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Found 25 results

  1. I have '79 Khorns with replacement Crites drivers ; t120, a55g, composite woofers, and the Volti mid horn mod. Currently using a Luxman tp117 preamp and a Legacy Powerbloc 600 ss amp. I have been looking to go to a tube amp. Any opinions on Quicksilver and Decware? QS mid monos are my current front runner. Any experience with either or recommendations? Thanks.
  2. I have a pair of Moondogs that I would like to sell. Currently used to power a set of cornerhorns and sound great. No issues. Walnut cabinets. $2000 or best offer.
  3. This single ended amp was designed and built by Blair chapman and is a fantastic example of what a single ended pentode amp should sound like. Nice big open dynamic sound clear sweet mids and plenty of slam in the lows. I had it driving Focals or Conscalas and it did well on both. I tried to get the lighting just right so you could see the feather scratches here and there. They aren't visible unless you have the light just right. It runs 12AT7 up front (2 sets included) and plenty of variations on the power tube side. 6L6GC (a set included) EL34, 6550 ( a set included) , KT88, KT90. I have included a few sets of vintage tubes so you can roll tubes as soon as you get it. It has been a great amp but like everyone always bringing in new equipment to try. This amp puts out between 7-15 watts depending on the tubes used. I'll cover shipping to the lower 48. Amp in one box and tubes in another. As always No Refunds and No Returns.
  4. Wanted to dip my toes into the world of tube amps to go with my new/used Klipsch. I thought that maybe The Fisher X-202B or X-202C might be more financially approachable than a Marantz or Mcintosh. That said, working condition would be better, but would consider non working as well. Thanks!
  5. I am sitting here in the semi dark, watching 2 4K, 42 inch screens, playing a video game on my computer while the audio is being fed through my 2 ch tube Pre-amp to my tube amp then to my Khorns while also being fed through a tube integrated and into my Quartets. I wonder what the other 99% play on?
  6. Any opinion / experience between these two amps? Both look like they'd be fine with my modded khorns. Will I lose bass going from solid state to tubes? Thanks again
  7. I have a chance at a pair of Vincent hybrids. Anyone have experience with these? Would be for my modded khorns mentioned in my last Quicksilver or Decware thread. These have 1x6922, 1x12au7, and either 2x6n6 or 2x6lg7 tubes and a big ss section. Brochure is interesting. Choices, choices. Thanks.
  8. Hope everyone is doing great. I recently purchased a refurbished Lafayette LA-230 Tube Receiver. Having a hard time finding information on it. I have found out that the model may be similar to a Kenwood (Trio) KW series but it stops there. I have the unit connected to a set of Forte I's and it sounds amazing. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  9. Vincent silver 35 wpc tube integrated amplifier with remote in excellent condition. Original owner. I bought as factory-sealed NOS less than a year ago. Unlike most Vincent products, this amp is all tube with 1-12AU7 and 2-12AX7 preamp tubes and 4-EL-34 power tubes. Auto-biases for long tube life and easy tube rolling. I will ship with original tubes and the upgraded tubes I found worked best with my setup: 1-JJ Electronics ECC803S and 2-Genalex Gold Lion ECC82/B749 for the preamp and 4-Genalex Gold Lion KT-77 power tubes. All tubes were tested before purchasing; the JJ came from Tube Depot and the rest from Upscale Audio. For those wanting to spend less and tube roll on their own, I will reduce the price by $100 and will ship with only the stock tubes. Unit has 4 RCA inputs plus a REC out (for devices with own volume control). Separate connections for 4 or 8 ohm speakers. The remote selects input, adjusts volume, and mutes; it is all-aluminum and heavy! The amp itself is a beast (47.4 lbs.) and delivers excellent timbre from a black background. Sacrifice at $800 with all tubes; $700 with factory-originals only. The amp and remote are like new. Includes power cord, owner’s manual, original factory packaging, and a solid metal block of a remote. From a non-smoking non-pet home. Delivery to be negotiated with buyer. Please see Audiogon under the same user name for my perfect reviews, and feel free to direct questions my way.
