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Jubilee locations for possible auditions


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There is a thread where some locations are mentioned for Jubilee's. Although this info is probably already posted here somewhere I figured I'd do it again.

Of all the Jubilee owners, I can't think of one that would object to giving an audition however, we know that none of them are bound by my words!

These locations are for factory built, 2-way units, type of crossover (as of last known situation) and if they've upgraded their K69 HF drivers to the TAD 4002's. These are just notes kept by me and not any type of official database so if my notes are in error with regard to specific format, that is less of an issue to me than the speaker locations themselves. That's the main thing I'm trying to list here. The other tidbits are merely that.....tidbits. (probably wrong in many cases by now)

City/State Format Crossover
Maryville, TN 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38 active
Knoxville, TN, FL 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38 active
Chattanooga, TN 3-way Passive (these are the 3-way units as shown in the commercial lineup)
Slough, England 2-way/K69 Dx38 but he might also have a passive by now.
Silverton, Colorado 2-way/TAD 4002 Crown Xti amps (active crossover integrated into the amps)
Russellville, Arkansas 2-way/Faital HF200 Passive
Bay City, Michigan 2-way/K510/K69 Passive
Lafayette, Lousiana 2-way/K69 Crown Xti
Arlington, Texas 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38
Waco, Texas 2-way/K69 Dx38
Westhampton, Mass. 2-way/K69 Crown Xti
Austin, Texas 2-way/K69 Dx38
Buffalo, NY 2-way/EV DH1A Dx38
Indinapolis, IN 2-way/K69 Dx38
Benton, Maine 2-way/K69 Xti and passive and Dx38
Cologne, Germany 2-way/TAD 4002 Yamaha SP2060 active
Montreal, Canada 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38
Denver, Colorado 2-way/K69 Dx38 AND DCX2496 (has TWO pair of Jubilee's)
Nashville, TN 2-way/TAD 4002 Passives (also has a pair. )
Hayden, Idaho 2-way/ TAD 4002 Dx38
Richmond, VA 2-way/402/TAD 4002 EV DC One
Norwich, England 2-way/K69 Dx38
Sydney, Australia 2-way/K69 Ashley NE8800
Lancaster, California 2-way/K69 Active, Dx38
Charlotte, NC (Golden Jubilee's) 2-way/Martinelli horns as well as Eliptrac horns with Beyma driver
Dallas, TX 2-way I think Unsure
Kyle, TX 2-way (K402/TAD 4002) Active, Dx38

JubeScalas might be found in:
(there are probably more that I'm unaware of)

Austin, Texas 2-way/K402/69
Cleburne, Texas 2-way/K402/69
Vancouver, Canada 2-way/K510/K69
Jacksonville, FL 2-way/K402/k69
Chicago, IL 2-way/K510/69 sitting on top of a Belle as a center channel
Richmond, VA 2-way/402/TAD 4002 EV DC One (can be created with his LaScala II's and the K402/TAD)
Saginaw, Michigan 2-way/K402/K69
Lancaster, California 2-way/K402/K69
Russellville, Arkansas 2-way/K402/K69, Active and passive

Jubilee clones. I have no idea what specifics they might be using with respect to the HF horns. Some might be 2-way and some might be 3-way. (again, there are probably more than I'm aware of)

Little Rock, AR 2-way/K403 passive
Chicago, IL 2-way/LeCleac'h JMLC350/TAD 2001 active
Fayetteville, North Carolina 3-way/GM-450PB/JBL 2445/2404 passive
SE Conneticut 2-way/K402/K69 (soon to be JBL 2446 drivers) active
Russelville, AR 3-way/Selenium D405/Selenium D220Ti passive (duh!)
Atwater, CA 3-way/TAD 4001/Volti F260, JBL 2404 passive
Charlotte, NC (clone bass bin with passive radiator) 2-way/Martinelli horns as well as Eliptrac horns with Beyma driver

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Updated 24 April 2021. List of Jub owner locations, compression driver types, and crossovers

Check on the likelihood of auditioning any of these entries with Coytee or Chris A. Some owners are currently inactive.


Jubilees (Klipsch-produced or authorized)

