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Another Thread about the Anti-Cables


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Yes I read all (well most of them) posts about this subject and thought I would post MY findings with MY equipment and MY ears.

I was previously using 12 or larger guage monster cables that were purchased quite some time ago. Because they were of vintage years I also bought new bulk Monster Cable and made my own new cables. Large guage Monster Cable is not cheap even buying bulk rolls.
I found the difference between the old and new monster cables to not be noticeable to me.

To replace with the same pre-made monster cables would have cost me much, much more than what I paid for the anti-cables so I thought I would give them a try as they were not much more than what I paid for the bulk cable.

All I can say is that with my mix of system components it was an immediate WOW.

Everything sounded bigger,cleaner, more vibrant and the soundstage improved greatly TO ME.

Now I realize that listening is a personal, and subjective, experience that is different for every listener, and my "improved greatly" might not seem so great to another listener with their own equipment mix and music choices.

My point is that when changing from my old speaker cables to the Anti-Cables I percieved, for me, a very noticeable improvement in the quality of sound I was hearing at a far lower price than if I had just replaced my old cables with newer premade versions, nevermind going to high priced boutique cables.

My setup is far from a "high end" system and results may vary with equipment used.

I just know that I am very happy with them as they have made a "great improvement" to "my system"



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Hey Jim,

That's great to hear! All that matters is that you can hear a difference. Sounds like you are really enjoying your system and that is what this hobby is all about.

Now.....have you touched the crossover's yet???


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The crossovers will be next but must save the coin first and finally decide whether to just replace the caps myself or go the full pull and get a set of BC AA/A crossovers.

At present I am leaning towards the BC crossovers.

But first I must relisten to my various receivers with the new speaker cables and decide which one to go with for long term listening.

I have been using my HK930 for the last month or so and got quite used to the sound.... so I noticed the differences the cables made immediately, but am not sure if it will be the one I end up as the #1 receiver as I have recently aquired a Luxman RX-101 and a Nikko NR-1219 with 100W per channel.

I'm going to drive up to Powell River to pick up the NIkko (5 hours and 2 ferry rides up the coast from where I live) becasue it is in mint condidtion and I do not want another peice damaged in shipping as so far 4 out of 7 units arrived with damage.

I want to be using the same combination for quite a while before doing the crossovers so I will "notice" any changes easier.

The new cables have given the LaScalas better, punchier bass than the old cables and that alone is worth the price.



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Thanks for the heads up HPower but the type A crossovers direct from Bob Crites are about the same price and the AA/A crossovers have built in tweeter protection and the ability to go back to the straight A type which is supposedly better for tube amps



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There's a gentleman named Paul Speltz who's actually from the Twin Cities that makes speaker wire and interconnects that he calls Anti-Cables. They're not nearly as expensive as other wire out there but they're not really cheap either.



Kinda pricey for some magnet wire and spades.

(oh no not another cable thread)


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I cannot wait until I retire..... I know what I'm going to make and market with my new found soldering and "color coordination" skills..... Don't nobody here ask for any as I'm going to charge about $3000 a foot, have a website with strange dark blue screens, with sponsored links by esoteric champgane companies if I can get away with it... [H]

Oh.... and paypal.....

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All that matters is that you can hear a difference.


Wrong, wrong, wrong , wrong, wrong! I can't believe what my eyes just showed me.There is hearing a difference, and hearing a difference. Some of it is real and some of it is wishfull thinking . When it comes to speaker cables it's all wishful thinking unless the cables have been constructed in such as manner as to deliberatly manipulate the sound.

These anticables are $80. That's about the difference in price between a Ortofon OM30 stylus and an Ortofon OM 40 sylus and no amount of delusion wil change the fact that you, and everybody else who hears these two carts will note the difference.

Then there's Anti-Cable. They claim to be anti-cable, but the so called "technical" talk is nothing but another version of the same old snake oil the cable peddlers have been concocting for years.

Here's what I'm talking about:


The Anti-Cables are flexible enough to loop around
a Magic Marker size pen, yet stiff enough to hold that
shape after you let go. Because of their unique malleability,
they can be drawn and formed into virtually and shape
you need, but don't expect them to lie flat on the floor
like typical snake sized cables; it's not in their "Anti-Cable"
nature. This is a good thing, as like any other cable,
they might even sound better when kept from lying flat
on the floor or carpet.

The Difference

The Anti-Cable wire is made of one solid piece of highly
annealed, super long drawn, Continuously Cast Oxygen
Free Copper. They might look skinny, but that is because
the insulation (dielectric material) is a very thin
red coating instead of the typical thick plastic insulation.
They are actually a heavy 12 gauge wire, even thought
they look much smaller.

We believe the Anti-Cables are sonically transparent
and neutral because they virtually eliminate the most
common source that give speaker cable their sonic signature,
the plastic dielectric material. Beyond the extremely
thin red coating, there is nothing left but air, and
air is a near ideal insulation dielectric because it
causes virtually no dielectric effect! Air is also why
break-in time is not so nasty sounding with the Anti-Cables.
This is because "break-in" is actually the
bad sounding plastic dielectric material, which simply
sounds less bad with time. Since the Anti-Cables have
much less dielectric material, the break-in period is
easier to get through. If you have ever experienced
a typical speaker cable breaking-in, you understand
how much the dielectric material affects the sound.
Again, it gets better with time, but the dielectric
effect will never fully go away (unless you mostly remove
it, like the Anti-Cables).

Air? Keepng the cables off the floor? Dielectric? sure looks like skinny plastic to me.

If you want stiff single strand cables, here's the Thebes way to make them for free.

I'm calling them the Thebes-O-Rama-Cabelicous.

First you root around in the basement and come up with a spool of wall wire left behind by the previous owner It's been down there at least 10 years without oxidizing so it must be "oxygen free", the cost certainly is for free. Cut the outer jacket and unspool all the stuff inside and cut the length you need.




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I bought a pair of Naked Cables from Tim aka Kaiser for $10.... Wait a minute I haven't actually paid for them yet. [:$] They are interesting like stretched out coat hangers. I need to attache some conntectors to them as they are bare wire.

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I've noticed that after fiddling around with wires behind my setup all hunched over, awkwardly bent over with blood rushing to my melon that my stuff almost always sounds better after this "yoga" class.

I guess it's the DIY part of this hobby that throws us off. Psycoacoustics and all.......or maybe I should alternate sitting on my head for a while during listening sessions.

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So I hooked up the left channel only with my newly constructed Thebes-O-Rama-Cabelicous and fired her up. Now my left ear, like my politics, is my best side so I thought to give them the most honest tryout I could.

Well gall darn, gosh-a goshen,slap my knee, my initial impresson was that they sounded ...


yup.. bloated, that's the word.

Then I passed gas, which brought my entire system into focus, and revealed theThebes-O-Rama-Cabelicous to be what they are, just another set of wires.

So given the gas thing, I think I'll rest uneasily upon my laurels.

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