  10. I use my La Scala speakers as the main speakers in a 4.2 surround sound setup with a Denon AVR and Emotiva 5-channel amp. I'm wondering... 1. Is it possible (advisable) to use a separate amp for the FR/FL speakers and continue using either the Denon's internal amps or the Emotiva amp for the surround speakers? 2. Is there a tube amp, maybe in the $1,000 or less range that would be an upgrade over what I'm using now? Thanks!
  11. The amps have been in my possession for less than a year. They have just returned from out Houston, TX area McIntosh tech. He refreshes anything that he feels is out of spec. Located in Houston Texas, I'm glad to demo them. Contact me with questions. The amps are in similar enough condition that I am pricing them each at $3,100 exclusive of any shipping. I would prefer local pickup, but will consider shipping. More Photos Here
  12. Selling my Torii Jr. with the upgraded Beeswax type II copper capacitors. It is in excellent condition. This is an amazing amplifier that has a beautiful full sound with amazing detail from top to bottom. I will ship with the original tubes and will include a NOS RCA 5U4 coke bottle rectifier and four NOS Amperex white label 6DJ8's as well as a matched quad of Brimar 807's. I have the original packaging for shipping. Asking $2250.00 plus shipping. http://www.decware.com/newsite/TORIIJR.html
  13. Hello, my name is Daniel and this is my first post here. Couple of weeks ago, I bought a pair of black 1988 LaScala for a very good price. All drivers are original, cabinet in fair condition that I plan to re-veneer in the next few months. CrossOver is the infamous AL type. I read a lot of very good information here, and quickly get interested in the crossover. I have a Tube Amp based on the RH-807 design. It is basically a class A pentode based single ended output stage. The Amp have very little feedback, around 6db I figured. One very important characteristic is the output impedance that I measured at a huge 20 Ohms. In fact, any pentode based amplifier, including push-pull without a lot of feedback will exhibit a high output impedance. In theory, the output impedance is the tube plate resistance reflected on the secondary of the output transformer. A typical plate resistance value for a 6L6 based tube is around 30 kOhms. With a 5k to 8 ohms transfo, the plate resistance (output impedance) is 30000/625= 48 Ohms. Considering the 6db feedback, it fall to 24 Ohms, not very far from the value I measured at 20 Ohms. Now, why bother??? This 20 Ohms resistance is in series between the load (Speaker) and the source (The Amp) Consider the lower frequency where the speaker presents itself as a 6 Ohms load. For this case, the voltage at the speaker input terminal will be: Vin = Vsource (6/26) = .23Vsource Consider the mid frequency where the speaker presents itself as a 30 Ohms load. For this case, the voltage at the speaker input terminal will be: Vin = Vsource (30/50) = .6Vsource It can be concluded that the midrange will be 2.6 time more driven than the bass (.6/.23). a 8.3db bump. At first, I was skeptical about this. Then I measure the input signal to the La Scala from the tube Amp and effectively proven right. It also explains very well why anything midrange was screaming at me :-) I then used a more modern transistor Amp with a <1 Ohms output impedance, and everything was normal (speaker Input Voltage and sound). The 1 Ohms output impedance does not absorb any significant voltage from the source, whatever the speaker impedance. Conclusion is, output impedance matters a lot when using speakers presenting a non constant impedance with frequency. Any pentode based design without feedback needs to pay attention. Triode based design are much less affected due to a lower plate resistance, but will still exhibit the bump if no feedback is used. Solid state get a free pass :-) The next step was to fix the problem, which will be detailed in a next post