1. Maryville TN 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38/DC-One
2. Knoxville TN 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38
3. Chattanooga TN 3-way/K-402/K-1133/K-510/K-69 Passive
4. Slough England 2-way/K69 Dx38, passive
5. Silverton CO 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38
6. Russellville AR 2-way/Faital HF200 Passive
7. Bay City MI 2-way/K510/K69 Passive
8. Lafayette LA 2-way/K69 Crown XTi
9. Arlington TX 2-way/TAD 4002 Xilica XP8080
10. Waco TX 2-way/K69 Dx38
11. Westhampton MA 2-way/K69 Crown XTi
12. San Antonio TX 2-way/K69 Dx38
13. Plano TX 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38
14. Buffalo NY 2-way/EV DH1A Dx38
15. Indianapolis IN 2-way/K69 Dx38
16. Kansas City 2-way/K69 XTi, passive, Dx38
17. Oak Forest IL 2-way/K69 Passive
18. Cologne Germany 2-way/TAD 4002 Yamaha SP2060
19. OH, 2-way/TAD 4002 Dx38
20. Denver CO 2-way/ K-402/K-69 DC-One(s) & K-402/ B&C D-75, (TAD 4002s), K-510s/K-69 avail.
21. Nashville TN 2-way/TAD 4002 Passive, active
22. Hayden ID 2-way/ TAD 4002 Dx38
23. Richmond VA 2-way/402/TAD 4002 DC-One
24. Norwich England 2-way/K69 Dx38
25. Sydney Australia 2-way/K69 Ashly NE8800
26. Butte, MT 2-way/K69 Active Dx38
27. Charlotte NC 2-way/Martinelli & Eliptrac horns, Beyma (Golden Jubilees) Passive
28. Toronto, Canada 3-way/K-402/K-510/K-69/? Passive
29. Greenbrier, AR 2-way/Faital HF200 Passive
30. Kalamazoo, MI, EV DH1A horns/?
31. central AR, K-402/B&C D-75 Passive
32. AR 2-way/Faital HF200 Passive
33. Salt Lake City, UT, 2-way (walnut)/TAD 4002 Xilica XP4080
34. Little Rock, AR, 2-way/TAD TD-4002, EV DC-One
35. Connecticut, 2-way/K-691, Xilica XP2040
36. Austin Texas, 3-way, K-1132, K-691, passive
37. Portland Maine, (currently the Jub bass bins are in storage--see "MWM-Based" below)
38. San Francisco, CA, 2-way/BMS 4592, EV DC-One
39. Roseburg, Oregon, 2-way/K-691, EV Dx38
40. ?, 2-way/K-691, Xilica XP-4080
41. Pocatello, Idaho, 2-way/K-691, Xilica XP-4080
42. (KY), 2-way/K-691, Xilica XP-4080, Parasound Halo amps, first pair made of the current build style.
43. ?, 2-way/K-691, Xilica XP-4080, McIntosh tube amps
44. N.W. Houston, Texas.  Xilica XP-4080, Faital Pro HF20AT, center Jubilee (i.e., L, C, R front loudspeakers)
45. Fruita CO, Xilica XP-4080, K-691, also has a KPT-1802
46. Temecula CA, raw birch, TAD TD-4002, Xilica XP-4080
47. Oxford PA, Xilica XP-4080, Faital Pro HF20AT, 1502 subwoofer
48. Polo Island FL, three LCRs, Xilica XP-4080, also KPT-1502

49. Minneapolis, MN, 2-way K691, Xilica 4080




1. Austin TX 2-way/K402/69 Crown XTi
2. Vancouver Is., BC 2-way/K402/K691 JubScala IIs Dx38
3. Knoxville FL 2-way/K402/TAD 4002 Dx38
4. Oak Park IL 2-way/K510/69 (Belle center) passive
5. Richmond VA 2-way/402/TAD 4002 DC-One
6. MT 2-way/K402/K69 Dx38
7. Russellville AR 2-way/K402/K69 Active, passive
9. Minneapolis, MN 2-way/K402/K-69-A/Onken passive?
10. Ventura CA, 2-way/K402/K-691/?

11. ?, K-402/K-691/Xilica (JuBelles)




1. Athens GA, 4-way MWM/KPT-305/K-402/K-510
2. SW Mississippi 2-way/K-402 EV Dx38
3. Santa Barbara CA, MWM/?
4. Portland Maine, 2-way/Faital Pro HF20AT & K-691, Xilica XP-4080


Jubilee Clones


1. Little Rock AR 2-way/K-403 passive
2. Chicago IL 2-way/LeCleac'h JMLC350/TAD 2001 Dx38
3. Chicago IL 2/way/passive ?
4. Fayetteville NC 3-way/GM-450PB/JBL 2445/2404 passive
5. SE CT 2-way/K402/JBL 2446 Dx38
6. Russellville AR 3-way/Selenium D405/Selenium D220Ti passive
7. Pasadena 767CA 3-way/TAD 4001/Volti F260, JBL 2404 passives
8. Cleburne TX 2-way/K-402/Faital HF20AT Dx38
9. (MO) 2-way/K-402/K-69-A (active crossover)
10.Detroit, MI 2-way/K-402/Faital Pro HF200/Xilica XP4080


K-402-Based Multiple Entry Horns (MEHs)


1. Arlington TX 3-way/BMS 4592ND Xilica XP-8080 (center channel)
2. Salt Lake City, UT, 2-way/TAD 4002 Xilica XP4080 (center channel)

3. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 2-way/EV DH1A Xilica 4080 (front three channels)

4. Atlanta GA, 2-way/Celestion Axi2050 Xilica 2040 (front two--stereo)

5. Wisconsin, 2-way/Celestion Axi2050 Xilica 2040 (front two--stereo)


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I'm editing the main post so it's all in one pile. Anyone that wants to add to it, let me know or add your data. I'll fill it in above to the degree you want your stuff disclosed.

I also changed the title on the first post a bit... hopeing that the words Jubilee and audition might help in future searches for people.

I should add that the rudimentary 'database' I have with all this data, also includes names. I'm specifically not listing names here because I do not feel it's my place post that info.

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And another correction

Do you also have LaScalas in your collection? (I could add you on the JubeScala list)

Then again, would you want to be on that list if it would force you to whip a passive out for them since you are not using an active?

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