found many mixed review regarding some of their recent models (ie. 646, 656, 747, 757), and many people stating that the build quality has gone down hill. Is this really so? So, here is my current setup to give you all an idea: Klipsch RF-7ii (L/R) Klipsch RC-64ii (C) Klipsch RS-62ii x4 (SS/RS) Klipsch RW-12D x2 (subs) Onkyo TX-NR709 AVR Oppo BDP-103D I was hoping to keep my budget under or around $800 if possible and I would prefer NOT to go with separates due to the fact that I have a very clean setup with a very open/minimalistic look, and I don't have any more space in the console I am using that was just recently purchased. Thanks everyone, really appreciate your help! ~Cheers
  15. This is a working Fisher 400 with the original Fisher 7868 tubes. The unit works and pulls in a strong signal on the tuner. The unit is a little dirty and should be cleaned and probably recapped but it works beautifully. The unit will be packed well and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me. I do not have the wood case for the unite but everything else is there. I am asking $400 for the unit and I will pay for the shipping through FedEx Ground (insured).
  16. Hello all, I will be purchasing a Home Theatre Speaker System with the following 2 x RP-280F - Front L/R 1 x RP-450C - Center 4 x RP-250S - Surrounds 1 x R-115SW - Sub 2 x R-1800C - Ceiling Now I have to decide the AVR for this system, Which Receiver would be ideal for my theatre system and why? I was thinking about the Denon X4300H, and the Marantz SR6011 as the cheaper option.Would the Marantz SR6011 be sufficient or is it necessary to shell out a bit more for the Denon X4300H? Are there any other more ideal Receivers for this system? Please do freely suggest. Thanks @MetropolisLakeOutfitters @derrickdj1 @K5SS @RoboKlipsch
  17. I'm selling my current AVR, in excellent condition. It's 4 yrs old, I originally bought new from bh photo. Like new condition, sounds great and looks brand new. Comes with remote and audyssey microphone (I can't find the owners manual, but a quick google search will have the PDF version). Asking $250 obo. Local pickup or will ship for $50. Thank you!
  18. I am running Jubilees in my home theater with a K402 serving as the center and a set of Belles as surrounds. I need an HDMI compatible AVR that I can use as my pre-amp/processor. I am looking for something less than $1000. I will not use any of the amps inside the unit, just the processing as I use (4) First Watt Amps. SQ is of the utmost importance and I would prefer something with Balanced connections but that is not a deal killer. I want to play DSDs and have room correction as well... and be compatible with Apple. Any thoughts? I have thought about purchasing a OPPO to do all of this, but am not sure that is the best option, and I never use disks anymore. I'd be fine with used or refurbished or last years model. Thanks in advance.
  19. I humbly admit to being a complete novice with all things home theater and I have attempted to learn as I go along, but going along as proven to be overwhelming with a lot of the science and technical specs out there when trying to set up a basic system. Basically, Black Friday's black hole at Best Buy sucked me in and I splurged on a pair of R-28Fs, a pair of R-15Ms and a pair of R-10SWs (I have 4 other speakers that can be used as surrounds - ALL speakers are rated @ 8 ohms) & I bought what I was told at the time was an adequate Onkyo receiver - which I soon thereafter discovered was woefully underpowering for the caliber of speakers I bought. According to Klipsch's website regarding my pair of R-28Fs, they recommend an AVR that produces between 150-300w RMS @8 ohms since the speakers are rated at 150RMS @8 ohms. In my quest to find an affordable AVR that produces ANYTHING over 150w RMS @ 8 ohms, my eyeballs are slapped with units that cost nearly $2000 and more. I didn't go into this expecting to spend $5000 on what I imagine most of you on these forums would consider a pretty basic introductory system - but that is what I was hoping to start with until I continue to educate myself on putting together a custom system that I obtain audio utopia with - - - but until then, I am stuck with these speakers and have yet to locate an AVR that would sufficently power all of these speakers without forcing me to go to the bank to take out a loan - - but if that's what I have to do, I am about at the point of giving in so I can finally hook up these speakers. Over the phone, one Klipsch rep told me I'd be fine with an AVR that had 125w RMS @ 8 ohms even though their website contradicts that advice....another rep told me that an AVR with 185w RMS is what I'd need - so I just kinda hung it up for a while after all the misinformation. All apologies if this post is redundant or was posted on the wrong board. Can anyone point me in the direction of a respectable AVR that would be able to properly power the speakers I referenced above? I don't have a 3D HDTV (just a reg HDTV) * don't plan on 4K for a while * and will have to wait on Dolby Atmos until I evolve enough with the abundance of info out there that FOR NOW has me stumped with setting up my very first system. Any tips, suggestions or specific instructions would be appreciated as I am learning all of this on the fly. 2-Channel system with the R-28Fs & a subwoofer? Receivers vs. amplifiers? Watts per channel @ 8 ohms that won't potentially damage the speakers by under or over-powering them? sigh.... Thanks a lot!!
  20. Hi Guys, I just put together my first 2.1 system for my television with the Klipsch RF-42ii + Martin Logan Dynamo 300. It's my first ever sound system and I'm glad it was from the Klipsch reference line. They sound incredible! Alright, now to the tough part: I originally had a Denon AVR-E200 hooked up to these speakers (yes I know it's an incredible cheap receiver, but I initially picked it up to go with Pioneer SPFS52 towers which I got rid of cause the Klipsch blew me away) then I upgraded to an Onkyo TX-NR525. It seems that with this new receiver over long periods of listening my ears start to fatigue and hurt. I never experienced this with my Denon receiver and I listened to these speakers for hours on end with those. My question, is this all in my head or do Onkyo receivers really pronounce high frequencies which combined with the klipsch towers just cause ear fatigue? If you guys could recommend a good AVR to pair with these towers I would be grateful! Please keep in mind I have a tight budget, don't want to go over 300 USD. I like a nice warm sounding receiver, but wouldn't mind a nice neutral receiver. Feel free to let me know if its all in my head or if there is any real substance to what I am experiencing.
  21. Debating on receivers right now. These will either go with Paradigm Studio 60 or Klipsch RF7-II speakers in a 2.0 setup that will eventually be built out to 5.1. Each has many of the same features as far as power, technology, etc. Differences between them doesn't seem to be dramatic on the surface for my uses, it seems to come down to specialized tech like the room measurement tools, quality of DACs and power quality. If you had to choose between these three what do you think you'd do? Anthem MRS 510 - $1,600 Yamaha RX-A1030 - $1,000 Pioneer SC-1223 - $1,100 on sale for $550 on Amazon today I have never owned any new receivers, just classic tube amps or my HK430 so this is a big jump for me! I have been told that the power and DACs in the Anthem are head over heels better than much of the competition and that the RX line from Yamaha pushes the envelope for "affordable" receivers. The Pioneer I've never really heard about except that I saw it was on sale today haha. If I go with the Paradigm Studio 60s (which I was pretty amazed at during an extended listening session) I can get the pair for $2,000 direct from Paradigm via a local dealer, that's savings of $500. If I go with the Klipsch RF7-II (which I have never had the chance to listen to, no Klipsch showrooms in San Diego?!) I'd pay the full $3,200 which is really more than I'd want to spend. Thanks for your thoughts!
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