  14. T W O WALNUT MONO BLOCKs TUBE AMPS { Craig Ostby's , NOS VALVES } V R D Mono Blocks (60 Watts each) * FOR SALE * -Original Owner- $ 1 8 5 0 includes a HEATHKIT IT-21 Tube Tester + ...and a 'shipload' of Tubes to roll ! + F R E E S H I P P I N G ! ...in ORIGINAL BOX SPECS : Walnut Chassis hand finished with 5 coats of Tung Oil Stainless Silver Top/Bottom and Rear plates 60 watts Ultra Linear/30 watts Triode switchable KT88 output tubes, Standard Full bias control per output tube with above-chassis test points and multi-turn controls 1.1V input sensitivity 100K input impedance AC balance control 1000V PS filtering for extended life 10H choke per amp All Triode front end, 12AX7 Driver, 12AU7 phase splitter, Direct coupled Tube Rectified 5AR4 Separate provisions for 4, 8, and 16 ohm speakers Valve Rollers Dream! The amps can run EL34, 6L6GC, 5881, 350B, KT66, KT88, 6550, KT90 and more (some tube choices require a 5U4GB rectifier tube) Phase splitter can be experimented with, using 12BH7 or st1:stockticker>ECC99 Input/Driver tube can use 12AX7 and variants Total Harmonic Distortion .06% @ 1 watt, .15% @ 5 watt, 1% @ Full-rated power 20Hz to 20KHz Dimensions 10 ¼” X 14” including speaker binding posts List Price $2339.00 ...but the first $1850 get everything I have the original Boxes to ship TODAY ! Just replaced the KT-88's three months ago ! Born2Rock@Comcast.Net / 281-469-1111 / Craig LeMay
  15. Hi All, Been searching and searching ... many posts, but not much for a "newcomer" to tube amps Tried a (cheap) 23W/ch Pilot 230 tube amp in my small "stereo test room," and wasn't impressed. Although the sound was "different," I preferred my Marantz 1060 hooked up to Forte's and KG4's there. Went through pages and pages in the "garage sale" section, but so far no luck. Also ... sorry, but am too cheap to get a Mac 275 (locally at $6000) just to "try it." Looking for a good tube amp for $500-$1000. Any comments are appreciated. Cheers, Emile
  16. From the album: Novis Process

    WZ68 test
  17. Item: Bottlehead Stereomour SET amp w/ impedance switch kit Price: $750 + shipping SOLD Location: Franklin, PA 16323 Payment: PayPal (FF or +3%) Trades: High quality preamp to mate with Jeff Rowland Model 112 I bought this not long ago, but my system has taken a turn in a different direction (non SET friendly speakers). I got a great deal on this setup, and I'd like to pass that same deal on to someone else. The tubes alone are a nearly $600 value! The Stereomour looks great and sounds even better. It puts out ~3.5 wpc which is enough for my old Tekton Lores in a medium/large size room. Match it with a preamp with a little gain (I happen to have one of those too, if you're interested) and you'll have plenty of volume. There are a couple dings in the top of the walnut base. See photos. The JJ's are a little loose in the socket, but the other tubes are nice and snug. Here's what's included: Stereomour amp w/ impedance switch kit and furniture quality walnut base 10 different new and NOS driver tubes ($10-$15/ea) JJ 2A3-40 output tubes ($260 new) Electro Harmonix 2A3 Gold output tubes ($130 new) Sovtek 2A3 output tubes ($100 new) Shorting plugs for setting hum pots Additional walnut base w/ Bottlehead logo Bottlehead Stereomour amp and Tekton Lore speakers by Audio Database, on Flickr Stereomour and JJ 2A3-40&#x27;s by Audio Database, on Flickr Bottlehead Stereomour and Custom 12sn7 Preamp by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081103 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170805_081113 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170801 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170832 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170840 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170902 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170918 by Audio Database, on Flickr IMG_20170721_170929 by Audio Database, on Flickr
  18. New price $4,200.00 for VRD's $1,300 for NBS when bought together! that is only $5,500 for equipment that costs over $9,000 new.... if you could even get it made . MOVED TO AUDIOGON https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tube-nosvalves-vrd-s-nbs-amp-preamp-2016-07-16-amplifiers-70578-rayne-la price includes shipping but not paypal fee.
  19. Up for sale is an ampsandsound Big Ben tube amplifier. It was purchased about 5 months ago, but I've since upgraded to a pair of NOSValves VRD monoblocks. The amp will come with the following tubes: -Tung Sol 6SU7GTY -5691 RCA Red Base Black Plates NOS 1950 (oldest single) (Purchased from Tube World Express. 20hrs of use by me) -5691 NOS JAN Phillips Black Plate (5691 6SL7) (60 Hours of use by me) -(2) Brand New Genalex KT66 (never used. Only unboxed for the photos) -(2) Tung Sol 6550 (modern version - 50 hours of use by me) The amp has a small blemish on the metal that you can kind of see from the photo. It's really not bad and was sold to me that way by Justin as B-Stock (hence the lowish price). Price includes shipping. It's a great amp, but I need to make room for the VRD's.
