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Audiovox to purchase the Klipsch group


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If this is true it may spell the beginning of the death of Klipsch.... Please let it only be a rumor or that if true Klipsch is spun off as a separate standalone company...

Let's hope and pray it's not as bad as it sounds ...

Marty, can you put the Twins to work on stopping this nightmare. Hopefully that's all it is... a nightmare.

Whoever bought McIntosh, I think Clarion, I think has let McIntosh carry on with principles at least somewhat / mostly intact but today's Jensen, AR, and RCA brands (I did not know that RCA was no longer owned by Thomsen ...) don't exactly conjure up thoughts of that's something I want to buy. Maybe a cable in a pinch, but... sad news indeed.

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A contract has been signed, now all those people who wanted Klispch car audio should get their wish if this goes through.

Ahhh but it quite likely will be more like "Dual" car audio than Dual car audio. A former great brand bought for name recongnition only with really nothing more left of Dual than the name and the memories....

We can hope for better and that they would allow Klipsch to operate as today but it just doesn't sound optimistic.

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Hey look on the bright side... at least KRACO isn't buying Klipsch!

Who here remembers KRACO car stereos from the late 70's and early 80's?! Big Smile

LOL, I remember Kraco and Sparkomatic from those days...Big Smile

Sold and installed many many Kracos and Sparkomatics 73 thru 76. Usually hanging right next to the Cobra 23 channel CB radio. A pair of Jensen 6X9 coaxials in the back deck and you had pure sonic bliss. [:D]

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