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Explanation of How Magic Cables Work

Don Richard

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What scares me is I actually understood him.

That's what makes it great. It's easy to understand the words he's saying. You just don't know what they mean. Several times he throws in a jibberish term, but it sounds like a real word. How do you "prefamulate" something? What is capacitive duractance? Or a hydrocoptic marsalvane?

Most people trying to speak jibberish use words that sound like you're babbling, so you immediately know it's [bs]. This is one of the better versions I've seen. There are several on YouTube. One is supposedly a Chrysler training video. [:D]

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It is not well known by the new generation that Encabulator technology dates back more than a half-century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turboencabulator

Prototypes were workable but suffered from lack of control systems sophisticated enough to regulate quadrature drift. Phase locked loops and sub-harmonic sampling using Cray computers were the first advance.

The problem is difficult to describe. Essentially, the s and -s LaPlace parameters rely heavily on a precise computation of square root of 1 and square root of -1. It was found that sequential calculations of the values were inconsistent and therefore not orthogonal. Thus two carefully synchronized Crays were necessary.

The potential of Encabulator technology was a a well kept military secret because it anticipated quantum communication. A computer on land and a twin in a nuclear submarine were set to solve the same quadrature issue. A small purtebation injected into one was found to affect the twin. Thus a crude type of communication was possible.

The presence of these early super computers on nukes was inadvertently leaked when the movie "Voyage To Bottom of the Sea" and the following TV series featured computer banks which had no useful function but to blink lights. Nonetheless, the Department of Defense asked manufacturers to publish satirical data sheets to cover up the true value of the turbo encabulator.

Wm McD

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