  20. Getting prepared and gathering components and settling in on the next build and I would really like to try some tubes on the mids and tweets without spending a lot of money. I'm looking for value for the first tube amps, not greatest and not a cheap POS, value. I no nothing about tubes so no clue about how much power I need to the HF200's (primary starting point) I'm not ready for all the technical data at this point so please keep this basic as I really just want to get an idea of what this is going to cost and start looking out for a good deal on what I need for this application. I do run my gear pretty loud so I don't want to err on the low side from a wattage standpoint, but I'm very aware that I don't need ridiculous power ratings as my Sansui rarely shows 10 watts on the meters and more commonly is ticking around 1-2. Don't ask me my budget because I don't know anymore than what I've stated. Best Value Thanks!
  21. Do low wattage Tube Amplifiers sound better then higher wattage Tube Amplifiers? I am thinking the sound stage of my old rusty stock Dynakit ST70 sounded more three dimensional then my new highly modified Dynaco MKIII Monoblocks that has newer tubes and better everything else inside. Am I crazy? I also talked to someone that swears the McIntosh MC225 sounds better the 240 or famously popular 275. Plus I'm seeing a couple quality amp builders (tubenirvana.net and ampsandsound.com) selling some very low wattage amps. Would love to hear some general opinions, as well as opinion on the best amps to pair with Heresy II and Forte II's for listening to in a condo at normal to lower volumes. Last, say you're doing biamp configuration and only using the tube power to run squawkers/tweeters on Heresy II's or Forte II's, what's the ideal amp for that? Cheers Mike
  22. first post here. let me start this off by saying that i recently went from running an old carver receiver and some nht bookshelves to completely upgrading my amp/pre amp to a pair of welbourbe lab mono block 300b amps and an EAR 834 L Deluxe amp. I found myself in a sudden need for much more efficient speakers. I paired the tube gear with some heresy 1's. I bought all this gear in a week on a road trip back home. i spent a few days staying with a friend where we had everything set up and it sounded amazing with the heresys on the floor in a small room. after finally getting them set up at home they don't sound nearly as good. I've tried a lot of different placements but just not the same. the room they are set up is also small. i tried on the floor and with risers. too make things even more complicated, I'm moving in 2-3 weeks into a loft style place with cement walls and a rather large room. will they hold up in an environment like that? should i consider cornwalls or something else?where they are currently set up i seemed to lose some low with a slightly more harsh high end. thanks guys!
  23. From the album: Stereo15 Sp. Ed and Block of wood

    Stereo 15 Tube amp... all new custom iron Includes 5v 4amp winding for tube rectifers.
  24. So I got the audion sterling 12w class a amp I had posted about a few days ago. All I can say is holys$#@! We had two other couples over for new years last night. Among the crowd there were a couple of real skeptics in the room concerning that there would be a significant audible difference between the new little tube amp and my ss adcom gfa 2535 amp. So we started with the ss amp for an hour or so letting everyone get a taste of the cornwalls II, which are relatively new to my home. We then plugged in the tube amp and A/B'd the amps with a couple of tracks. My wife, the biggest skeptic in the room, couldn't believe the difference. Everyone present was pretty astonished. When we first switched from the tubes back to the ss adcom everyone looked at one another and asked what happened? whered the music go? This is what we were first listening to?? The ss got yanked real quick. Long story short Im psyched about the purchase! This is my first tube amp and I have no regrets.
  25. Hi All I have an opportunity to pick up a audion sterling amp. Im curious if anyone here might have any insight, knowledge or experience with this amp. I auditioned it and thought it sounded really really nice. Its not a brand I am familiar with,though I have found a few good reviews for it. I'd be interested in hearing if any of you are familiar with audion. This would be my first tube amp. I'll be running it to a pair of cornwall II's with a emotiva umc- 1 in front of it. I listen almost exclusively through airplay/apple tv I stream a lot through MOG. Im curious if there will be noticeable improvement with tubes given my current set up. At some point Ill add a good cd player and maybe a turntable. For now though its hard to beat the ease and economy of this set up. Thanks in advance for your reply
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